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  1. Alfie54

    ZZ Top at Carrow Road

    What does it matter what he wore!
  2. Alfie54

    Suck it up, grow some b*lls and get over it.

    So why the late substitutions?
  3. Alfie54

    An "I was there moment"

    Went on holiday to France today, so watched the match on Now tv on my phone, wonderful performance, really painful not being at CR
  4. Alfie54

    The day the spectacles fell off

    Reality is that we looked very poor against an ordinary side
  5. Alfie54

    Ricardo's report v Newcastle

    We really were superb, Leitner was total class, brilliant link up play, always available, not a weakness in the side. And I had a fiver on 3-1, mixed emotions when Shelby scored!
  6. Alfie54

    A couple of transfer rumours...

    I’d be happy with this starting 11
  7. Alfie54

    A couple of transfer rumours...

    I’d love to see Godfrey as a DM
  8. Alfie54

    Huddersfield new kit

    Reminds me of the joke when wife says to her husband I have some good news and some bad news for you, the husband says give me the good news, wife says, you got a bigger **** than your brother!
  9. Alfie54

    A couple of transfer rumours...

    Coincidentally, best I can hope for these days us a semi!
  10. Alfie54

    Zimmermann to miss pre-season

    Go back to a four
  11. Alfie54

    Zimmermann to miss pre-season

    Why not Godfrey, Klose and Hanley?
  12. Alfie54


    I suspect Grabban kept missing!
  13. Alfie54

    Lank Frampard's Chelsea

    I didn’t choose to miss any point.
  14. Alfie54

    Lank Frampard's Chelsea

    At last a young English manager is given a chance at a big club and everybody is so negative. Hope he does well, except against us of course
  15. Alfie54

    Women’s World Cup

    Men against boys at the moment