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  1. Off out on loan to a Championship club...up north...beginning with B. 
  2. [quote user="peateabee"]Firstly I would consider starting with Martin and Olsson as the full backs for tomorrows game. They play three upfront and have pace as well - putting out a quick back four will help tomorrow - Is Martin quicker than Whittaker? - i would say probably just, but he is probably a more accomplished defender, while Whitaker is more of a attacking threat. We are probably not going to be sending both fullbacks flying forward tomorrow because of their threat, but if one was going to go i would like to see olsson getting up and supporting redmond or pilkington, I think that could be a good combination and he has the pace to recover. Also with martin playing, if olsson does go forward he can sit back and its like having three centre backs to cover anyway. In centre mid i would go for Fer obviously, and then i think Tettey as well. Fer being the more attacking of the two - Tettey can just sit and give it as simply and quickly as possible. Then for the other four I think its a difficult choice. For me, I think we should definitely start Redmond and Van Wolfswinkel. Then I think the other two places are between Pilkington, Hoolahan, Hooper and Snodgrass. If Hoolahan starts, I would go for Redmond and Pilkington on the wings behind Van Woflskinkel. If Hooper starts I would have him interchanging with Van Wolksinkel as to who drops deeper and with Redmond and Pilkington on the wings. The other combination I would be interested to see is an interchanging three of Redmond, Pilkington and Snodgrass behind Van Wolskwinkel. However while i think this might work well in theory, it is a complete unknown, so i doubt we would go for it. The only other question is if you are playing Redmond and Pilkington on the wings is which way round you play them. Arguably Redmond infront of a more defensive martin makes sense as long as you don''t lose his spark by putting him there. Then you have Pilkington on his stronger side and he''s better at potential combination play with Olsson. Overall I think I would go for Pilkington, Hoolahan and Redmond behind Van Wolksinkel with Hooper replacing Hoolahan if we need for attacking threat or go behind, and also with the option of Pilkington and Redmond switching wings if they''re going to get more joy from that. So overall thats is Ruddy Martin, Turner, Bassong, Olsson Tettey, Fer Redmond, Hoolahan, Pilkington Van Wolfswinkel but i think that there are some quite tricky decisions to be made, and a number of combinations could get us a positive result and good performance.[/quote]   Better effort - 9 out of 11! Annoyingly Garrido will start and Snodgrass will be given the chance to make up for last weeks performance.  
  3. If this was a tv game show I would tell you that you have 5 wrong.
  4. Don''t judge on what you don''t know.  Of course he is looking for a loan move, but he can''t force himself on a championship club.  Don''t see him as that.  A lot of pros just want to play football as that is what they are good at and like doing.
  5. [quote user="Row D Seat 7"]@ ColinTeapot - As someone else pointed out, Bournemouth on loan related to Surman, not Fox. And Fox to Burnley has been a rumour since June so I was only sharing what I''d been hearing. Terribly sorry for that.[/quote]   I know, my mistake.  No need to apologise.......I had enough of those the other week to last a lifetime.  How all very civil!   Burnley have never been mentioned as far as I have heard.
  6. sorry about the spelling...fat fingers!
  7. Couple of Championship clubs sniffing around I believe.  One does begin with a "B" funnily enough.   Hopefully for his sake soemthing should happen when the loan window reopens.   Although would be bice to get some cash for some of our players after receiving no return on investment(!) currently on Ward, Whitbread, Tierney, Martin, Jackson, Surman, Fox, Korey Smith, Lappin.......a team good enough to get promoted form the league they are mostly returning to only 2 years later!
  8. [quote user="Row D Seat 7"]Bournemouth - season loan.[/quote]   I take it these are all guesses rather than you knowing anything? 
  9. A club coming in for him is the answer to the original question. We were by far the best team in that Championship season, and Surman, Tierney Fox, etc, etc were all fundamental to that.  They were all perfect fits for Lamberts formation that year.  And to be fair they were all getting a pretty good look in in that first premiership season as well.   Just because Hughton doesn''t rate them or more importantly they don''t fit his style, doesn''t make any of them rubbish.    Look at Hughton''s style, have replaced any ball playing centre half we had (that were fundamental to Lambert''s formation and philosophy) with old fashioned blockers and headers of the ball.  Fox and Surman comfortable on the ball, both cant get alook in because it is all about hunt and destroy centre midfielders.  If any of you think Johnson and tetty are good at passing you are mistaken - but that aint Hughton''s game.  
