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  1. What a pathetic display by some of our so-called fans yesterday by spitting at them outside the ground before the game. I know that you are just glory-hunters hopping on the bangwagon and enjoying your first ever away game whilst a little tipsy on some p*ss-weak Fosters but if you clowns are able to read (I doubt it) then please be advised that idiots like you are not welcome.Fair enough we all hate them but for heavens sake dont act like a 5 yr old and spit at them!At one point I watched a group of 4 walking behind a town fan when one spat at him, the town fan turned and shouted at them and all 4 did nothing but try and look tough whilst doing nothing, Not only was spitting at him embarassing but the fact that he punked all 4 of you out was even more embarrasing.Youve all enjoyed your little day out, now get back to watching repeats of the Football Factory and let the real football fans enjoy our team.Ps. I dont want to supersize my meal either.
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