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  1. Mario is just so classy.
  2. Why are people on this forum so sensitive about everything. If the man prefers his football with male commentators it's not a problem with him as a person.
  3. Renskay

    Lazio Nazis vs Celtic

    You seem like a cuck.
  4. Renskay

    Lazio Nazis vs Celtic

    How annoyed people get about this stuff is really stupid.
  5. Renskay

    Season hinges on Amadou?

    Should we give Rocky a chance?
  6. Are you a contributor for FIFA ? that's pretty cool. I hope they do give updates but last year they screwed up the updates for leagues by limiting it to only 23 per league.The Hernandez card should be fun to use. They gave him 4* skills ! I can imagine Godfrey turning to an OP centre back card like Militao by the end of the game. All in all I would have hoped for more golds and Pukki to be higher but I'm just excited seeing all the cards.
  7. Sarcasm from the boomers I see.
  8. We've been shafted on a lot these ratings. Hurts to see.
  9. I miss Vrancic in the midfield.
  10. Renskay

    The day the spectacles fell off

    He's not wrong.
  11. Renskay


    I know what you meant and I imagine is an issue for the moment. But as I said he'll learn the necessary parts soon enough and will join the squad. So calm down Mr Pickle.
  12. Renskay


    How is it awful planning ? They got a good player, they're just waiting for him to understand what he's being told to do and have the ability tk communicate with his backline (an area where communication is hugely important) before he gets put into the squad. It really doesn't seem that odd to me. He will learn the essentials quickly enough.
  13. On CURRENT evidence he's not good enough. It's worrying every time he gets the ball at the moment. I saw people saying that Hanley wasn't capable of playing Farke's style last season because of his lack of technical ability and I kind of didn't buy it fully and thought he would do well if he was given the chance. He's gotten his chance now and he can't play this style of football because he ISN'T good enough. Given it's a higher level but the rest of the team are all doing it too. It's not even that he makes the mistakes because all the players do at some period but it's just how he will act when he does them and his reaction to playing badly. Head in hands and falling to the ground over dramatically and moping. He doesn't seem like a winner. The rest of that defensive line all do. They are all so confident and determined to play well and he just sticks out so much compared to them. Drop him and don't look back. You literally can't afford to make the mistakes he has made in literally every game now.
  14. I think Hanley just isn't a good leader. He's the captain but after every mistake he's got his head in his hands like it's the end of the world, which differs from what Zimbo would do who as a natural leader, just gets fired up and helps the defence find its feet again after a mistake.