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  1. The players should treat this one like every other game. The fans should treat every other game like this one. OTBC
  2. Good workout that. Hard work when you don''t get the ball. Great early spell first half. A few good spells in the second, with a chance or two to snatch it. Overall fairly positive about the season ahead. We could learn a thing or two from their 2 touch, pass and go football. Enjoyed it a lot. Need to keep possession better. Need to keep up the attacking intent. Love it.
  3. Seems there are some people who will ALWAYS find something to complain about. So I want to pretend that Norwich just beat, say, a full-strength Real Madrid 2-0 in a pre-season friendly. Go on imagine it moaners! Right - go on then, give it your best shot. Moans away!!!
  4. Oh go on then. I''ll take the job. Can''t be that hard can it. Just shove your best players on the pitch and change things if it ain''t working out. There''s always the resource of this forum to refer to if I''m not sure about part 1.
  5. Every little helps: (From BBC): Swansea''s preparation for their final Europa League group match against St Gallen was disrupted as their departure was severely delayed on Wednesday. The Premier League side had planned a 1000 GMT departure from Cardiff Airport but fog meant that was not possible. A subsequent technical issue with the aeroplane Swansea had been due to leave on pushed back the departure time even further. Club officials confirm the team are not expected to leave until 1630 GMT at the earliest.
  6. Yes, and I may have only posted 39 times (40 now), but it''s quality, not quantity.
  7. I think you''ll find that the Teapot is spot on about Bennett. Sadly. Take my word for it too. Mock at your own risk.
  8. Nice sentiment. But it''s more important to sing for the Wolf and co. And it''d be a bit disrespectful and unfair on the Wolf too. Send Holty a ''thank you'' on twitter instead. Still a nice idea though. Totally agree with the sentiment.
  9. SHE fell over! SHE fell over! Used to be a regular one - never hear it nowadays.
  10. Bookies aren''t idiots. But if you think, on this occasion, they are; go ahead and lay it.
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