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  1. Sorensen with Skipp in midfield, EMI to no 10 and Idah on the right. Idah has the pace and physicality that we need
  2. Agree with this, push Kenny on to the 10 slot and put Sorensen in midfield with Skipp
  3. Would really like to see Cantwell, Buendia and Idah. We really need a physical threat, we are too easily knocked off the ball
  4. There is a sub clause though, if Mourinho is manager it doesn’t apply!
  5. Don’t see any mention of long term partnership its his favoured position just possible if we get promoted that Skipp May choose to stay with us
  6. Clearly he’s a massive upgrade on Rupp/Kenny, plus Swansea’s midfield would be weakened without him, surely his wages for a few months would be money well spent, did you see how his free kicks compared to Placheta’s!
  7. I think it would be best if he was told to simply not make any tackles, he either gets booked or gives away free kicks on the edge of our box!
  8. Wondering what difference Hourihane would have made to our midfield and the absence of him to Swansea’s
  9. One of those mentioned was Sorensen who looked pretty fit before being dropped
  10. Interesting stat on Sky just now, no team with 53 or more points after 25 games has failed to get promoted
  11. You just don’t want to be near them if there’s a statue they don’t like!
  12. He also said that he expected a dip/slump from us
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