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  1. we''ve had a good bit of local press coverage the last few days making the EDP and yesterday interviewed for BBC Radio Norfolk which is great. Thanks again to all those who have donated and to Archant and the BBC for the exposure. Rich
  2. I have to agree. He''s not been the same since his injury lay off. its only fair to Rudd to be given a chance when Ruddy is clearly struggling for whatever reason. I''ve said it before, is Man City can drop Hart then we can drop Ruddy. hat came back stronger and am sure Ruddy will too. Its a squad game and you should pick the players in form for all positions. Love Ruddy but I''m losing confidence in him game by game and am sure the defence are too.
  3. Thanks to everyone who has donated to our cause, cant thank people enough We have contacted the club, who said all they could do was send us a signed shirt. Though that was six weeks or so ago and we are still waiting. Thanks again all Rich
  4. Just emailed you Pete Thanks for making the thread sticky :) Rich
  5. thanks for sorting the links mate Yes please do we are trying to reach out to as many as possible thanks again :) Rich
  6. Hi all, Hope this is allowed. I''ve been a member on here for a long time under one name or another and wanted to ask for a little help from fellow City fans. My son, Iwan (named after Iwan Roberts) was diagnosed with Leukaemia in 2009 aged 10 and for the last six years he''s had a really rough time trying to beat this disease. Unfortunately we have now run out of options available to us in the UK with the NHS. The only option open to us at the moment is to take Iwan to america to take part in a new treatment that offers real hope of a full cure for him. We need to raise around £200,000 in order to do this. We are trying to reach out to as many people as possible to help get our little fighter the money we need to give him a chance. We have been fundraising now for around 10 weeks and have raised over £35k but we are still a long way off our total, if anyone can help us please do so on the links below (hopefully they work) Best regards Richard (Iwan''s dad) http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/fundraiser-web/fundraiser/displaySomeoneSpecialPage.action?pageUrl=iwanclarke##pageDonorsRef https://www.facebook.com/fundraisingforiwan/?fref=ts
  7. think we can all see the way this one might go lol
  8. [quote user="Branston Pickle"]A disgrace? Could you be any more melodramatic?! Maybe it''s time to give a little benefit of the doubt to those running the club, and assume that they know what they are doing.[/quote]   YES A DISGRACE ! the key word there was "IF"  
  9. If this has gone through with Grabs looking likely to leave its a disgrace.   Bet RVW is wetting himself, he''s suddently gone from 4th choice to second in the space of two days.  Hope we have a recall option on Morris  
  10. there was a definate lot love for the guy from the terraces last night which was great, and he showed his gratitude and respect to the fans at the end which was even better.   I am gutted as I missed his strike, taking my son to the toilet :(  
  11. Toffolo was excellent on debut I thought and should as said have scored.  He was a threat all night linking up well.  We got a proper player on our hands with young Harry I think !   Thought Bennett was poor to be honest and Bassong didnt have his best game.  they opened us up down the middle of defence a number of times which was worrying.    While I always felt we had several more gears to go if needed it was uncomfortable just how many changes we gave Rotherham to score and to be honest they probably deserved to go to extra time.
  12. [quote user="Rich T The Biscuit"]At the doctors removing the flea from his ear?[/quote]   Size 10 from up his arse more likely ! If it helps the club, once a new striker deal is done I will gladly drive Grabs to Bournemouth myself......
  13. this would be suicide if we let it go through before the Grabs situation is resolved and we get another striker in. I agree he can be a little lazy, but HE IS the best and most natural finisher at the club just doenst fit the way AN wants to play. Grabs needs five chances often before he hits the target never mind scores.  I''m really suprised Bournemouth are so keen to get him back, they got the better out of the Grabs/Wilson transfer triangle imho. I''ve said in previous threads, if we cant get the players in AN wants then we must come up with a system to get the best out of what we have, including Hooper.   If only we could somehow morph Jerome and Hooper together we would have one hell of frontman on our hands.  
  14. was excellent down the right with Wisdom I thought. Only previously seen him once at Sheff Weds last season when he got injured, and was poor I thought on the day. He looks a big unit but athletic with it.
  15. I would have taken the Ruddy money from Chelsea and given him his chance to be honest. Was excellent last night, yes made a mistake and his kicking at times was little poor but shot stopping and commanding his area - top notch  
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