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  1. I think being a club our size and financial model to have been (and hopefully continue to be as a minimum) a yo-yo club is a massive achievement. There are plenty of clubs without billionaire owners that would kill for our record over the past 5 or so years. This dream of being an established club in the premier league is just that, a dream. 3 clubs go down every year and without having a mega rich owner who sees the club as a toy to evaporate their cash without expecting a profit, no team will ever be ‘established’. It’s only a matter of time before the top 15-20 teams in the country all have mega rich benefactors. Ok, the top 5/6 may still be able to run at a profit due to their global support base, but if all teams have rich owners it’s going to be a case of whoever has the biggest wage bill will triumph as they’ll attract the best players. Personally I’m happy with our recent history, I’m happy the club has invested in infrastructure as that does separate us from the rest of the non-mega rich and gives us the pull to attract a higher calibre of player, I’m happy with being a yo-yo club that might spend a couple of years in the prem or a couple of years in the champs here and there. Keep this going and we’ll stand out from the rest of the pack until the day the bubble bursts and something gets done about the ridiculous state of football in this country. EDIT:TLDR It wasn’t that long ago our fan base walked around with our chins held high as we were a self financing club operating near the top echelons of football. I’m still that person
  2. Decided against opening it. I’d probably only have 1 and pass out anyway, not much of a drinker nowadays. It can gather some more dust Can you imagine what the picture on the front would look like if Dean Smith wins us the league…
  3. Fancy a drink tonight but have nothing in the house but an unopened bottle of this. Thought I’d check to see what it’s worth before opening but can’t find anywhere with it in stock so guess I’ll be keeping it and staying sober! Anyone else still got one, or drank it and recommend opening it??
  4. Singing ‘come on you yellows’ when we’re playing in a different colour always makes me chuckle a little (I know, I’m odd). Krul was in yellow so he must’ve felt very supported for all our corners, at the other end of the pitch. Don’t even get me started on “One shirt, one football team. Two colours, yellow and green…” This one could get tricky!!
  5. I was at the Reading game also and the atmosphere was the worst I’ve seen at an away game for a long time. Ok the football wasn’t exciting, but I think the constant drumming also had a part to play. The drum also seemed to keep a different beat to the chants sometimes as well which was pretty off putting. Add in the Reading drum (or bashing on the stadium, pretty sure it was a drum tho) all made for a very odd atmosphere
  6. I’m quite surprised at how many people are dropping Gian for Williams. Gian was pretty much our MOTM v Liverpool and has been solid since joining. Ok he got tore a new one v Man City, but who didn’t! 1 decent performance from Williams against a championship side doesn’t warrant a start in my book, not at the cost of one of OUR better players.
  7. 2 goals and 2 assists in 75mins! Throw him on for Leicester I’d say
  8. He sets his teams up to play possession based passing football, could do worse
  9. I used to regularly sit in Fulham’s members area. Was good as always got to meet some old legends of the game, but was there for ‘that’ game and haven’t been since. I also always end up in amongst the home fans at the emirates as my wife and her family are all Arsenal fans, and will be in a few weeks time. The most memorable for that one was the 3-3. I was sat right next to the partition between our fans and the Arsenal fans with a steward right next to me. When we conceded early the steward made me and said I’d be out if I wasn’t on best behaviour. When we levelled it for 3-3 at the end I went crazy, he put his arm round me for what I thought was the inevitable kicking out, but it was just him getting caught up in the moment and celebrating with me. Turns out he was a secret NCFC fan as well
  10. Nope, the snooker! Quite marmite snooker, but I love it. With you on golf!!
  11. Yup I’m there. Even managed to get my dad a ticket this morning too Leave home at 11.30am to be in Norwich for 2pm, plenty of time to start ‘warming up’
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