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  1. I’m quite surprised at how many people are dropping Gian for Williams. Gian was pretty much our MOTM v Liverpool and has been solid since joining. Ok he got tore a new one v Man City, but who didn’t! 1 decent performance from Williams against a championship side doesn’t warrant a start in my book, not at the cost of one of OUR better players.
  2. 2 goals and 2 assists in 75mins! Throw him on for Leicester I’d say
  3. He sets his teams up to play possession based passing football, could do worse
  4. I used to regularly sit in Fulham’s members area. Was good as always got to meet some old legends of the game, but was there for ‘that’ game and haven’t been since. I also always end up in amongst the home fans at the emirates as my wife and her family are all Arsenal fans, and will be in a few weeks time. The most memorable for that one was the 3-3. I was sat right next to the partition between our fans and the Arsenal fans with a steward right next to me. When we conceded early the steward made me and said I’d be out if I wasn’t on best behaviour. When we levelled it for 3-3 at the end I went crazy, he put his arm round me for what I thought was the inevitable kicking out, but it was just him getting caught up in the moment and celebrating with me. Turns out he was a secret NCFC fan as well
  5. Nope, the snooker! Quite marmite snooker, but I love it. With you on golf!!
  6. Yup I’m there. Even managed to get my dad a ticket this morning too Leave home at 11.30am to be in Norwich for 2pm, plenty of time to start ‘warming up’
  7. A little old now, but a good watch. Can see he’s definitely a ‘Farke player’
  8. I’ll echo what’s been said about the Hanley bashing. 2nd in POTS and in the championship team of the year… Injury free he’s prem quality and the Hanley/Gibbo partnership is as good or better than the teams fighting against relegation (everyone outside the top 8 teams). Keeping them injury free is the hard bit so we defo need 1 more CB. I’m more concerned about left and right back. We’ve only got 4 and that includes a young Mumba and Byram, so essentially we’ve got 3. Need another one for sure.
  9. Just had a record I think, 9 refreshes to get onto a page! See if you can beat that
  10. To be fair we’ve spent quite a lot of money on Gibson this window so that isn’t really true. Not arguing that we need a 5th after the last prem campaign, but I echo others above that CDM and LB have to be the biggest concerns right now. Agree about Omobamidele tho, especially as most of the time we’ve seen him play it’s while we’ve had a lot of the ball. God knows how well he’ll manage dealing with some of the best players in the world running at him. I do think Hanley/Gibson fit all season is a prem quality partnership. But yeah, decent screen for them required ASAP!!!
  11. If everyone goes somewhere doesn’t that make it better? It can’t be this amazing platform is better than the others?
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