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  1. Ha Castle on the hill is Norwich not Framlingham That’ll get up Ed’s beak
  2. What happens when a club’s leading goal scorer , who’s wife has an underlying health condition, refuses to play? The clubs chances to win games reduces significantly. The integrity of the competition is then affected.
  3. 93683F09-2F97-4462-BC82-C764FE848F77.MP4
  4. 1p5wich have been doing this for years. I don’t know what effects it has had on infection rates.
  5. His job is to wind Paul Lambert up.
  6. Naismith = a holiday you had two or three years ago that was a waste of time
  7. Anyone catch this on Heart on this mornings show. https://www.globalplayer.com/catchup/heart/uk/b8G2Km7/ Go to 38.39 mins 2 things are certain, Jamie Theakston knows fxxx all about football and Amanda Holden didn’t do well at geography.
  8. That 10 yard free kick was a thing of beauty. Takes some skill to miss an 8 yard target by a yard when you’re 10 yards away. Ipswich cows needn’t worry when Town players are armed with banjos.
  9. Spontaneous funny chants for me. The best was the start of the 2005/06 season when we were supposed to play Coventry City away. They had moved from Highfield Road and were due to start playing at the Ricoh. As it hadn’t been finished in time the fixtures were reversed and we played them at Carrow Road. The Barclay started a chorus of “You’re supposed to be at home”. Hilarious.
  10. I didn’t dispute the outcome but it’s not useful having someone chime in at the actual point of contact with their view at a time when the referee is making his final decision. Not being a psychologist and not having studied the reactions in this type of situation I’m not qualified to say if it makes any difference. Best to remove all doubt.
  11. Just watched the game again on MOTD. Why is the referees var monitor placed in the away teams seating area? They are able to influence the referee. The guy in the picture clearly gives his opinion in the refs ear.
  12. They have Ipswich Town PLC, Ipswich Town Football Club Ltd, Ipswich Town Stadium Co Ltd and Ipswich Town Property Co Ltd. You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.
  13. I see our neighbours haven’t been paying their tab again
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