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  1. He won''t be sacked this week and I don''t think there''s a need for him to be. Sure, he''s not doing the greatest of jobs, but I think sacking him and bringing in (...who?...) is more likely to lead to relegation than keeping him. We''re not in the bottom three now, despite having had a tough run of games in the last 7-8. I am confident we have enough to stay up, and perhaps during the summer we should look for a replacement i.e. at a time that is less likely to cause disruption.
  2. I don''t know but I''d imagine we have leased that corner of the ground to the hotel company on a long lease rather than sold the land to them. I''d forget the possibility of anything happening to that corner for quite a while.
  3. Agree with the OP re R Bennett - I knew he was a player that needed to improve when he arrived, but there have not been any signs of improvement, or any signs that playing alongside better centre halves (Bassong, Turner) has had any positive effect on his development. Re Howson, I think he has only been played this season in a midfield system that fails. Tettey and Johnson have the benefit of Hoolahan playing in front of them every week. I guarantee you those two would be having similar seasons to Howson if Wes had not constantly been making himself available to them both as a forward option. Our flat-4 midfield (i.e. a 4-4-2 without anyone in the ''hole'' behind Holt) this season has been woeful - we look like we have no idea how to get the ball from midfield to our strikers. When Wes plays we link the two more often, but perhaps not often or well enough to be able to dominate a game. I think we''d have had a different result yesterday if our starting line-up had been a diamond midfield, instead of a flat 4. The ball would have moved forward more easily and our class on the ball would have shown.
  4. Our man Hughton knew we would draw Posh in the cup. A bit of early preparation.
  5. I don''t remember anyone saying we were lucky. I remember the pundits, particularly after the Man Utd game, singing our praises. In fact, the only mention of us being ''lucky'' in those games, is people on here assuming the outside world would deem us ''lucky'' to have won, much like the opening post.
  6. Loza looks a good prospect too - very solidly built and showed some great touches under pressure v Arsenal
  7. They were constant menaces down the flanks v Arsenal, neither of the full backs were able to do much to stop them. At the moment, they play a lot like Valencia at Man Utd - very direct and pacey, and will tend to knock the ball a yard past his marker before firing in a dangerous cross
  8. I think we have acquired exactly the player he was at Leeds - no better, no worse. If people were expecting more of him, then they didn''t watch him particularly closely before he joined.
  9. We aren''t playing to our attacking strengths, which last year proved to be getting crosses into the box. Our strikers would either attack the cross or mop up any sloppy clearances. Now we have both Snodgrass and (in the last couple of games anyway) Surman running the ball into the box from wider areas before trying to do something with it. Clearly not causing enough problems with this approach.
  10. Just read a story on the sky sports news app (hence no link from me) that El Ahamadi was approached by Lambert while at Norwich, and he wasn''t very excited or keen. Lambert then moved to Villa and he couldn''t wait to sign up. He''s being honest but he could be a bit more diplomatic
  11. I felt bad after the Fulham game. I now feel better after the last two games. That''s all that matters to me.
  12. Agent_ITK: #Norwich hoping to sign Michael Owen for the coming season. #Football #NCFC #Canaries ermmm
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