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  1. It’s ok to lose 2-0 to Chelsea, but 7-0 is surely unacceptable, unfair?
  2. I can’t see Newcastle being in the bottom three, they will be able to pay over the odds for players in January and then in the Summer really splash the cash
  3. Pukki took too long over a great chance in the second half allowed the defender to block it.
  4. Hi name is Rio and he avoids mandatory drug tests!
  5. Krul aarons Andrew O. Gibson Giannapoulos Norman. Sorenson Tzolis. PLM. Gilmour Sargent
  6. And what about Sorenson for McLean
  7. And still we don’t play Sorenson
  8. Completely agree on the 10 in our 6 yd box, I remember a few seasons back, I believe it was Brentford, they kept three up when we had a corner, forcing us to keep four players back!
  9. I’ve been wanting him to be given a start but he was awful tonight, really didn’t look like a premier league striker
  10. Drop Pukki and play Sargent and or Idah
  11. Best performance to date for me, thought he was better defensively too
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