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  1. Cracking video that, LDC. Thanks for the link. The other Maddison thread has a fair few comments doubting his ability. I can''t understand it - he''s a superb young player. It''s been a pleasure watching him!
  2. [quote user="Duncan Edwards"]I think we’ll get relegated. Hopefully, upon being right, the spectacular release of endorphins to those that have been predicting our impending doom will cause a clutch of cataclysmic coronaries. Outlived by the Smith regime....the shame....[/quote] What about those of us who think it''s going to be a long, hard season, but don''t want Delia out?
  3. I''m generally optimistic about Norwich, especially going into a new season... But if i''m honest, i think we''ll be in a relegation battle next season. I do hope i''m completely and utterly wrong of course, but can only see us being significantly weaker than last season with the loss of (at least) Maddison, Gunn, and Reed, and i don''t think Farke is tactically up to the job. I also expect the three sides promoted from League 1 to make it a bit tougher at the bottom end of the division than it was this year. Hopefully i revisit this thread and feel a complete idiot, come next May.
  4. I''m only a youngster... ish! But it always makes me laugh when i hear you older chaps going on about ''how hard you had it back in the 60s, 70s, and 80s'', and how you ''went about your day with no fuss''. I find it awfully hard to believe, considering you''re all still banging on about it decades later. Just an observation.
  5. Worst is Charlton away, the day we got relegated to League 1. I''d have said Colchester, but that game was so bad you just had to laugh by the end of it. Charlton was just simply painful. Best would probably be Portsmouth away, when we clinched promotion back to the Premier - though i was a nervous wreck for the last 20 minutes or so. Thank god for Zak Whitbread.
  6. Everything went tits up when we stopped signing people like this. Young, good record in the lower leagues (German or not - I fail to see the difference!) and cheap. He''s got to be worth a try. Crazy that, despite all evidence to the contrary, some people still seem adamant that we need to ''splash the cash'' in order to find a good player.
  7. I don''t think it''s too much of a stretch to say James ranks as the best player in this division. He''s certainly one of the best, and clearly he''ll head on to bigger clubs than Norwich at some point. And, although he''s not truly ''young'' for a footballer, he''s got years of development ahead of him. The question is, how far do you guys think Maddison can go, in his career? For me, he''s clearly amongst the best young talents i''ve seen in a Norwich shirt - right up there with the likes of Eadie, Bellamy, and Ashton. But i''ve only been going since 91, so would be interesting to hear how he rates along side City players from earlier times. Those three all looked, almost from their debuts, that they were too good for ''our level'' and would move on to better things. The first two obviously had huge injury setbacks and never met their full potential - both would have become England regulars, as far as i''m concerned, and played for top sides, with European football. Ashton looked the best English striker i''d seen since Shearer. Bellamy had a good career, but never seemed to meet his potential either - presumably because he was a bit of a, er.... questionable character, to put it charitably. Does Maddison achieve more than the three of them? My old man says he''s the best young talent he''s seen at Norwich, and he''s been going since the 60s. But he''s also prone to exaggerate! Anyone got any thoughts?
  8. [quote user="paul moy"][quote user="Rock The Boat"]Before the Bristol game I posted that our next even games were all against teams higher in the table. So if we can harvest a nice haul of points in those games we will be taking them away from the very teams we need to overtake. It''s a big ask, but today was the right result and we played well, we just have to keep the momentum going and see where it takes us.[/quote]Those teams above us will play to win hopefully, rather than lower level teams that play for a point, which hopefully will give us a better chance of beating them as they will be more open. We have had a problem when teams sit back and defend for 90 mins, such as Burton.[/quote] Absolutely. That''s been a big factor in why we''ve had so many good, and surprising, results away from home this season, and been so poor at home. I think we''re a long way off the playoffs in terms of the football we''ve seen this season. But strange things happen in this sport, and one good run can be enough.
  9. [quote user="Indy"]Totally agree, my mate still harps on about his good old days at Maine Road, when they had little money, fluctuating between premiership to the third division. He hates watching champions league football in a huge plush stadium, with world class players.[/quote] I actually do know a guy who thinks this way. And, each to their own, but i reckon he''s got a point. Everything about Man City has been changed by their money - from the crowd, the ground, the players, the media coverage, everything. They''ve even changed their badge. He meets ''lifelong'' Man City fans who have never heard of Shaun Goater, Kinkladze, Tony Book, or even Maine Road. He went, home and away, through one of the lowest periods in their history, yet everyone he discusses football with assumes he''s a ''plastic''. What''s left to make it feel like the same club he grew up supporting? Except for the colour of the shirt, he may as well have switched to supporting Man Utd.
  10. [quote user="lake district canary"][quote user=""]I also sit in the Snakepit. It''s definitely true - and pretty odd - that the anti-board stuff is louder and more wide-spread under the stand. I do get the feeling the crowd is on the edge of turning pretty badly, [/quote]Maybe, but the solution to that is on the pitch, not in the boardroom. Play well, win matches and be entertaining and any dissent will soon disappear. [/quote] It is indeed, LDC. And fingers crossed it happens. But i don''t feel very confident that it will. I think it''s fair to say that we''re not very good at the moment and i can''t see it changing any time soon. I hope i''m wrong, but we could well be seeing the start of another period of long-term, mid-table Championship football, as we did back in the 90s after our original Premier relegation. It wasn''t a whole lot of fun having every season over by mid-October, and crowds drifted down to the 10k mark at times. Thankfully, the club did good work to boost the attendances (was it Andrew Cullen, or someone like that? Really seemed to target getting youngsters into the ground - a tactic that has paid off for years), and Worthington came in and built a good squad and we had our up-turn. It''s all cyclical, i guess. A supporter takes the good with the bad.
  11. I also sit in the Snakepit. It''s definitely true - and pretty odd - that the anti-board stuff is louder and more wide-spread under the stand. I do get the feeling the crowd is on the edge of turning pretty badly, however. Personally, i hope it doesn''t happen, and won''t add to it. I''m pretty ambivalent when it comes to the board... But the ''Chase Out'' stuff wasn''t much fun and i hope we don''t see it again.
  12. It doesn''t need to ''count'' for anything. We''re all free to go, or not, and choose our own levels of support. I''m not trying to be controversial, just offering up a thought in response to your question to Dreams of Needergard.
  13. Rich T, could it not be argued that to be a ''supporter'', by definition, you have to ''support'' the club? Other than financial support - by buying a ticket - or vocal support - which you have to be at the games to participate in - i''m not sure what other support exists for us to offer our clubs. So i suppose it could be said that, yes. Not renewing makes a person less of a Norwich supporter. And i''m not accusing you, or meaning it in a derogatory way. Each to their own.
  14. I''ll renew. But this is the first season in the 24 i''ve had a season ticket - since the age of 8 - that it''s even crossed my mind not to. I don''t care about us not challenging for promotion; i don''t care about the division we''re in; i don''t care that we''re selling our best players; i don''t have a problem with Delia; and i don''t care about the price... But i''m sick of being bored senseless. The style of play is utterly miserable. I can think of a single half of football - second half, home to Wednesday - where we looked dangerous and played with tempo. I''ve already decided to stop the away games. Burton away - after an expensive xmas, watching a manager and a side who looked like they had absolutely no interest or intention of winning the game - put pay to that. But i''ll renew again. It''s just what i do.
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