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  1. Surely we need a crazy eighties style goal keeper kit if he joins?
  2. If Iceland has reminded us about anything it''s more about team spirit and togetherness then big name expensive players. That''s what we need again, a team spirit like when we successive promotions.
  3. Just like when Bradders modelled last seasons?
  4. [quote user="TCCANARY"]Using the old kit for the publicity pictures.[/quote]Photo was taken ages ago when the first part of the partnership with Galway Roast was announced, hence the old shirts. 
  5. I think the club finds its self it the hardest place since we nearly went into administration. However, I am not sure we can read a whole lot into the comments if a player that most of the time couldn''t cut in our relegated U21 squad. I am sure to some extent we need more footballing men in the club, but Balls said month ago that they wanted the new CEO to be a person with plenty of football experience and knowledge. Until then we have an interim structure. Footballing wise this includes 2 agencies to help with the buying and selling of players. Something that also caused a melt down from fans yet was hinted at by Balls months ago! All that really matters is on the first game of the season will you still be shouting out with all your heart "on the ball city"? I will.
  6. Oh no, shock horror, clubs appoint agents to ensure that without a CEO transfers in and out are handled correctly! Man alive people get a grip.
  7. I think that the agreement with coral and a potentially 888 could work. It was very public it would be Avivas last year and yet so if Coral wanted to sponsor the shirt as well it would of been in the agreement. Similarly if it is 888 they wil be aware of the current deal with Coral and must be ok with it. I personally don''t think Archant would if run the story if they were not almost 100% sure.
  8. Not sure that is true. In fact I am sure that Mr Balls has said that business can go on as ''normal'' under the interim arrangements. Things will take as long as they take. The Transfer window is open yet. Expiring contracts will expire at the end of June. Just relax.
  9. They are the new sponsors of Notts Forest. Their new shirt looks ok, although sponsor logo is a bit big for me.
  10. The thing that screams hoax, is that the sky bet championship logo is fuzzy. Surely if it was real it would be a high def version
  11. woukd this of been a lot of work or just someone who can pu together an algorithm to do it for them? Hoax or not, was interesting to see the team we will be playing this season.
  12. [quote user="Ron Manager"]Think the club will be in for a bit of a ''roasting'' when the new sponsors are announced.[/quote] Is this a reference to one of our other current partnerships?
  13. Thought it was ok. I prefer the old presenters but wasn''t that different in my opinion.
  14. Which makes it unlikely to be our kit for the coming season.
  15. Both of those are rubbish. Let''s just hope they do a good one this year.
  16. The stats are from ''Who Scored'' who say this WhoScored.com Ratings are based on a unique, comprehensive statistical algorithm, calculated live during the game. There are over 200 raw statistics included in the calculation of a player''’s/team’''s rating, weighted according to their influence within the game. Every event of importance is taken into account, with a positive or negative effect on ratings weighted in relation to its area on the pitch and its outcome. Interestingly they also state that a player has to be below a score of 6 to be Poor, and score over a 7 to be good.
  17. I know a few Ipswich fans and they are not happy. They are starting to call for Micks head, and they want a new owner. Troubled times indeed.
  18. I''d be happy with Gayle, from what I have seen and read he would be an improvement on Grabban, as style of striker we no longer have in the squad.
  19. Bethnal, do you think he would be a good buy?
  20. I would imagine they get first refusal. Heard the other day that Spurs have one on Bale.
  21. If AN thinks Afobe is worth £14m I have no issue with it, but will always wonder why if we are willing to spend that much we just don''t go for Austin? My only thought is that AN is not sure he is the right character for us.
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