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  1. How many games did he play in that maelstrom?[quote user="ncfc4lyf"]He was good 3 seasons back, but looked weak for Wolves Poor signing.[/quote]
  2. Jesus **** wept!You lot are unbelievable.Judging him on playing at Wolves.  Who played well for Wolves last year? Would anyone perform well in such a dire situation?Hughton obviously knows him, yet its a "panic buy".No better than what we have - Spurs paid 8 million quid for a highly rated young defender with pace.Some of you need to really, really get real.  We are not going to sign Vidic, so players like this are our level.Good signing.
  3. "We look far more dangerous when he plays"Do we. That must be why Lambert left him rotting on the bench most of last season then.
  4. Isn''t this the same Wiz that has apparently departed in a huff never to return about 12 times?
  5. "We tend not to take risks"Not actually true but we did sign soo much dross that we were weeks from administration.So we actually came closer to the ultimate risk than most have.But don''t let that get in the way of the signing 5 million, 50k a week players fantasy people on here seem to have.
  6. More concerns built on the sand of one result.
  7. "but on second viewing the performance was no worse than Sunderland away or the first half at Fulham last season.""Norwich got beat - it happened plenty of times last season, the first win didn''t come for 5 games (and there was a 4-0 home defeat to MK Dons in the middle of that). Dread to think what this place would be like if we went on that kind of run again...""It seems worse on here now than the fall out after relegation - some people need to grow up and stop revealing in the misery of it all. "STOP IT!  Too much reasoning and facts for some on here.  What surprises me is to see some of the normally level-headed posters getting caught up in the panic and ignoring last season althogether.
  8. "Pilkington & Bennett seemed to do okay for us last season, afterall."Just about alright, but they were hardly key for their combined fees of probably 6 million quid?Rose tinted.Rhodes would be a HUGE gamble with a significant proportion of our tranfer kitty.
  9. Why? Is he a calamity? Is he worse than Steer or Rudd?  Can''t he shout?  What exactly are you basing your black and white opinion on?[quote user="NcfcSam"]Blackburn goalie, who we were linked with. I''m begging he doesn''t come here.[/quote]
  10. "Tierney has not had much match time has he?"It was right there, if you had chosen to open your eyes and read it.  Let me spell it out so its crystal clear to you.Tierney had a long term injury.No match fitness under his belt.It was 34 degree in the stadium on Saturday.If Garrido had been here a week earlier he would have started instead.Clear enough or does that count as pi$$y as well?[quote user="Indy"]And still they come with their pi$$y comments! we know Hughton has another left back, we were discussing Tierney''s performance, not the squad!   I really wish people would wind their heads in sometimes, what does every thread have to be bullie into inane responese ? [/quote]
  11. No, you are missing the point.  "The fruits of pre-season work" - what romantic nonsense is that? Preseason is about fitness and a bit of tinkering, that''s about it.  A lot of teams have fantastic pre-seasons and then bomb down the league.  So what on earth have these fruits got to do with Fulham away?Sod all.The players are fit, but we didn''t play well and couldn''t get into the game.  Has happened before and will happen again. I again also say there were a couple at least fluke goals in there, the goaline one could have gone the other way, Duff could easily have been given offside and the deflection is pure luck.The huge difference between Gunn and Hughton is of course, should people choose to see it, that Hughton managed a Champ club to a decent season last year.  Gunn as a nobody and the rumours of poor practises off the pitch were all over the place even before a ball was kicked.Totally incomparable regimes and situations.  Stop bloody panicking. [quote user="Huckerbys Boots - Matt"][quote user="kellybrook"]"This represents a complete catastrophe"Utter nonsense.  One game out of 38.  At least two, possibly three freak goals that another time would not have gone in and then chasing the game in the heat and we were going to struggle.People keep banging on about the defensive tactics.  We went 442 FOR THE WHOLE SECOND HALF FFS.last season Lambert went to Fulham, played even more defensive and also lost.Gain a memory and grow a pair.  It''s going to be a long season whoever we have as manager.[/quote] Christ another one missing the point. We''re not talking about a one off result here. We''re talking about the fruits of the pre season work, and how everything was geared up for the first game, and how it went so horribly wrong. Again, I want your opinion on how this differs to Gunn''s 7-1 loss.[/quote]
  12. Yawn.Southampton - promoted and on the crest of a wave.  Remember that feeling.  Attack attack attack, have a go, nothing to lose, all very exciting.If they stay up lets see if they are the same next season.Again, people have selective memories.
  13. See, the myth continues.  What are these talents?  Liverpool can''t see them, neither could the two clubs he was loaned to last season.I suspect you and others base your opinion on the rather quaint fact that Dani was likeable.[quote user="Rob"]It would still benefit the team to have someone of his talent in the ranks[/quote]
  14. Tierney has not had much match time has he?  If Garrido had come in a week earlier he would have started without a doubt.Same on the other flank, if Whittaker was fit he would have started and offered more than Martin.  Not dissing Martin overall, but in the prem he is a liability as a right back.
