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  1. QPR''s bid for Danny Graham has been rejected by Watford, according to BBC Sports website. http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/13468214.stm I still maintain he''ll end up going to Newcastle.
  2. No way Jose!!! Firstly, not a chance in hell that Spurs will let an England International forward who''s proven to be prolific in the prem go for such a small amount. You''ll be lucky to find him going for anything less than a double figure sum. Some people need a reality check, (not an attack on the OP by the way, as I know this is just what you''ve heard.) Secondly, I wouldn''t want the gobby little t**t anywhere near our club. Yeah he can play, but is arrogant and has all the wrong attitude and would not fit in. He''s a nasty piece of work . . . and I know this from experience in speaking/dealing with him on occasions in the recent past. Never going to happen, and no thanks anyway.
  3. Danny Graham will go to Newcastle as a replacement for Carroll. You heard it here first.
  4. What would people think to this then . . . I heard a rumour (3rd hand info so I''m not saying it''s true and should be believed by any stretch of the imagination, just passing on what I''ve heard) that they have several different options available to them with regards to how to and where to expand the stadium in order to achieve maximum revenue/best atmosphere etc. Each proposal features rebuilding or expansion of one or more stand. Now the real interesting one is this . . . Apparently, one of these proposals includes potentially knocking down the Barclay stand, and building a larger, brand new, single-tiered stand similar to the Liverpool KOP stand. This would include buying out the hotel, getting rid of it and extending the new Barclay round to fill the empty corner. Along with this, the City stand would subsequently be given a new tier, as opposed to knocking it down, and this would supposedly boost capacity to around the 36,500 mark. This is obviously a big undertaking though, and if it was indeed true, I don''t think it would happen unless the club became well established in the prem, i.e. at least 3 seasons in the top flight to also help get rid of the debt and strengthen the club finances, further increase demand for tickets etc. What are people''s views on re-building a KOP-style Barclay stand? Would it further help improve atmosphere as well as capacity, as we all know demand for tickets in that stand are through the roof. Would people want it changed??
  5. Actually, the transfer window does not open until 1st July . . . so that theory goes out of the window, unless we''re talking about two free transfers in which case the transfer window matters not. I''d be more than happy to wait until 1st July if it meant that Dani Pacheco and Henri Lansbury were unveiled whilst modelling the new kit! How awesome would that be?! :-) I''m lead to believe that the kit will be launched within the next 10 days. Sit tight and fingers crossed it''ll look as good as our current kit.
  6. Norwich will always be on FIFA games as they have the FIFA licence and all english football league teams are in the game. Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 should feature NCFC in the next instalment too now we''re in the Prem, and with the stadium builder section in the game, you could create Carrow Road for them to play in! ;-)
  7. Haha . . . what was the tune to which the song was sung???
  8. Don''t forget that people were questioning the likes of Russell Martin, David Fox etc etc when they first came, so I''m sure Lambert knows what he''s doing and can get the best out of him, if this rumour is indeed true. However, I''d much rather see us take Halford from Pompey . . . Good be a great signing for us in the Prem so long as he keeps his temperament and discipline in check.
  9. Ruddy, along with just about every other City player last night, was colossal for us! Despite having long periods where he had very little to do, he showed his class by keeping his concentration levels up . . . Whenever he was called upon, he was there, be it rushing off his line to beat an onrushing Nugent/Kanu to the ball or coming out and taking set pieces with ease. He really commanded his area last night, something that even the "legend" Rob Green never seemed to be able to do. There is no doubt in my mind that Ruddy has what it takes to play in the Prem. Yes Forster was great last season, but no way would I replace Ruddy with the way he''s come on this season, end of!
  10. "I mean, She c''n dew wot she c''n dew, but she can''t dew evryth''n, roight?" Lol . . . Classic!!
  11. BC, I''m not trying to kill it mate, I just don''t see how we''re going to get much of a useful debate out of such a topic. But that''s just my opinion . . . that''s not stopping others from posting on here. I just find it hard to fathom that any true supporter would even consider opting for play-offs over automatic promotion. As above, it would also give the club less preparation time over the close-season.
