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  1. Monty13

    Team for Wolves

    Lewis change is forced other than that I think it will be the same team and arguably should be against a good Wolves side and away. Id be tempted to bring in Buendia for Rupp personally, it’s a gamble as the right hand side looks far more solid with him in but Buendia creates goals. I don’t think there’s a wrong answer as go behind and we are odds on to lose, but we need to score goals and Buendia creates the most opportunities.
  2. Monty13

    Sheffield United

    Not sure there are many 29 year olds Ron whos value is likely to go up. Naismith was a gamble that didn’t payoff, it wasn’t an investment. Wolfy on the other hand was both and we got it wrong. But in the PL you are gambling with higher stakes, but the returns are potentially that much higher too.
  3. Monty13

    Manu enquire on Pukki

    Bid would have to be insane amount for us to even consider, what small chance we have of survival depends on Pukki’s goals.
  4. I doubt he would want to come back after how we treated him. It’s not a nice feeling being told you aren’t required.
  5. Monty13

    Bid for a left back.

    Good bit of business if true. Exactly what the focus of the January window should be, getting the jump on transfers for the summer before the competition.
  6. Monty13

    Team for Newcastle

    Krul Aarons Zimmermann Hanley Byram Tettey Vrancic Buendía Duda Cantwell Pukki I know we beat Burnley but only Vrancic really proved he deserves another start in the prem for me from those not currently regulars. I suspect McClean gets the nod though.
  7. Monty13

    Are we a better team since promotion........?

    It’s very hard to argue that the team as a whole has improved. We have been unlucky with injuries and decisions, yes we have also played well at times and got nothing, however the results speak for themselves. There are however a few individuals that have really kicked on, shown their PL quality or even surprised with their performances. Id say Pukki, Buendia, Cantwell and Aarons have all kicked on, I’d also say Tettey has also surprised and is playing well at this level, Krul as well, although still guilty of the occasional poor decision. Of our additions Byram certainly looks comfortable at this level and I’d a good improvement for the squad. For me the jury’s out on the rest as to whether they’ve improved this year and made the step up.
  8. Monty13

    Championship club loans

    Ricardo’s, spot on. Also we aren’t buying him at the end of the year if we do stay up, suspect the only reason he’s not returned to his club is our lack of CB cover.
  9. Monty13


    VAR made the right decisions today. It still sucks **** and is ruining football. Edit: Also even though the decisions were right chalk another decision in the against column for us with Godfrey’s red.
  10. Monty13

    Norwich vs Bournemouth match thread

    Complaining that people have negative comments after a win is as bad as this board being relentless negative after a loss. We are here to discuss football right? If we had thumped them 5-0 I’d understand it. Happy with the three points, Duda looks class and great to have Pukki back. Shame to lose Godfrey but it was a bad challenge and deserved it. Objectively as good as we were in the first half we dropped off in the second though. We also failed to score the critical second goal and it lead to a nervy end, especially down to 10 men. We’ve given ourselves a chance, feeling cautiously optimistic we will at least challenge for that 17th place.
  11. Monty13

    Norwich vs Bournemouth match thread

    Is Vrancic injured? Dropped from the match day squad is harsh although a strong bench compared to recently. Hanley as well, I personally thought he’d done better than Zimmerman in recent games. Overall though very happy with that selection.
  12. Monty13

    Team for Bournemouth

    You’re eyes are biased, they see what they want to see a lot of the time. I’m not saying gut feeling and perception aren’t relevant but stats provide the evidence for those feelings, or not and change the perceptions.
  13. Monty13

    Team for Bournemouth

    Hernandez may be direct but he has been pretty ineffective this year. You may not believe in stats but they show that Cantwell is one of our best and one of the most likely to provide the result we need.
  14. Monty13

    Team for Bournemouth

    I’m really surprised that a number of people want to bench our second highest scorer and most creative player after Buendia. Yes Cantwell can frustrate at times but he scores goals, we are a team that desperately needs goals so benching him makes no sense to me. Plus he was one of the few players who I personally thought didn’t go missing against United.
  15. Monty13

    Team for Bournemouth

    Krul Aarons, Hanley, Zimmermann, Byram Tettey, Vrancic Cantwell, Duda, Buendia Pukki Im also of the view if Duda is hopefully ready throw him in.
  16. Monty13

    Lucas Biglia

    Would be an amazing signing to try and rescue this year, big upgrade on what we have. Other than in Pukki our central spine of the team is where we have been lacking this year. We've already brought in Duda to try and solve the No10 issue, an upgrade in the midfield pair like this and we are almost there IMO. Just a shame Klose isn’t closer to a comeback. If we can pull this off I see Leitner the logical sacrifice.
  17. Monty13

