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  1. Don’t forget that our back up strikers tend to come on around the 85th minute so He could probably have a pie and a pint and still do a job!
  2. I’m a Norwich season ticket holder and thought Farke’s comments ridiculous. Presumably Norwich supporters are allowed to have different views?
  3. I’ve read his letter and no mention of this season being a success in the medium to long term, odd that!
  4. I think a big issue will be how much a player wants to leave, we can of course stop them, but that never seems to end well
  5. Pukki’s last Chance of a big payday with a decent length contract, can see there being offers and him being off. Apart from his awful form he didn’t look happy at all
  6. They had no problem going forward, getting back seemed to be the issue!
  7. I guess the issue is that will they Spend to improve it!
  8. In the nine games since lockdown, lost all nine scored one conceded 23. If we keep Farke and surely lose our top six players it’s very hard to see how we will take the championship by storm. Can only see another wasted season, with Farke replaced early in the new year.
  9. Completely agree with you. We now May have £100mm from player sales, will we spend all that? Can we get 6 better players in just to replace the leavers?
  10. If we were to lose, Aaron’s, Godfrey, Lewis, Pukki, Beundia and Cantwell, we could be looking at around £100m, maybe more. How much do you think will be spent on new players? I suspect, not much of it
  11. I think you could add Pukki to that list. How achievable is is to replace those six with better players?
  12. Seems to me they invested a sensible amount of money in strengthening their squad resulting in a very commendable finishing position allowing them again to strenghten next season, and no reason to see an exodus of their best players as we surely will.
  13. I don’t think Webber will be taking Farke anywhere with him
  14. I think you could add Pukki to that list. How achievable is is to replace those six with better players?
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