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  1. Mr Ferry you have a unhealthy fixation with Arsenal buddy, are you a secret Gooner, surely not.
  2. To answer your off topic question Mr Ferry i believe Wenger should stay, there you a happy chappy now. Back on topic how about responding with your views on Adams and why my are so wrong.
  3. [quote user="Joanna Grey"]And you felt the need to start a new thread why exactly? None of those below worthy of your thoughts?[/quote] so sorry had no idea this was your forum. how silly of me. please accept my humble apologies.
  4. I said at start of season i would give it till Xmas to judge Adams, ok little bit early but is it me or is he looking like another cheap failure. Ok up front i wanted and was hoping for Neil Lennon but was happy to see how things went but even the most ardent fan must have their doubts now.This is a guy who was running a kids team and was promoted to a championship manager, much like a class assistant at a school getting the headmasters job, a massive jump. Imo with the squad with have we should at least be holding a top six slot with ease but are throwing points away to at best mediocre teams, we have lost direction and Adams seems to have no answer.Even that lot down the road are doing better than us and how many of their players would you swap for ours?. so my Xmas assessment is NOT GOOD ENOUGH and if things dont improve over the busy xmas period maybe a change is needed before its far too late and the window has been and gone. lets hope i am completely wrong and we go on a great run, but atm dont look like it will happen.
  5. very cheap if his goals takes us back to the prem and his goal record is very good, got no confidence in the other two we have required, hope i am wrong.
  6. [quote user="Wizard of Waveney "]It depends on who we replace him with.[/quote] Probably someone from Wroxham for a tenner, bin the rest.
  7. WOW Must be red hot favourites for promotion now i am as excited as a turkey at Xmas.
  8. [quote user="unique"]The optimism comes from starting a fresh new season without Hughton, Calderwood and Trollope at the helm. We''re Norwich to fail under Adams, then there is a 100% chance that it will be a damn sight more entertaining......[/quote] so thats the optimism ten, we will lose in style, think i would rather win playing crxp myself. but there you go i have this old fashion view, you go out to win a game of football.
  9. i think McClaren gets a unfair deal, did great job at middlesboro, won title abroad, did great with Derby, playing nice football, come on QPR were meant to be after that game. Failed as England manager but so has everyone since 66, just more galant failures than others, so yea i would take him in front of Adams for sure.
  10. btw i must be the only Arsenal fan with a NCFC Tattoo on me forearm. some people really do talk bxllxcks.
  11. [quote user="I wish you were a Mouse"]They can''t all be binners or Arsenal fans, can they? Nope. But you are. Organise your little protest, make sure you wear your Arsenal shirt. I''ll be interested to see how much interest you can drum up, will you need St Andrew''s Hall or a telephone box?[/quote] you really do talk out your back passage mate mind you its the right place because you really are full of shxte.
  12. [quote user="I.S."]Ricky, I think you''re right. These days pressure is applied via social media/message boards, usually by people under an alias, so it is much easier for the club to deal with. My personal take is that Adams needs the close season and first few games before I will form an opinion either way. That said, I would have respect for people who showed their displeasure by actual protesting.[/quote] thats admirable buddy, respect that, its the pompous, twxts on here who think they are better than everyone else and have sole right to be a City fan because they are happy with their lot, when things are showing, many City fans are upset at Adams being given the job, they cant all be binners or Arsenal fans, can they.
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