    Duda signed

    I’m equally happy with those young signings, it’s great to see the club building for the future and trying to grab the next Maddison, Godfrey or Aarons. But as you point out none are for this season. Che Adams is a striker, a proven one at that if not at PL level, they always command the highest fees. I do feel we should have been prepared to spend some “serious” money given the circumstances we now find ourselves with PL money and Parachutes. We didn’t need to go Villa crazy, nothing even close to it, 10-25 mil of sensible investment max. One or two players in the 5-10 mil bracket that could have made a difference. If you use Adams as an example he’s exactly the type we should have been after as if we are relegated he is proven in that league and tying him to a long contract wouldn’t be anywhere near as risky as our previous failures. Those signings either tear up the PL and double or more in value or at least remain quality second tier assets. We didn’t buy any players in the model for now and failed to really add anything to really upgrade the journeyman who are accompanying our young talent bar an injured striker and our one gem in Byram.
  18. Monty13

    Duda signed

    Thank you for your interesting and insightful response Parma. I still don’t think my views are antithetical to the model, I’m glad we have achieved a reputation as a club that trusts in youth and that we have showcased and increased the value of our biggest talent. I still feel however that if that is the model, surely the squad as a whole needs to be invested in to that basis? If you want young talent to come to you their first team opportunities can’t be limited and we also can’t put out a eleven of that nature. So we surely need to also buy experienced quality players for our youngsters to learn from and to provide guidance and leadership on the pitch as well. We surely also need a strong squad of players to replace them if it really isn’t working or they are injured. The signings made in the summer to me were fine, there just wasn’t enough of them (the fact they have largely failed is benefit of hindsight). Roberts I find baffling, why bring in young largely unproven talent on loan? How does that fit the model? The rest make sense as backups and/or potential squad improvements. However there was no player brought in that fits the model? Why not use the opportunity to bring in any number of young talent looking for their PL opportunity, especially with the reputation we had cultivated? Only one or two were expected, but none materialised. Finally on the squad strength and depth this was clearly a choice that backfired, a lack of fifth CB given the injury records of recent seasons was a gamble that didn’t pay off. As has proved only an injury prone Drmic as the only reasonable quality backup to Pukki. If we had brought in Rhodes (or another experienced backup), another CB and one or two exciting prospects that could have competed for starting births in midfield I think both our summer business would have been largely unquestioned and personally we likely would be better off. None of that seems incompatible with the model and it’s why I feel dissatisfaction personally. That’s the middle ground I propose and I actually think it’s more of a case of slightly to the right of what we tried than a big change.
  19. Monty13

    Duda signed

    Not sure your point, I agreed that in our current predicament spending big makes no sense.
  20. Monty13

    Why we will be relegated

    Agree with this, for me this was the most frustrating thing, we were outplaying teams but lacked the options to kill them off. We are really lacking the Rhodes like figure to throw on from last year. I truly believe now he would have been a good acquisition in the summer considering what we ended up with, but we penny pinched and lost the chance to pick up a decent 3rd choice, who wanted to be here, for already relatively cheap.
  21. Monty13

    Why we will be relegated

    This is the crux for me, far too many chances spurned. It’s between this and our lack of CB cover which will be the main reason we go down in my eyes. We have played some top quality football at times this season, particularly over the last month or so (barring Saturday) but we can’t score the goals to close out games. Even world class defences are under pressure trying to hold onto 1 goal leads for majority of games.
  22. Monty13

    Duda signed

    Parma what you’ve said makes absolute sense, especially in the case of Duda and our current predicament. However surely taking into account our business as a whole this summer we could have afforded more long term liability? No one wanted another RVW or Naismith, but surely there is a middle ground between shelling out for 50K a week players for 4 years and loans? We brought in both Byram and Drmic for next to nothing so if the fee is largely irrelevant as you say, we weren’t averse to signing players? Having given new long contracts out to nearly the whole of our talent we certainly weren’t averse to accruing long term liability’s either. I think all you’ve done for me is highlight that the nature of our business this window is largely going to be driven by the failure of the last.
  23. If we can’t beat that Bournemouth side at home it really is the end of any faint chance of avoiding the drop, they are woeful.
  24. Monty13

    Duda signed

    Fair enough. The unfortunate irony is we could probably afford him still.
  25. Monty13

    Duda signed

    No way Duda signs to be playing Championship football so the only way that happens is if we stay up.