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  1. Yes we''ll done Adams. Whilst we''re at it, Hughton really has a lot to answer for!
  2. I like the new skin. Seems to be more mobile device friendly. Yes an edit button would be good. I understand the argument that it would encourage trolls by enabling them to doctor what they wrote after the fact. However the trolls on here seem more than happy to entertain themselves with multiple accounts rather than verbal abuse.
  3. Ah, the Lowestoft nursery school must be on summer holidays. Mummy letting you play with the computer Waveney?
  4. [quote user="im spartacus"]keep trying mate i''m sure the TIDE will turn [:D][/quote] Surf ice to say this thread is getting a bit silly. I have cif ted through all the posts and I can''t Harpic one sensible thing that has been said. Aerial let down! ; -)
  5. Erm I think you will find that goals scored actually comes pretty high on the factors that determine how successful we are table. I don''t think Adams has a quality of football clause in his contract. His job is to win games not to play pretty football. Would you really be more satisfied if we played pretty football but we''re sitting in the bottom 3?
  6. In a funny kind of way, I''m glad that Hughton had such a poor season and we eventually went down. Say we had survived and Hughton was still manager, the liklihood is that we would have another dire season floating in and around the bottom three. Dead wood like Snoopers and RvW might still be here and as fans we would be having another horrible season. As it is we''ve got a strong team, are in a great position to build for the future.
  7. Totally agree with this Crabby. PMA works wonders for the team and fans alike. This time last year under "play for a draw" Hughton it was a completely different story. Adams knows that we need to fight hard to get automatic promotion and that seems exactly what we are doing. We''ve got a very strong squad now and with the right mentality we are going to be right up there at the end of the season.
  8. Totally agree. Under Hughton going two down in the first half away from home would have meant a backs to the wall damage limitation exercise. We''ve got a tactically aware manager who''s not afraid to keep on fighting and make the changes to turn results around. Brilliant result today.
  9. I blame that annoying fcuking "official England band". They are enough to drive any fan away with their droning repetitive untuneful rubbish. If they are there when we play Wednesday I will personally stick their trumpets up their ar$es!
  10. I''m not bothered with this chat function at all. I''m happy with the comments section. IMO this kind of toy is best placed on sites frequented by hormonal teens who can''t string more than three words together without getting brain ache. What we need is a bit of a visual makeover, an edit facility and decent IP detection / security system to block the likes of Waveney and his multiple accounts.
  11. I''ve sent my other half to the airport armed with a packed lunch and a 3/4 complete Panini 2013 -2014 sticker album. She''s going to report back every 20 mins on any matches she''s seen arriving or leaving.
  12. No on target should be if there was no save by keeper or defender then there would be a goal. If it hits the post and goes in then shot was on target. If it hits the post and goes out then it wasn''t
  13. Looks to be a great addition. He''s got his own website which is worth a look www.vadisodjidja.com Hope all those negative ar$eholes how thought this move would never happen, crawl away and eat some humble pie.
  14. Jeez all this speculation gets on my wick! ; )
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