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  1. Let me start this off.

    My lazy eyed dog.
  2. What I''m saying is there is no reason to invest in a position that we aren''t going to or looking to improve on when we have a lot of positions we should be focusing on.

    Not hard to understand really.
  3. I would definitely love to see Naughton back. With Bertrand however, I don''t see him as a step up on Olson so IMO it wouldn''t be worth spending anything on him.
  4. Skerritt

    Steve Morrison.......we did well!

    [quote user="SooperHooper"]10 goals in prem under Lambert, remind me how many RVW Hooper & Elmander have again.[/quote]

    Remind me how Lamberts attacking style of football is working out for him.
  5. Skerritt


    Pardew did try and block him from getting to the ball before that and in my opinion got what he deserved in being pushed away. Pardew is a disgraceful excuse of a manager. He doesn''t understand any football etiquette and can''t help himself in situations where he can make a c*ck of himself.
  6. Skerritt

    Joseph Yobo, what a signing?

    Brilliant in every game he''s played in. Stopped Man City and Spurs from scoring against us and could be key for our survival.

  7. Although we want him back desperately, we cannot rush him back in. If he worsens his injury were in trouble.
  8. Skerritt

    Team for Spurs match


    Martin Yobo Bassong Olson

    Johnson Tettey

    Snodgrass Fer Pilkington


    Redmond and Hooper to come on 60th minute to attack the tired defence.
  9. It''s very clear what were in a bit of trouble at the moment but I can really see our form changing drastically when Howson comes back. Makes us play much better football and also brings a cracking shot.

    Personally before he got injured I thought he was our best player.

    Can''t wait for him to come back.
  10. Skerritt

    Norwich put Benteke out for 6 weeks.

    Bassong got his own back after Bentekes attempt to grab his throat last time. Well in Big Bass.
  11. Skerritt

    Why Redmond gets taken off

    Have you seen Redmond in the second half of every game hes been taken off in. He ups his work rate as he must have been told by Hughton he is going to be replaced with Pilks.
  12. Skerritt

    Why Redmond gets taken off

    People who criticise Hughton for taking Redmond off really don''t have a clue what they are talking about. There is obviously a plan in place with Redmond where in the second half he runs until he becomes too tired before being replaced with pilks. This enables Redmond to tire out the other team leaving Pilks to come on and make more of an impact. Next time think before criticising Hughton.
  13. Skerritt

    Bassong chant

    And you can tell everybody, this is Bassong, It''s really quick simple now, he''s quick big and strong, I hope you dont mind, I hope you dont mind, if I put down in wordsssssss, how wonderful life is when sebs in the worlllldddddd.

  14. Skerritt

    Stand By Your Manager!

    Well said Doc. People who slate off a manager who brought in players like Wolfy, Hooper, Bassong, Turner, Whittaker, Fer, Redmond and Olson have problems.
  15. Skerritt

    Spare ticket for spurs today!

    I thought I knew how but I''m not sure on my phone. How do I check my pm''s?