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  1. The time for debating whether Alex Neil still deserves the job is over in my opinion. He needs to go asap. Unfortunately us fans know the reality of our board; they take an age to make even the blindingly obvious decisions. They will leave it too late, just with Hughton, but it''s crucial we give the new manager a January transfer window to sort things. Therefore it''s up to the fans to get the point across. We need to go over the top with this - after all we''re dealing with clearly blind board managers. If the performance against Brentford isn''t good enough the crowd can send a strong message with the noise they make or how early we leave. We need to force their hand.
  2. There was a lot of blame placed on him by Burnley fans for a shambolic transfer window last season, with them failing to sign their main targets. Now he joins us and a similar situation occurs. We left everything so late and majorly failed to strengthen key areas. Wonder how much blame we can place on him.
  3. I''ve heard that he does like to play young players - would not be surprised if Murphy starts.
  4. I''m not saying we should be happy. We shouldn''t. But ironic cheers is too much. Don''t get me wrong I joined in with the chants after the game, but during the game i don''t think it helps
  5. Our fans baffle me. We want Adams to be sacked but start singing "Neil Adams Barmy Army". What kind of message does that send to the board members in attendance? No wonder they take an age to sack them, they don''t know what the fans want! Then there''s the fans on Ruddy''s back. I''m not defending his performances, and it''s clear he is low on confidence. But ironic cheers when he catches the ball? Great way to boost his confidence. Bravo. It''s embarrassing and he''s right to react to it. He''s given the club years of service when he could have left for better things. Carrow road must feel like an away game for the players. The crowd turn so quickly and become hostile to easily. Home field disadvantage I think.
  6. Wanted to share with you all a recent article I wrote about Adams and the mistakes he''s made. It was written prior to the Forest game (which i had the joy of going to) so excuse the fact it doesn''t mention it!Click here to view it :)I''d appreciate any feedback as always.Thanks
  7. No idea whats going on there ^was mean to say that the only blessing was that it forced us to revert back to 4-2-3-1. Unfortunately we suck with that formation too.
  8. The only blessing from his injury was that it forced us to go back to 4-2-3-1. Unfortunately, we suck with that formation too.
  9. We get the basics wrong - Basics of football which anyone should know. Any manager should know his strongest lineup and formation before the season starts. Adams didn''t. He played the diamond at Wolves, and in many pre-season games. It wouldnt surprise me if many signings were made on the presumtion that we''d be using the diamond. Same with the lineup. The whole Martin at CB debate, and Hoolahan out wide before his injury. Its a shambles at times.He doesnt learn either. Everyone could tell that 4-4-2 wasnt going to work, but he stuck with it for 6 games or so. Same with Hoolahan out wide and Martin at CB. He isnt recognising his mistakes, meaning he cant learn from them. The ''inexperienced'' argument no longer has anything to do with it. These are basics of football that are just as important at youth level. He should have these skills already.As for him continually playing Whittaker, it baffles me. I know we only have 90 minutes to judge players on, but at the end of the day, those 90 minutes are the only ones which matter. I dont care if Whittaker is the greatest footballer to have ever lived during the week at training, if he cant perform on game day, he doesnt warrant his place.I want him to succeed but it doesnt look likely. It''s far too early to sack him - we have to remeber that teams have turned much worse seasons around to challenge for promotion before in this league. We do have a bit of time to play with. (but not 5 months as with Hughton).The reaction of the players at Forest will go a long way to show whether they''re really up for it, and whether Adams has the dressing room. Big game.
  10. [quote user="lappinitup"][quote user="Canary"]Thanks for the feedback guys. Hopefully Adams learns quickly how to use Wes. Otherwise I can''t see this form changing too much.[/quote]You mean this ''top of the league'' form? [:^)][/quote] No I''m talking about the 1 win in our last 5 (including the capital one cup) form. And in those 5 we haven''t scored in the first half once and had to come from behind in every game.
  11. Thanks for the feedback guys. Hopefully Adams learns quickly how to use Wes. Otherwise I can''t see this form changing too much.
  12. Just wanted to share an article I wrote about Hoolahan and the difficulties we''ve had fitting him into the team recently. Let me know what you think! http://www.thematch.co.uk/hoolahans-catch-22-2/
  13. Martin is 10000 times better than Whittaker at RB, makes a real difference.
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