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  1. A good read especially for those of us who are unable to be there in person.
  2. Adams has certainly put his mark on the team. Agree the next test of his managerial skills will be keeping the 2nd 11 motivated while they await their chance.
  3. You mean Neil Wornock ? Cant keep a good man down !
  4. Their plight sums up so much that is wrong with Championship football. Most clubs in debt, some very heavely and without promotion to the Primer league, no way of earning themselves out of debt. Those that stay within their means, are lower table with dewindling gate receipts that will eniviatably lead to greater losses, insolvency and/or relegation. McCarthy has his work cut out to be mid table and not spend beyond his means and keep the interest of his supporters. It can be done as we know on a shoestring budget and the right man at the helm. I just don''t see it in the case of ITFC.
  5. I''m going to give the service a try as it appears about the only way I can get a live feed with any certainty over here. Even if it is radio only.
  6. Norwich is the only team I support or have a passion for. If I was in exile somewhere in England there would be no need to watch another team. However, living in the USA there is no conflict of interest in watching MLS, so I do attend several Houston games in the season. If Norwich were to play Houston in a preseason game, Yellow and Green it would be.
  7. For the last 3 years I have not given them a second thought. Next season I''ll likely think of them twice. The rivalry seamed more intense 30 or so years ago in the Robson, Mills, Mariner eara.
  8. Likely I will be signing up for the clubs Player feed. Over here Fox Sports did cover one championship match each week. Silver lining, may be I have a better chance of getting tickets when I come home once or twice a year. But you''re right Lakey, Prem TV coverage spoils you.
  9. Big picture, we have more money than they have and survived 2 more seasons than most said we would.
  10. In the US Fox did cover 2 Championship games each week. As we were high flying Norwich I recall seeing a match abouth every 3 weeks. I don''t know if they had the same coverage this year as I had no cause to look once NBC got the Prem exclusively.
  11. Assuming no great escape, The boad and CEO will now be writing our strategy for next season. The goal will be either immediate promotion back to the prem or consolidate. Budgets set accordingly which would include how much to spend on a Manager to achieve the goal and the risk associated with the strategy. The Manager named for next season will be the clue as to our ambitions and goal. There will have been similar plans for the last 3 years which included relegation contingency covered in the contracts of high earners amoung other similar prudent measures. In a way, next season. requires more planning and stratergy than this one.
  12. Hope City put on a good performance and don''t give up like they have in Manchester this season......... Otherwise you could be arrested for child abuse !
  13. Last week Chelsea implemented the tactics with discipline, they got the breaks and took their chances when given to them. Discipline and taking your chances I only recall working at West Brom this season.
  14. I''m sure having the team owner in jail makes running the club a tad difficult !
  15. Newcastle would pay more than 3 million if he spoke French.
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