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  1. Norf**ker works too in that vain 😆
  2. Wisbech is just on the border in Cambridgeshire but it's close enough that I've included it in the Norfolk league similar to how the Welsh league has a team like TNS in their league. There's some others I've included like Leiston, Lowestoft, etc which are technically in Suffolk too but they seem like they could be included.
  3. I did have it as North Anglian initially but it didn't feel very Norfolk specific to me. There's obviously a strong Viking influence in the name Norfolk which is quite interesting.
  4. Something I'm still unsure on is the correct demonym for people from Norfolk so I just settled for Norfolkite
  5. For any FM fans I've created Norfolk in Football Manager with a standalone league system. If you'd like to try it out, it's available here.
  6. I was excited about the Cannon rumours to be quite honest so this guy seems a bit underwhelming by comparison although a loan for a seasoned International striker with something to prove doesn't seem like a bad gamble.
  7. There isn't an ongoing sexual case against him. There was an anonymous allegation against him which he and his representatives have denied to be true outright. It's astonishing how quickly a narrative will form based on next to no information when the slightest bit of investigation will tell you if it's off base or not. I thought libel was meant to be a serious thing in the UK?
  8. You are accusing him based on the allegations alone when even in the description they say it's unknown whether that is true or not.
  9. An anonymous account claims videos on his phone may or may not have been taken with consent. Pretty easy to be dubious about these allegations.
  10. From this description calling this sexual assault seems like an unnecessary tarring of his character.
  11. This story reminds me that once upon a time Norwich tried to sign a Belgian named Ilombe Mboyo who was convicted of gang raping 14 year old. Seems like abuse scandals happen a lot more than fans realise and they're swept under the rug, as was highlighted by French journalist Romain Molina Arsenal, West Ham and Chelsea were trying to sign Elye Wahi only this summer who was kicked out of a youth academy for physically intimidating school friends to masturbate in front of him. Less excuses should be made who players who commit crimes of this nature.
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