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  1. Conversely, we are in a much better position if things are going well and one of our managers is poached by a club higher up the pyramid... Certainly a bit of a calculated gamble - given it is breaking from the norm. But given our relative lack of resources compared to other Championship clubs we have had to think outside the box. 4 months ago we were all excited by the changes - Rome wasn''t built in a day...
  2. ----------------------McGovern--------------------- Pinto---------Godfrey------Bennett---------Dijks Ja.Murphy---Maddison---Pritchard---Wildschut ---------------Oliviera---Jo.Murphy----------------- 4-4 f''in 2
  3. --------------------Jones------------------ Pinto --- Bennett --- Godfrey --- Dijks ---------Maddison --- Howson---------- -Ja.Murphy --- Pritchard --- Wildschut- -----------------Jo.Murphy--------------- Subs - McGovern; Whittaker; Bassong; Tettey; Hoolahan; Cantwell; Jerome.
  4. Personally i''m not convinced that the others are much better options at present - and given the poor form I would far rather we give one of our own a chance. That said, i''m not naive enough to think that this is a realistic possibility tomorrow. AN is fighting for his job, and so is likely to play it safe. Going forward I think this is worth considering though - even if only off the bench.
  5. With Jerome apparently doubtful for tomorrow, we find ourselves short of a striker. Lafferty is the type of player I would like to have coming off the bench if we need a goal, and (in my opinion) Oliviera has looked poor. So, is it worth playing Josh Murphy as a striker? AN has oft spoken that his criticism of Josh is his lack of defensive tracking when played as a winger. I think AN also said similar about Redmond over the past couple of seasons. But if Josh were to play up front then this somewhat negates this point, no? I''ve seen him play as an out-and-out striker in pre-season and youth games and I''ve always thought he looked very good there. Certainly has the pace to worry defenders, and clearly has a genuine eye for goal - something we sorely need in the team. We missed this trick with Redmond, who is now being used almost exclusively as a striker for Southampton. Is it worth at least trying Josh Murphy in this way?
  6. Wes played some of his best stuff in a 4-4-2 under Lambert. But a 4-4-2 diamond, as opposed to the traditional flat 4-4-2.
  7. His only answer to this seems to be "work harder". But then, someone wiser than me once said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. Alex is clearly out of his depth. Thank you for the memories of Wembley, but for the sake of the club please step aside.
  8. ----------------------Ruddy---------------- Pinto ------ Godrey------Klose------Olsson -------------------Mulumbu--------------- Murphy---Thompson---Pritchard---Murphy ---------------------Morris-------------------- ////////////////////////////////////////////// Subs - Kilip, Martin, Turner, Tettey, Canos, Wes, Jerome Time to give youth a chance. Without outside investment it is our only chance of seriously establishing ourselves in the Premier League.
  9. Be interested to gauge the wider opinion on whether folks think he would be a good choice to replace AN? He''s said publically how he wants a club with a good academy, and his focus would be on bringing through youngsters. Is this not exactly what we want? For better or worse we have an owner that (comparatively) doesn''t have loads of money to invest. To ensure the sustainability of the club we surely therefore NEED to bring through young talent to compete - I don''t see how we can truly establish ourselves in the Premier Leage any other way. Imagine it would be great for the Murphy''s/Maddison/Morris etc. To have a manager like Giggs. I would think that having a name like Giggs would also help attract some of the best young talent to the club - people that have grown up watching him and want to learn from him. I see no other argument other than the lack of experience - but Guardiola didn''t have much experience before managing one of the biggest clubs in the world. I can''t think of a better choice for bringing through youth and establishing a "Norwich Way" of playing. Thoughts?
  10. --------------Ruddy-------------------- Pinto---Klose---Bassong---Olsson ------Thompson---Dorrans------- ----Murphy---Brady---Murphy---- ---------------Lafferty--------------
  11. Since when did it become acceptable to mock somebody for a disability (speech impediment)?
  12. Would love him here in any capacity. A pretty average reign as England manager aside (be honest, that is a poisoned chalice) his managerial record is very good. He has seen it all and has an absolute wealth of experience. Whether he would come to Norwich or not is a different matter however. He was earning a reporting £3.5m a year as England manager. I imagine we would only be able to pay him a third of that. He could walk into another job in China/Middle-East and earn a lot more.
  13. Thought Godfrey stood out as the star man last night. Will do him the world of good playing with someone with such a wealth of experience as Michael Turner. Kilip also looked pretty decent in goal. Made a number of smart saves. Adams & Grant both looked tidy in CM. As did Ramsey at LB. Can''t say any of the more senior players did anything to make me think they''re better than what we have in the first team at the moment. Nelson did score two, but one was a penalty and the other a tap in. Morris took his goal excellently, but didn''t really offer anything else and missed a couple of other good chances.
  14. Is he better than what we''ve got? Probably. Would I take him? Probably, yeah.
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