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  1. Hmm. Surman, maybe. Ryan Bennett didn''t kick on as hoped. But mostly I agree he got more from less talented players. David Fox, for instance.
  2. The club statement said they would appoint the Director of Football and he or she would then be the main driver in recruiting a head coach.
  3. The extreme-right are absolutely desperate to use anything they can to spread their agenda of fear and division. The grand irony of course is that by behaving like this they''re doing the work of the Islamist fanatics. The Islamist terrorists want to make us live in abject fear of their attacks. The Islamist terrorists want to create divisions and even more anti-Muslim prejudice in the West. The extreme-right love to see themselves as defenders of our culture, but by deliberately spreading fear, hatred, and division they''re actually reacting in precisely the way the Islamist fanatics want them to. In fact the extreme-right and the Islamist fanatics both share the same vision. They both crave a violent and destructive clash of civilisations. They''re the opposite sides of the same disgusting coin. The Islamist fanatic in ISIS occupied Syria who joyously celebrates the attack on London is no different to the extreme-right fanatic in Britain who is full of glee because they see the attack as another wonderful opportunity to spread their divisive and dishonest hate-fuelled rhetoric.
  4. Additionally it would be foolish to believe that defending someone in court means you have some level of sympathy for their actions, otherwise you would find it tricky to get a defence lawyer for rapes, assaults etc. So the fact Khan defended various undesirables in court has no relevance for me.
  5. Off in the summer to Leeds, watch this space.
  6. I don''t recall us treating all Irish Catholics as IRA supporters when they were bombing us through the seventies and eighties and nineties, and I don''t think we should treat all Muslims as sympathisers now. Isn''t the goal of these attacks to drive a wedge between different communities? Some of the Sadiq Khan references on here are disappointing to say the least.
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