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  1. Hopefully this can tide you over until Sargent is announced. https://twitter.com/NorwichCityWFC/status/1424663661424123907?s=20
  2. Makes sense. I have no idea why Nixon is pushing the Norwich interest so hard despite the Sargent deal coming to a close. Strange one.
  3. Nothing in this at all from a rumour front but the game the other day made me VERY concerned about the lack of replacement for Skipp and I was trying think of someone who could do the same job. The name I've come up with is Brazilian-Portuguese Gustavo Assunção from Famalicão in Liga NOS. He's the son of former Athletico Madrid player Paulo Assunção. Gustavo is a hard working defensive midfielder that has a touch of flair about him and most likely has a high ceiling of talent, as is proven by the fact Man Utd were sniffing around last year. Here's a tactical analysis of him from his breakout 19/20 season In 2020, he signed a long term deal until 2025 so this will up his price range but Famalicão are not the most wealthy team and the possibility for a fair price remains. The main reports of interest I've seen for him this summer are from Bordeaux in France and Lazio in Italy and they are quoting figures in the €10m - €15m range which seems like our sweet spot. The only concern I'd have with a player like this is if he speaks English and the ability for squad integration. I think it was one issue of perhaps many with the Amadou signing that reportedly his English wasn't the best and as Farke needs his players to understand the tactics thoroughly, this poses an issue. Although interviews with the young chap Gustavo in his native Portuguese always make him come across as really positive and nice. Never stops smiling. A bit of that Onel style positivity.
  4. The PAOK squad are in Ireland at the moment for a Europa League Conference game against Bohemians. The PAOK fans are thinking that if Tziolis doesn't start it's because his move is a possibility.
  5. From the PAOK fans forum https://forum.paokmania.gr/viewtopic.php?t=8022&p=1919385#p1919385
  6. Who was the last Norwich City first team player that had an East-Anglian accent? Not in the first team and not the strongest accent but the closest I've heard for a while. for a few laughs give this a listen too
  7. Why is it any better for a single parent household to be created by divorce? I know you will try to make the claim that people should be entitled to escape partnerships that are abusive but this is a minority of circumstances that motivate the reasons for a divorce. Most divorces occur for reasons that would have otherwise not been issues in the past as rather than a bond for life in the original intention of the concept, marriage is now treated as some bureaucratic label that people do not feel any responsibility towards even if is there quite literally people depending on them to do so (i.e. Children) We should not incentivize single parent households in any circumstance where it is not necessary because in each instance we deteriorate the quality of life of all children involved and then create a generation of people mentally broken for reasons far less important than they are suggested to be. Why would we desire to make the emotional and mental standard of living worse for our next generation?
  8. No. That is a very ignorant deduction from what I just said to you and stupidly cold on a human level to even suggest that a person growing up without the natural nurture of two parents in a home gets the exact same benefits if you just throw enough money at them. You completely ignore the mental aspects are quite obviously linked to single parent households, that obviously don't solely happen just because you don't have enough money. if that were so ALL poor households would replicate the same results to the same extent which they do not. As @Dean Coneys boots stated in his post there is a huge factor of people from single parent homes turning to crime, suicide or homelessness. The question you should ask is why beyond the inhuman way you have already done. Clearly a person with a good family structure with two role models, each guiding them with unique abilities each parent can provide will have a healthier home life mentally as they feel actually loved and not abandoned (which is the primary emotion single children feel in regards to their departed parent) It boggles the mind how you claim there are too many perks of having a "nuclear family" when in actuality it has never been harder for a young couple to settle down and have children and at the same time you advocate more money to be given to people in single parent households as a substitute for both parents in the home --- which is clearly an incentive to create more single parent households as has been the case in the USA where more and more people forego actually partnering up with the person who fathered/mothered their child to receive benefits from the government and the children of the situation to become mentally broken more and more with each generation and led down a path of crime (in many circumstances) and failure due the human circumstances beyond just money people like you can so readily overlook. It is particularly a problem in the African-American community where single parent households are at ridiculously high rates of 70% or higher African-American children born to single parent households. This clearly has an effect as there is a direct causation in these same disadvantaged children, who have their fathers substituted by government handouts, and those who turn to crime. Too much strain is put on one person in raising a child, which no amount of money will fix. People are not machines.
  9. This is by far the most ridiculous thing you've suggested in this thread so far and you've made a lot of wild claims already. There are countless real world examples most people can attest to that show children of single parent households don't have the same advantages, opportunities, benefits, healthcare, etc because as opposed to having two fully grown adults taking care of them, offering the opportunities to nurture the child in their most crucial stages of development, they just have one parent, who will of course need to work to provide food and shelter. Which, as has already been stated, is becoming increasingly difficult in the modern world where those "nuclear" families you like to complain about so much can barely scrape by with raising just one child as housing and standard of living costs go up - meaning most western nations are currently at a below replacement level birth rate (below 2 child per family). This will eventually lead to an economic collapse as there are less workers to fulfill jobs that fund the pensions of the elderly and maintain society which is why there is a push for immigration to fill this gap that will occur. There are countless studies that have found the negative effects of single parent households which give off the impression it is highly more beneficial to a child to have a 2 parent ("nuclear family") raise them as opposed to a single parent. Increased health risks of children with single mothers: the impact of socio-economic and environmental factors "Children with single mothers showed an increased risk regarding parent-reported..." poor health status psychological problems overweight asthma "Adjusting for socio-economic factors attenuated the strength of the association of family type with child health. Although environmental factors were associated with most health outcomes investigated and children of single mothers were more often exposed, these environmental factors did not alter the differences between children with single mothers and couple families." "Conclusions: The increased health risks of children from single-mother families vs. Couple families are partly explained by socio-economic factors, but not by the environmental exposures studied." Children of single parent households have higher cases of mental health problems Children of single parent households struggle more academically
  10. There's a guy who I only discovered through FM that was in Norwich City's academy before moving to Chelsea and then Bayern Munich. Always turns into a superstar. Bright Arrey-Mbi
  11. Why is a fanbase being majority white in a majority white city considered a negative? Are you suggesting the amount of white people in the fanbase makes BAME people feel unwelcome? Norwich City demographics (2011) Norfolk demographics (2011)
  12. I was scouring around transfermarkt to find someone with enough creativity to match half of what Buendia did and the guy I liked the look of is Jesper Lindström. 9 Goals and 9 Assists at Brondby and voted young player of the year in the Danish league .
  13. I can't even imagine how you can replace Buendia. Webber has made his job an awful lot harder with this decision.
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