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  1. Hope it back fires for them and they go down as a result. Absolute disgraceful way to run a club.
  2. No chance he’ll be playing in the Championship next season. He’ll either be in the premier league with us or off to another club. Simples
  3. Burnley 1 - 3 Norwich. Pukki, Sargent, Tzolis.
  4. A confidence building 1-3 victory to us. Pukki, Sargent and Tzolis. Everyone’s written off us already, two fingers up at Lawrenson, Ohara and Co.
  5. I would say another DM enforcer is what we are lacking. Norman plus ANother which would then allow our creative players, Cantwell, Tzolis, Rashicha and co to do their business. We are losing the midfield battle every game. Until we can stamp our authority on games we will continue to struggle. Oh for Olly Skipp to return.
  6. Kabak and Omobamidele will be the long term CB pairing.
  7. Yes, not the greatest start to the season but really is it that bad. Bad enough to want Farke pushed out the door. Just remember what this man and his team have done for the club and where we are now compared to 4 years ago. I still have faith in the team, the project and more importantly Daniel Farke. We will come good and the results will follow. A small club down the road recently pushed a certain Mick McCarthy out of the door, look how that’s ended. I don’t want that happening to my club. Farke must be given time and deserves time to turn this around. Everybody needs to get behind him and the team. OTBC.
  8. We lack a Doucoure, Sissouko, Skipp type enforcer in midfield. Norman has made a difference but I believe if we had a Sissouko type alongside him then that would allow the likes of Gilmour, PLM, Tzolis, Rashica to play more to their strengths. Rupp and McLean are not the answer unfortunately. We are 2 signings away from being competitive, DM and Striker.
  9. I’d like to see Williams and Giannoulis link up together on the left hand side, with Giannoulis pushing further forward. On the left hand side of a midfield three. Think that could work well and be defensively sound as well.
  10. I would rather see Dimi on the left side of a 3 man midfield with Williams behind. PLM Norman Dimi
  11. Krul Aarons Kabak Hanley Gibson Williams PLM Norman Dimi Sargent Tzolis
  12. Not yet but Farke has some big decisions to make. 1, Drop Pukki and play Sargent up top. 2, Decide on a formation and stick to it. Today, especially second half was better. 3, Dimi and Tzolis must play.
  13. Awful couple of mins from McLean again lost us the game. Poor free kick in a really good position and then at fault for the second goal. Unfortunately not enough quality for the premier league. I’d like to see Williams and Dimi combine down the left side.
  14. Krul Aarons Hanley Kabak Williams Norman Gilmour Sargent PLM Tzolis Pukki
  15. COVID, lack of preseason and stupid international breaks have all played a part resulting in poor preparation = poor performance.
  16. Krul Aarons Omobamidele Kabak Williams Norman Rupp/McLean Sargent PLM Tzolis Pukki
  17. Apprehensive more than excited. Everton not in the best of form themselves. Think we need to stay compact and quieten the crowd early doors and just pray we can grind out a result. Tzolis on from the start after his little telling off from Farke earlier this week. I’m sure he’ll be fired up and will want to make amends after the penalty miss.
  18. For Everton Krul Aarons Omobamidele Kabak Williams Norman Rupp Sargent Lees Melou Cantwell Pukki. Kenny, Rashicha, Tzolis to come off the bench.
  19. Krul Aarons Omobamidele Kabak Dimi Norman Williams Sargent Cantwell Rashica Pukki
  20. The midfield is not working. 4-3-3 now 3-5-2 and still the same problems. Go back to the tried and tested formula that works for us, 4231. Norman and Williams the holding midfielders to give us a bit of fight in the middle of the park.
  21. We need to grind out a result from somewhere. We look so open, narrow and overrun in midfield all the time. I’d be tempted to go 4-5-1, overload the midfield and try and grind out a result, especially away from home.
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