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  1. Really impressed with their no 7, Alex Scott, reminded me of Grealish, only 19
  2. I thought the same with that celebration of the winning goal, really passionate
  3. Be good to see Ramsay and Cantwell replace Hernandez and Dowell for the Birmingham game
  4. Be good if he’s gone by the Spurs match or it could turn nasty
  5. Thought he looked very comfortable on the ball, moved it quickly and accurately
  6. We were awful, on another day that could have been a heavy defeat
  7. Krul byram. Hanley. Gibson. Williams Normann. Sorenson Rowe. PLM. Raschica Sargent
  8. With the mason Greenwood situation, I wonder if Utd will let Lingard go
  9. He said last night, we won’t be playing two up front against City
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