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  1. Sorry i've only just seen that you were picking now so have missed the boat. If i had made it in time i would have trusted my heart this week with an away win in Bournemouth v NORWICH. Feel like we will be out with something to prove tomorrow. For our match bet, just a straight full time result Norwich win at 16/5 on B365. Good luck all, onwards and upwards!
  2. Vazzza

    What Joy

    Depends on what type of op you have. My mate had to have a hernia op not too long ago which they were hoping to do keyhole surgery to recify, in which case they said he'd be fine to be back up and walking the next day. In the end they had to go down the 'normal' route and go under the knife, he wasn't driving or heavy load for weeks. I can only assume Godfrey was keyhole and with the money thrown at the rehab then days/weeks sounds feasible.
  3. Vazzza

    Pukki game here

    I've been using VIPboxe.com recently. You have to get passed all the annoying pop ups and play "hunt the x" on the adverts, but has been pretty reliable. Does send my virus checker crazy sometimes but am yet to find a site that doesn't!
  4. Yeah I’ve been sliding down that table on purpose recently so my pledge is worth more
  5. Having a shocking run of late after such a good start
  6. I'm a little out of my depths when there isn't Prem/champs football to choose from, so playing it a litte more safe on the odds with Norway v SPAIN - away win at 8/15 on B365. Seems pretty good odds for what I'd hope is a gimmie! For my BTTS I'll go with Wales v Croatia Good luck to all!!
  7. Vazzza

    Ownership questions

    I have access to "Business Experian" that shows a breakdown of financial informaiton for the last 3 years, shows P&L, Balance, Cash flow etc... Not sure if i'm allowed to just copy and paste it here though, wouldn't have thought so? It does also have a Directors section, the "Resigned Directors" is a long read
  8. Vazzza

    Bus replacement

    Just booked my tickets from London and found this out the hard way! Don’t suppose anyone would know if the bus would arrive and leave at the train or bus station?
  9. I'm going to back Tottenham to bounce back from their humiliation midweek, so away win Brighton v SPURS (10/11 on B365) For our game I think BTTS (Yes) @ 1/2 on B365 seems a pretty fair bet! Good luck with the picks both
  10. Going to stick with Leicester as have been impressed with them so far this season, LEICESTER v Newcastle home win @ 1/2 on b365 For our game HT/FT: Palace - Draw @ 14/1 on b365. Good luck with the selections guys
  11. I know it was an amazing result last week and don’t change a winning side etc etc but personally would’ve dropped Leitner in for McLean. Think a game like this is crying out for Leitner’s metronome passing and ball retention.
  12. I'd say photoshop personally
  13. Vazzza

    Emi singing his own song

    What the hell is chips and fish, never heard of it...
  14. Thought I best get in a bit earlier this week! I like the look of a Chelsea v LIVERPOOL away win at 1/1 for King. Seems pretty good odds. For Diane and NCFC, Pukki to score anytime at 11/8. Good luck with the final selections!
  15. Sorry but have to disagree here on trying to avoid the Europa league. Appreciate it makes for a tough season with the extra games and travel, but surely the whole point of supporting a football team is to see them succeed and reach the best standard of football possible, and seeing Norwich play in Europe’s 2nd most prestigious tournament would definitely be an amazing experience (assuming the champions league is out of reach of course )
  16. I guess the thinking behind it is they have more value if you can't just spread them around for any old post. This way you know if you get a reaction to your post it actually means something, in a weird cyberworld kind of way anyway...
  17. Can't believe Arsenal imploded to cost me my 100% record
  18. Vazzza

    Mainstream praise comes flooding in

    I live near Windsor and regularly wear my NCFC shirt when out and about at a weekend. Only once before has anybody ever commented - "Ooh you must be a canary" - insightful. On Sunday I had 5 people come up to me and congratulate me on the result as if I was playing or a coach. One person (jokingly) refuse to serve me food as he was a Citeh fan, and then a guy in a supermarket walk right up me (I mean right up to me, in my 'personal space') and literally just say 2 words - "Teemu Pukki" then walk off before I had a chance to retort... Was quite odd. Not just the national media taking notice, also the public!
  19. Sorry I’ve been a bit absent, in hindsight it probably wasn’t the best week to do the picks while trying to move house. Ecstatic that I managed to put some money in the pot, just a shame I didn’t have more faith in NCFC as I imagine odds on us winning outright would’ve added a nice few quid!! cheers for the update!!!
  20. Cheers for this NN as would’ve missed this and is what I was thinking before I read through anyway, so can lead my 6 picks below:- Man City Goal rush (BTTS) Sterling over 2 Shots on target BTTS Over 3.5 goals Godfrey to score anytime Man City -3 Some interesting options to pick from there thanks all...
  21. Sorry all this move has been hectic, I’ll have a proper read through the thread shortly and make my selections, apologies it’s quite late NN. Sorry I missed your pick Twidio, I would’ve done an arsenal win away at Watford at 1/1 if I had made it!
  22. Thanks very much NN, look forward to some good suggestions. I’m actually moving house today and have just found 2 mins to sit down and chill out so will make my 2 picks later in the week, and do the final selections as late as possible Friday. Cheers!!
  23. Vazzza

    Raheem Sterling

    The big difference is, if we did this we'd get a straight red as Sterling would get "big player" protection, whereas our players are left trying to limp back into position after not even a foul is given...