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  1. Not the best, but a very good performance - Fraser Forster away at Charlton, promotion day. Made some brilliant saves. I remember Keith O'Neill ripping some team in red apart when I was a kid. Not old enough for memories of Martin O'Neill, however!
  2. Beheadings - Just 'one reason or another.' ... Good god, man. Get some perspective. That's got to be the most staggeringly moronic statement I've ever seen on here in over a decade of reading. And considering that this is the Pinkun forum, that's quite some going.
  3. 'Women hating'. Deary me. On a more serious note, I have my ticket and I'm looking forward to the game. But let's not pretend the women's game is any more a pure form of football than the men's game is, nor any more a level playing field. It's the same FA, same UEFA, same FIFA in charge. Money is king and 'sport' doesn't come into it. Oh, and that 'one decision from 9 years ago' is about as deplorable a decision as has been made in any sport, at any level, across any gender bracket, in modern times.
  4. Oh, no doubt you meant that there's more sporting integrity in women's football, and the game isn't dominated by money, like the men's game. Of course, you're absolutely right with that one too... ... Oh.
  5. Too right Dan. Women's football is a much more competitive game.... .... Oh.
  6. I think you may well be right. I imagine we'll see a very different setup at the club next season.
  7. Personally I think Smith will be a good manager in the Championship. He's got a decent record. As you say, there's going to be a lot of turnover, and some of it will be necessary for him to build the squad that he wants. But I'm happy to have him in charge for another go at that league. As for funding being the issue... Well yeah, to an extent, it's the reality of where we are as a club. But the money we spent in summer could have been put to better use, which would have given us a far better chance of staying up this year, whether it be under Farke or Smith. Lack of funding doesn't excuse us wasting the money we did have. Admittedly it's a while ago, but we stayed up on a smaller budget under Lambert, after all.
  8. Said it before and I'll say it again - Farke got sacked for Webber's failings. Yes, he wasn't getting the best out of the squad, and sadly he had to go, but no one is keeping this squad in the Premier League. Not Guardiola, Ferguson, nor Klopp. And definitely not Dean Smith. There was one good signing, in Normann, and that was made too late. It's not even that we've merely bought sub-par players, we've bought players who don't even fit our system. Webber is at fault here.
  9. He found his level in the pre-season friendly against Gillingham, sadly.
  10. I went to school worth Danny Crow, who made 4 appearances in a City shirt. It was a bizarre experience seeing him get subbed on in a Premier League game against Boro, back in 2004. Obviously never worked out for him here but he had an interesting career in the lower leagues. Another guy from the same school, and year, became a professional coach at Sheffield United, but never made it as a professional himself.
  11. I imagine he'll pretty much have his pick of Championship clubs if he wants to stay in England. I hope he goes back to Germany, because I think he'll make any Championship side a decent outfit and we'll realistically be playing at that level ourselves next season too. Good luck to him, wherever he ends up. Unless it's Ipswich obviously, but he's far too good for that lot.
  12. He's clearly a talent, but hasn't shown anything in a Norwich shirt yet. He deserved to be dropped when he was. However, I would like to see him get another chance alongside Normann now that the latter is bedded in well and looks handy in midfield. He could well open a little bit of space for Billy to shine. Sometimes it just doesn't work out at a club, however.
  13. Well of course. 18/19 was at a different club. So I address his Derby performance (failed), and then his Chelsea performance (failed). Do keep up, chap. In the interests of fairness i will grant you that he had a period of barely avoiding complete failure in his first season at Chelsea. Wonderful. Shame about what came after. The point is, with that previous record at his last and only 2 clubs, I'm not confident about his ability to achieve success here. I'm glad we agree on that and wouldn't pick him if it was down to either of us.
  14. No, I was looking at his more recent, and thus more pertinent, season in charge. You can't just ignore the part where he got a Champions League winning side to 8th in the Premier League because you prefer the bit that went before. Simply put, he failed at Derby, and he failed at Chelsea. But great, there was a period in the middle there where he achieved the absolute minimum expected of a Chelsea manager. Brilliant stuff, give him the job. Easily pleased, as I said.
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