  10. [quote user="Hog"]Because he is seriously overrated, cost next to nothing from Colchester United and was hailed as a footballing messiah just because he could pass a ball. Doubt anyone would match his current wages so he is probably content to warm the occasional bench and play with the kids once in a while.[/quote]   He is not content to warm the occasional bench.  Don''t guess.  Perhaps he just wants to play football, careers are short and especially when it has taken time to get to a level you don''t want to pack it in after a taste.     He can''t force a club to take him.   The transfer deadline rule has done this to footballers - the merryground might not start until the weekend.  For example....What happens if a premiership team take that young lad Will Hughes from Derby''s midfield at the 11th hour for silly money....Derby then need a replacement at the 12th hour.
  11. Likely to be a strong team as Saturday''s defeat put pay to resting too many.   Hooper not even running as at the weekend.
  12. Fox made 28 prem appearances in the first season, and was voted 3rd in POTS. Last season under Hughton, he played something like 35 mins of league football.  I don''t think that is classed as "had enough chances". Fox was injured in Hughton''s first pre-season and then pretty much discarded from the off.  I don''t think he is Glenn Hoddle but he clearly offers soemthing different (being ball retention and passing) that Hughton just doesn''t believe in.  Hughton is clearly about banks of 4, defend deep, break up the play and then try and counter attack.  Why do you think head down boys such as Redmond and Snodgrass are favourites.....gain yards and field position (rugby!).  The chance of a goal from a set-piece is always there for him.  The difference this year is we don''t have Holt to put a stake in the ground in enemy terrority by winning a free-kick or holding the ball up.   If you want to bring up Luton then that worked out perfectly for Hughton didn''t it.....drop all of his big guns, the others come in and have a poor game and then he can easily state that the second string aren''t good enough and then bring back the underachieveing Tetty, Howson and to some extent Johnson. Howson was picked week after week after week, until finally he did something worth (in the last two games of the season). I have nothing against Howson personally...in fact it is Tettey that is the real annoyance.  I still don''t really know what he does.  He has to be the one that drops out.
  13. [quote user="Fozzie"]I always thought that if I saw pages of people cheering one of our players getting a long term injury just to show rightfully skeptical people how wrong they were to not believe something without evidence, then it would be the end of my time here.That day has finally come.Well done to the regulars of the Pink''Un messageboard. You have turned a mediocre forum run using terrible scripts on equally shoddy servers into a truly one-of-a-kind experience. I don''t believe there''s anywhere else in the world you can find such a smorgasbord of banality, repetition and dullness.[/quote]   Nice try - it''s not me with the problem.  I am not and have not cheering his injury.  I thought news of one of our first choice (18) players getting a long term injury might be something that people on a discussion board might be interested in.  I didn''t ask for the ridiculous abuse that the regulars served up.  They have the problem and have turned this into some form of playground.   Rightfully scepitical?  really?  Tilly asked twice where I had got the news from...everyone else just through abuse.  We are laughing at them...not Elliott Bennett who appears the nicest and most grateful man in the world, depsite never being given the rightful run in the team he deserves. What is sad is that he is out of contract next summer. 
  14. [quote user="ReadingCanary"]Well this is a brilliant thread. Well done Mr Teapot ![/quote]   You are welcome!  What this has taught me, that in spite of reading this everyday for the last few years, I truly do not belong on here!  In the world of the internet and instant media the patient man will wait the whole 2 or 3 days for the truth to out...whereas the other type of man will waste their enitre life on gossip, conjecture and slagging others off.
  15. [quote user="iwansnorwich"]Ouch, there are some silly people on here! And not the OP![/quote]   It''s ok, I accept apologies both in writing or in person.  I am in the city most days (working!).
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