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  1. I saw the Highlights of this guy and he looks pretty incredible. Really tall and strong with a lot of technique and a deadly eye for goal. Made a perfect start to the season too with like 4 goals in 4 too I think. I didn't suggest him because he seems like he might be too good for us to be honest.
  2. Had a decent shot on target yesterday. Maybe if he hits it a bit harder during the season they'll start to go in.
  3. It's right. It's really incredible and this Article even makes comparisons to Eden Hazard of all people. Bodø/Glimt have been absolutely steamrolling their league.
  4. With the prospect of these players leaving the club it will leave a massive gap in the team for someone with creativity to create goals for others. I feel as though even if we lost both of them we could settle with just one replacement, primarily if it's Buendia who leaves. Although they might not leave and it's all hypothetical it's fun to throw out exotic names who could possibly replace these two great players. So go ahead and show off your amateur scouting skills. My pick is - Philip Zinckernagel He plays for FK Bodø/Glimt in the Norwegian league and has had a pretty stellar 2020 Season with an interesting Player Report. 18 League Appearances - 13 Goals - 17 Assists. 3 Goals in 3 in the Europa League Had an appearance against Milan the other day. Also his YouTube Highlight Reel is kind of amazing. He even does that little side step thing where he changes the foot the ball is on like Emi does sometimes.
  5. To be honest I'd prefer someone like Rob Dickie who would probably have an easier time adapting to the league and having a somewhat senior British member of the squad acting as a leader is what the young players need.
  6. I reckon it's more likely Mario has an inkling of something in him that Farke doesn't like.
  7. He plays like Shaqiri. Would be good to have someone who actually likes to shoot from closer than 5 yards in the team besides Marco but yeah this would be a massive step up in levels from this guy so it seems like an odd move.
  8. What is causing the divide between Leitner and the team though? Has he stated he wants to leave? As I said it was noticeable that the German players were visibly upset with him for no apparent reason. Hernandez, Trybull and Stieperman all being very cold. My immediate thought is that he must have criticized the club in some way in German expecting the others to be on board with him and not care but they clearly don't like whatever he's done because visual signs of anger towards him were obviously there.
  9. The german lads all seemed to be a little pissed off with Leitner. Quite a few occasions where it appeared they were purposely not passing to him and one moment where he fell on the ground and Stieperman walked past him so he reached his arm out to get help but Stiepi just kept walking. I haven't been paying attention to the gossip lately so can someone tell me what's up with Leitner?
  10. Why are people on this forum so sensitive about everything. If the man prefers his football with male commentators it's not a problem with him as a person.
  11. How annoyed people get about this stuff is really stupid.
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