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  1. I tend to judge players on shorter stints and if we break down Rupp’s time with us into 5-10 match brackets, he’s had a lot more bad ones than good. Hope he comes good and shifts that the other way but at the moment I’d put him way down the pecking order.
  2. Rupp out the team injured and we’re on a great run. Rupp gets back to fitness and gets back onto the team sheet and we draw 2, lose 1 with him starting. Rupp dropped, we win the next 3. Think I’d stick with McLean... Rupp made a good contribution earlier in the season, but worry that was him over performing unfortunately.
  3. @Feedthewolf no worries at all mate, there’s no rush
  4. I really dislike this mentality. If we are in the champs we don’t want a cup run as we want promotion and if we are in the prem we don’t want a cup run as trying to survive (appreciate that’s not your words Hazzajet, just something I hear a lot). So when exactly do we want a cup run, do we need to go back to league 1? For me, this is the season we should really be trying for a decent cup run. We’ve got a larger squad than we’ll probably ever have again in preparation for the congested fixtures. Appreciate we’ve got injuries and will continue to do so, but the large squad should allow us a relatively fit match day squad while the revolving door of the treatment room keeps spinning. Even if it does mean using youngsters earlier than Farke might like to bolster the team if required as per earlier in the season (and I guess even now with GK situation) In short, I doubt we’ll have this big a squad again any time soon...
  5. I’ve added a few buttons at the top so you can choose position and it filters the whole sheet to say just goalkeepers etc will try and find some time over the next few days to sort out a few bugs then will upload it. let me know if there’s anything you’d like to see on it, or done differently...
  6. It's coming along. Think i'm going to see if i can scrape the seasons stats from a website (Whoscored doesn't work unfortunately) to see if i can build in things like minutes played and goals etc - Probably on another sheet though
  7. Yeah I'm definitely guilty of getting pretty geeky with Excel. I prefer Power BI for building Dashboards but appreciate everyone doesn't use it so will build it all in Excel and see how fancy I can get I've put a few basic formulas in to calculate age and how long is left on their contract so they are dynamic and don't need manually changing all the time. Once i get far enough that i won't be embarassed by a poor effort after all the work you have put in i'll attach it for you
  8. @Feedthewolf - I like Excel and have some spare time at work so will sort this Excel this for you, think you've done enough fo the hard work that someone else pitches in What do the gold/yellow highlighted names mean?
  9. You could always pay the £10 for iFollow and then watch it on an illegal stream anyway
  10. You can change the commentary to radio Norfolk by clicking the little cog in bottom right hand corner. iFollow has been superb for me for every game until tonight. Had the dalek commentary quite a few times. More annoyingly though it juddered through pretty much the whole game, not just the start of the 2nd half as others have mentioned.
  11. Genuine question as I don’t know where you find these kind of stats, but was Cantwells passing accuracy below 10% for that half?
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