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  1. I´d imagine there are a lot of possible answers. I´ll go with who has the worst first touch in the Championship. One short free kick routine that managed to send us back about 20 yards off a simple pass into feet!! Don´t think there´s a lot of vitriol though and think there is a lot of good will for teh guy being as he´s been with us a long time. Needs a loan a la Cantwell to Holland. Just needs to get out somewhere, anywhere that´s a bit different for a season and see if he can hit double figures.
  2. Whilst we are on naff songs.. Daddy cool: Stieper, stieperman Stieper, stieperman. The German hoolahan. Stieper, Stieperman
  3. Lots of comments on the quality finish....where are hyou watching it?
  4. im sure its already been mentioned (cant be arsed to read 8 pages on a mobile) but the only way he can remain a city legend is to do a Crook. hilarious if he backed out tmrw.
  5. if we keep playing like that we will be 15th-21st. any half decent side wouild have put 3 or 4 past them because lets face it they were dire. to get anywhere near the playoffs we need to be beating poor sides like them easily.
  6. nothing from boro or derby. the rest draws / wins. however if we play like we did today then ant half-decent side will bury us.
  7. how many games has godfrey played at cb? zimm was surely a better option
  8. couple of nice touches here and there but very disjointed. lacking a dominant box to box midfielder to drive us
  9. cheers Ben getting up at 6am and not finding it on any my usual sites this was a lifesaver
  10. Lets face it, it could go either way. There is potential in the squad but only that. Most need to regain previous form or break through. I admire LDCs optimism but Hernandez, Mclean and Buendia are untested at this level. Leitner and Rhodes were useful about 2 and a bit years ago, Pukki didn''t make the grade at Celtic, Krul got a serious injury and hasn''t looked the same since. Passlack sounds good on paper but needs to adjust to the Champs. Personally, I have a sneaky feeling that these gambles could well pay off and well have a half decent side out there. However, that is what we are doing - gambling.
  11. Could be a bit like Lukaku (if you''ve seen his piece about being Belgian / Congolese).... A legend for leaving the Binners and playing for a proper team when he is scoring for fun. When he''s playing shite then it will clearly be because he''s a Binner through and through. Either way he''ll keep this messageboard going for the whole season on his own.
  12. can see him being a good manager. seems an intelligent guy and obviously has good contacts. derby may be a tough gig though. if they start the first 10 badly then knives will be out. wouldve been better at forest with no real expectations
  13. it seems every week we are "controlling games" or "the only side likely to score" yet we dont. Is Farke hitting the PR offensive or are there signs that we are getting the right balance in the side and just lack a little cutting edge / luck? reading between the lines it sounds more as if we are toothless.
  14. the only way wed get 10m for him is if Wolves go up and decide to continue their policy of becoming the Portuguese second XI.
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