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  1. Exactly what I was thinking, sounded to me like he just wanted to get the hell out of there, one of the worst interviews ever
  2. Not enough experience for me, so no thanks
  3. Selhurst park is on the same level as a rubbish tip, horrible place to go to
  4. I am sorry to say I can''t see us beating west brom, I think a draw is the best we can hope for I am sure mr positive will be sending the team out with a get a draw mentality
  5. I think hotly had a good game yesterday, if he was allowed to be the old fashioned battering ram centre forward we know and love he would have a lot more goals How is he supposed to score out on the wing trying to get. Crosses in to a empty box
  6. Who is the houghton bloke, is he a new member of the team
  7. Nexus. As you seem to be such an expert on people in the snake pit, maybe you would like to say that to there faces, and by the way I don''t sit in the snake pit
  8. Should have had a penalty when Danny rose handled, rose might have been on the line but his arm was in the area
  9. Agreed, could not believe what I was hearing in his post match interview, played against a good team(been in or around the relegation zone all year), in good form err won 1 in 8 Nearly as bad as lambert with his we were magnificent and they gave there all after every single game win lose or draw
  10. Solid display, happy with a point to b fair Excellent penalty save from bunn 3 points against Fulham next please
  11. What game was u watching, Barnett looked all right, he was hopeless against a non league strike force 4 divisions below us
  12. Maybe they knew after Scunthorpe, Doncaster, and vile this season that today would be utter shit , so decided to save there tenner I wish I had as well as sitting in a morgue surrounded by 14 year olds did a lot for me The atmosphere at cup games is always hopeless as it is the hardcore in e block making all the noise
  13. Problem is, when a season ticket holder in e block gives there seat up(which is very rare), they get replaced by a prawn sandwich person who wouldn''t even know how to sing a song, or the words to any of the songs Th little chavs in the Barclay today could sing at half time over there shandy, but as soon as they get back up to there seat they become mutes
  14. That''s because most of the season ticket holders don''t bother to turn up for these games anymore, about 15% in the Barclay e block today, after today that''s it for me too
  15. Villan, before taking the p7ss out of us Bradford and millwall mean anything to u
  16. Ok, agree totally, my mum has cancer and u can in no way compare the two
  17. I think Barnett and Ryan Bennett found there level today, conference, bye bye
  18. [quote user="Mr Brownstone"]I''ve had worse experiences this week. Man up.[/quote]i thought this thread was about Norwich city fc, not life in general
  19. Am I right in thinking the Last time we played a non league team at home in the fa cup was Sutton which we won 8 nil We lost today to a team 4 leagues below us, and they looked like the premier league team, no wonder the tickets were £10, I was embarrassed today more than at any other time of my 29 years of supporting the club
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