  15. Reading through his posts, this Wiz is just a whining attention seeker who sees doom and glom in everything. The past three years have been constantly upwards.  We will have rocky times in a second prem season with a new manager etc.  it is inevitable.  I can only put the mass hysteria on this forum in the past two days down to the heat.
  16. "This represents a complete catastrophe"Utter nonsense.  One game out of 38.  At least two, possibly three freak goals that another time would not have gone in and then chasing the game in the heat and we were going to struggle.People keep banging on about the defensive tactics.  We went 442 FOR THE WHOLE SECOND HALF FFS.last season Lambert went to Fulham, played even more defensive and also lost.Gain a memory and grow a pair.  It''s going to be a long season whoever we have as manager.
  17. Post of the week.  Some of the panty wetting this weekend has been pathetic, even usually reasoned posters such as CUSDP getting caught up in the blind panic. As for Pacheco - totally unproven, being past around like a hot potato and apart from one game he showed literally BUGGER ALL potential.  Hence why Liverpool want to get rid. [quote user="Beauseant"]The myth of Pacheco is almost as well developed as the myth of Lambert. Reading the utter, pant-wetting garbage on here this weekend you''d think that we''d never played badly under Lambert. I can only assume that I dreamt the games against  Liverpool (H) and Blackburn and Sunderland away where we surrendered without a peep, or Fulham away where we were taken apart despite going out with an even more defensive set up than the one for which Hughton is being castigated. It''s the same with Pacheco, a great goal against Coventry, good performance against a shocking Scunthorpe and some decent cameos, and now he''s the answer to our prayers in a higher division. He bombed in Spain last year and has failed to cut it at Liverpool, yet people on here, in the same breath as panning our supposed lack of ambition, want us to sign someone else''s reject. You couldn''t make it up. [/quote]
  18. Great post packed with common sense, reasoned argument and hard facts.It will of course be ignored by the "hoof it forward" knuckle draggers who seems to shout loudest on this board.
  19. You have just showed the world what a complete pillock you are.  Can''t be bothered countering your ignorant rant further.[quote user="Bor Bor Bor"]We''ve been lied to and deceived once again, isn''t it clear to see?  As Richard Thompson - one of my heroes - once sang, "There''s no gold at the end of the rainbow - there''s nothing to hope for any more".  Despite what Bowkett and McNally might have us believe, there is nary a pot to p*ss in when it comes to competing at the highest level.  If they are to be believed, our "biggest ever budget" should see us competing for the likes of quality players like Stephen Warnock, Alan Hutton, Matt Jarvis, Nicklas Bendtner, all players who would walk straight into our first team, and yet we find ourselves pinning our hopes on some Spanish left back "on loan" - we saw where loans got us with Roeder - and the possibility we might sign Curtis Davies who has had more clubs than Sevvy Ballesteros and goes down more than Jordan.   Meanwhile we release our number 1 goalkeeping choice so he can sit on the bench while some pipsqueak half his age gets to flap at crosses and fall over.    That''s the lot of a Norwich City fan - taken for granted, manipulated, spun, twisted, deceived and lied to.   Shame on the club, shame on the board and shame on Houghton for taking it up the back passage and accepting this is the world we are now living in.  No wonder Lambert left this shambles of a club.  A curse on them all, I say.   [/quote]
  20. If you watched any English Prem football over the past few years you will have seen Garrido and already know the answer to that.[quote user="Grow Up Mate"]Hopefully he is better than the last Spanish full-back we had.[/quote]
  21. " I see him as likely to be our 4th choice CB at best this coming season"This is why none of you are football managers.  Fourth choice???  He is one of three who could easily start every game.
  22. it''d be good in what way?  To watch an old footballer sit on our bench?  To watch him drift on and realise he was all about pace ten years ago?[quote user="Resident Canary Stig"]Pffft... it''d be good, but his wages. Nah, not a chance. Though I''m surprised he hasn''t found a new home already![/quote]
  23. We already have a load of young players, the ones you mentioned.  Enough "future" already, now we need some experience - Turner fits that bill to play alongside the younger centrebacks and Snodgrass is a quality midfielder.Sorry but you are a tit. [quote user="NCFCgardener"]What would excite me??... someone young, full of potential for the future, Bennett, Bennett, Howson, Pilks, Ayala, Butterfied for example. What doesnt excite me is a 28 year old who is injury prone and seen as surplus to requirements by one of the most experienced premier league managers.  Feels (To me) like we are just trying to get bodies in for the sake of it, not building for the future. [/quote]
  24. I would say you haven''t got a clue. [quote user="NCFCgardener"]Not excited by this at all, really worried about what looks like a change in transfer policy.  Butterfield, Snodgrass.. Fine but looks like they were identified long ago before Hughton came along. Whittaker and Turner... not so fine.  Are they any better than what we already have?? I dont think so, in fact I would say they are worse.  [/quote]
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