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  1. We will not spend a penny in the summer, just replace with youth players. They will still get 27000 fans to home games thats all they care about. Everything will be done on the cheap this season
  2. But wouldn''t he have been spotted on the train?
  3. Lots of people talking about him today, attractive football, champ experience, young Italian players? is he the man for NCFC?
  4. Skysports have said we have had a big rejected for Scott Dann today. Shame because i think he is a good player with leadership qualitys that will only bolster our squad. Also been a good player for Blackburn.
  5. Neil Lennon has been linked with us in the mail if hughton goes, thoughts?
  6. Hughton out followed by a merge of different managers people want in, dont want or think we will get malky because still sorting out cardiff. Dont know who to get tbh...
  7. Think McNally will only sack hoots when we are in bottom 3, so could have more weeks with him, but we will find out saturday
  8. If we draw saturday, will it mean hughton gets more time as will not be in relegation zone?
  9. Yeah i agree, he has been liked with us but he has definitely left newcastle
  10. "thanks for the messages. I enjoy my 5 years at the club, I hope the club finish the highest this season and the best to my team mates." he is going somewhere, don''t know where?
  11. Defensive Winger, just the way Hughton likes it
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