  12. This seems a completely pointless thread. . . . Why would anyone rather a play-off place as opposed to automatic promotion??!! Madness. Get on the microphone at FCR at half time vs Derby and ask everyone in the ground the same question . . . what unanimous answer do you think you''re going to get?? Yes play-offs are exciting and dramatic, but why go choose to go through all that when you can save yourself the aggro and achieve the same final outcome by finishing 2nd. ''Nuff said.
  13. YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSS 4-1 AGAIN, who could''ve predicted that???!!!!!
  14. More importantly . . . If we don''t concede, this score undoes the dent that our goal difference took at Swansea. Great stuff, COME ON YOU YELLOWS ! ! ! ! !
  15. 3-0!!!!!!! GET IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Simeon you beauty!!! :-D
  16. [quote user="Dereham Tifoso"]What surprised me on the TV coverage was the apparent (in the background views) number of empty seats in the Utd end well before the end, i.e. with a good 2 or 3 minutes + injury time to go. I don''t think I would ever consider giving up on a 0-1 score at Wembley effectively with a good 7 or 8 minutes to play[*-)][/quote] You couldn''t be more correct. I''m a Police officer in the met, and was working the Chelsea/Everton FA Cup game at Stanford Bridge. the amount of scousers that left the ground before they got their late equaliser was ridiculous, and once they realised their error, they were all desperately trying to get back in. . . And obviously they all missed the chance to celebrate the penalty shootout win. I personally would not risk it and leave early, especially on such a big occasion . . . to quote Rocky, "it aint over till'' it''s over!" The epic 4-4 vs Middlesbrough proved that (And I was there!!) Anyway, if we do end up at Wembley come the end of May . . . I will most probably be there in some form or another. If I can''t get tickets, then come and say hello to me whilst I''m working in and around the ground, I''ll be cheering along with the rest of you in my uniform lol!
  17. http://www.canaries.co.uk/page/NewsDetails/0,,10355~2332160,00.html Now on the club website. Very good news.
  18. Cardiff are definitely the team that will cause us the most headaches in my opinion. They are more than capable of winning their remaining games and in all honesty, as good as we''ve been playing, I can''t see us not losing any of our remaining away fixtures as we are playing some very good sides away from home. Swansea, Watford and Portsmouth will all be very difficult games, and Ipswich are getting results now and I''m not feeling totally confident about that game either in all honesty. I really do hope I''m proved wrong. The good news for us though is that Cardiff have to play QPR, albeit at home. And I fancy our chances if this went down to the final game of the season and we needed a win to secure 2nd. Cardiff play away to Burnley who themselves may well need a win to secure a play-off place, so Cardiff may struggle to get over the line. I wouldn''t be surprised if that unfolds as the realistic scenario. Certainly would be a dramatic way to conclude a memorable and action-packed season!! We cannot take anything for granted . . . I''m hopeful, but very much not getting carried away as it''s still going to take a monumental effort from the team between now and 7th May. But, in Lambert I trust!
  19. Hi all, After a 6 year absence from here I''m back, albeit with a new alias! ;-) Anyway, just watched the game on my laptop, and what a fantastic performance. Confidence flying high and hopefully the momentum can be carried on into the biggie against Swansea. I think a lot of people are almost forgetting the threat of Cardiff though. They''re now up into 2nd after a solid win themselves, and even with a result against the swans we still face some tough games, away to Watford, Pompey and Ipswich and of course at home to Forest. I personally think that Cardiff are the ones to keep an eye on and more likely to trouble us than Swansea. But anyway, I digress . . . I wonder what the likes of Elliot Bennett and Mackail-Smith must be thinking when they look down through the results today and see us clear in 2nd, having spanked Scunny 6-0. I imagine they must both be extremely gutted that their respective clubs denied them the chance to join us and be a part of the success story this season. So should we get promoted, does anyone believe that we are likely to go back in for either of them?? Does anyone feel that either can come in and add something to our squad and cut the mustard if we''re in the prem?? Discuss . . . Me personally, I felt that Mackail-Smith would''ve been a big gamble even in this league, and I''m not convinced he''d be the right man to spearhead our attack should we get promoted. Yeah he''s banging them in for the Posh, but he''s no spring chicken and not exactly established at Championship level or above. As for Bennett, can''t really comment as I don''t know much about him.
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