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  1. Am I right regards injuries etc, been busy so not sure. I suppose Turner is available...... 😱
  2. Tonight''s defense v Huddersfield. Martin, Bennett, Bassong, Whittaker I have no inside knowledge! Ivo is out, Dijks still out?, Klose seriously out of favor. It could easily be a horror film tonight, not for the squeamish. NB, if I have any details wrong regarding injuries, suspensions etc, please let me know because this line up is looking grim.
  3. [quote user="Alex "][quote user="Number 9"]1) Neil mk2 2) Thinks he''s too important to apply for the job. Get rid.[/quote] Dear oh dear, if you read what Alan Irvine said regarding applying for the job, then you''d know why he''s not putting himself forward personally. Respect to the man.[/quote] I watched him say it more than once and I have read his interviews. Get rid
  4. 1) Neil mk2 2) Thinks he''s too important to apply for the job. Get rid.
  5. It''s got to be ten years ago I last had a car with carbs. Lovely old golf, nothing electric on it and twin choke carb made it good fun to drive. It would be worth a fortune now and the only carburetors I''ve got are on the garden equipment. Life moves on.
  6. [quote user="Lessingham Canary"]Has he got a twin brother? that could speed things up[/quote] Went over my head I''m afraid
  7. Ladies and gentlemen, sad days indeed, gone are the times spent with a burnt mouth because the very hot pie got shoved in before it dribbled down your arm as it crumbled and collapsed in your hand. With a beer in the other hand, it was always going to be a struggle but we manfully attempted the pie option. Gone are the days when you compare scampi portions across the city, telling yourself that quality beats quantity. Time moves on, by the start of the 2017-18 season all food outlets will solely provide BBQ fare in honor of the new Sporting Director. As part of his reimbursement package, Weber BBQ''s will be stationed around the ground to provide sausages, burgers and kebabs to the supporters. Hot chilli sauce will be available along with ketchup, BBQ sauce and the sweetcorn based relish. It''s going to be a good season.
  8. To be fair, it could easily have been a lot lot worse. We''ve seen far worse in recent times. It''s a good time to reflect on what our response would be if we are suddenly asked by police / authorities / stewards to vacate an area or follow unusual instructions which don''t seem convenient. Our natural response might not be cooperative. Mr Carrow is in the City Stand.
  9. To fawn over him just because he didn''t make a glaring error which results in a goal on this occasion is a bit over the top. We have some really good players at our club, Whitts as we know, is bang average at best and like some of the other defenders, should have been replaced a long time ago. I would suggest that''s realistic rather than overly critical.
  10. Behave yourselves, should we really have to try to make excuses for him? He made A good pass, well done, give him a gold star.
  11. You forgot about Irvine being Neil''s man. Dorrans will be brought back in.
  12. Butler said in his tweet that he was waiting for an answer from Celtic. Be interesting to see what they say, if anything.
  13. I haven''t had time to look at it yet, just letting you know what he tweeted, his tweets usually fairly sensible
  14. Coincidentally I was considering which new umbrella to purchase. If Schteve comes to us the club shop could revisit it''s offering of brollys and develop a complete range for any occasion. It''s an excellent idea in my opinion.
  15. Col, You don''t know what you''re doing
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