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  1. I get the point being made, but can't help but feel that, considering that our defenders are terrible, I'm not sure putting more of them in the starting 11 is the answer.
  2. Obviously not. Though, I'm not sure he'd do a worse job.
  3. I think the major point of disagreement here - and why this post has run to so many pages - is your final statement in that first, quoted paragraph. There's an awful lot of fans who see things very differently and believe that selling an exciting young prospect solely because a manager with a worse record than Dean Smith doesn't rate him, is entirely the wrong decision. Personally, if you're giving me the choice of either Wagner or Mumba being at the club for the start of this season, I'm picking the latter. I'll take the exciting player who's just won Young Player of the Season in League One, over the manager who oversaw 1 win in 11 at the end of last year, without a home goal since February.
  4. I think this is one of the most inexplicable bits of transfer business I can ever remember us doing - in or out - in 37 years of supporting the club. If we signed a player who'd just won Young Player of the Season in League One, could play either side, at full back or on the wing, for 1 million, we'd all be delighted. And after the debacle of last season, he was one of the very few players I was looking forward to seeing in a City shirt next year. Genuinely baffled. And just as baffled by the people claiming it makes sense. But each to their own.
  5. 22: Rotherham 23: Cardiff 24: Wednesday
  6. Lots of people forgetting just how incredibly poor we were towards the end of last season! I hope I'm wrong, but can't share the confidence. 1: Boro 2: Leeds Playoff winner: Leicester Playoff losers: Ipswich, Saints, Sunderland Norwich to finish about 17th, Wagner gone by Xmas.
  7. Jamal Lewis. He'll be cheap - I'd imagine we could get him for a few million because he's no where near that Newcastle squad; we know there's a decent left back in there; and both our current ones are useless. Not the most pressing position, for sure, but seems a simple enough squad upgrade.
  8. Not the best, but a very good performance - Fraser Forster away at Charlton, promotion day. Made some brilliant saves. I remember Keith O'Neill ripping some team in red apart when I was a kid. Not old enough for memories of Martin O'Neill, however!
  9. Beheadings - Just 'one reason or another.' ... Good god, man. Get some perspective. That's got to be the most staggeringly moronic statement I've ever seen on here in over a decade of reading. And considering that this is the Pinkun forum, that's quite some going.
  10. 'Women hating'. Deary me. On a more serious note, I have my ticket and I'm looking forward to the game. But let's not pretend the women's game is any more a pure form of football than the men's game is, nor any more a level playing field. It's the same FA, same UEFA, same FIFA in charge. Money is king and 'sport' doesn't come into it. Oh, and that 'one decision from 9 years ago' is about as deplorable a decision as has been made in any sport, at any level, across any gender bracket, in modern times.
  11. Oh, no doubt you meant that there's more sporting integrity in women's football, and the game isn't dominated by money, like the men's game. Of course, you're absolutely right with that one too... ... Oh.
  12. Too right Dan. Women's football is a much more competitive game.... .... Oh.
  13. I think you may well be right. I imagine we'll see a very different setup at the club next season.
  14. Personally I think Smith will be a good manager in the Championship. He's got a decent record. As you say, there's going to be a lot of turnover, and some of it will be necessary for him to build the squad that he wants. But I'm happy to have him in charge for another go at that league. As for funding being the issue... Well yeah, to an extent, it's the reality of where we are as a club. But the money we spent in summer could have been put to better use, which would have given us a far better chance of staying up this year, whether it be under Farke or Smith. Lack of funding doesn't excuse us wasting the money we did have. Admittedly it's a while ago, but we stayed up on a smaller budget under Lambert, after all.
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