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  1. Wonder if Webber is a done deal and he is making recommendations while he works his notice ?
  2. Has moved up to third favourite
  3. I don''t think Delia would risk this , Malky has baggage as previously pointed out.
  4. Forest fans turned on him after less than a season.
  5. Neill was sacked on Friday, it is now only Tuesday , hardly dithering. I assume Yorkshire Canary is involved on the board as he knows that they are dithering and doing nothing.
  6. Why don''t we all give the new manager/DOF/Head Coach a chance whoever he is/ they are ? Just a thought .
  7. Grayson seems to be slowly moving up the odds table
  8. What some of you need to realise, the age of the chairman as the owner and dictator of a football club have gone. It is the CEO who controls and pulls the strings along with the owners, the days of Geoffrey Watling, Bob Lord , Manny Cussins etc. have gone. Ed is on the board but is a figurehead, just like the chairman of a modern business .
  9. Was just going to post that !
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