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  1. Ok , thanks lads I cant get Radio Norfolk here in Cambridge, we just cant pick it up ( which means i dont get the joys of the phone either so it''s not all bad ) I can afford Sky , but i''d rarther save up the money and take my twin boys instead when i can so this is a good inbetween .
  2. I dont bother with Sky , i dont really like the company and dont fancy giving them my hard earned for limited coverage of Norwich , but what about our Canaries i player thingy through the club ? Read''s ok but is it worth it ? Only £35 for the year which doesn''t seem much to me.
  3. To be honest i''d be more worried if McNasty left. He''s started this revieval off , and would be harder to replace that PL .
  4. When are people going to realise that these big buck owners are only a small plaster to a problem that is pretty much caused by themselves? Sooner or later this whole mega rich club owner thing is going to come crashing down and it''s going to take a massive club with it , then the aftershocks will scare the crap out of those around them . Chelski are just prime to it . What was Man Citys results the other day ? How many millions did they lose in last full year results ? £194 M wasn''t it ? Thats just commical. Delia aint perfect but she ( and those others that have stuck with the club ) are a better bet than an oil baron who''s going to get bored any ime soon.
  5. [quote user="Power Hamster"]Look at it this way - we have already had 2 of the 3 most difficult games of the season (Man City away comes up in December) and we are half-way up the table. The only seriously disappointing result was the defeat to WBA, and with 4 of the next 6 games at home, if we win all of those it doesn''t really matter what we do away from home. (Yes I know one of those 4 is Arsenal, but they aren''t exactly the force they used to be!).One really annoying thing - why do we have to have TWO international breaks this early in the season? Surely the powers that be can schedule the season a bit better than that.[:@][/quote] Thing is for me we''ve not done as well in these '' easy '' games as i''d have hoped if you look at the way we played in the big games. A prolific striker would see this team flying. Having said that i''m sure all the other teams in this league would think the same , and there''s not many around at the minute or around that we could afford. Overall i''d say that defence and midfield are doing way better than i thought they would with the front lads just shy of producing the goods. The thing i''m interested is will i still be thinking the same after xmas or will they have sharpened up and have a better strike rate ? I''d be happier for the lads to do that than for us to go out and spend £XM as thats not the way PL has worked so far. I think Jackson is going to come out of this season better than most of us expect.
  6. It''s so difficult to tell. Tbh i ecpected us to do pretty well again Man u and the the Chel;ski teams as the lads will always try that extra bit but yesterday again showed my biggest concern of putting the ball in the back of the net when given good chances. It''s against the Villa''s and similar , the mid table teams that i think if would could do well against if we could just do that last 10% better in front of goal. Midfield is doing great , and even the back is looking ok , even more so when you look at who''s in and who''s crocked. Ruddy is doing well , so no worries there for me either. I''m genuinly convinced that we can finish mid table with the squad that we''ve if we could just put in those few missed chances.
  7. Re , your last point of how well we''re playing you could say 2 draws and a loss at Chelski is pretty good for a start in the prem , it''s just those 2 draws could , and should , have been wins. I think like others have said we''re going to need a better chance v''s goals scored average. Morrison taking that extra touch today would have been put away by many in the prem but of course he''s price is different to those strikers as well. Honestly , i dont see a massive difference between us and the bulk of the division so far , just the small things and i''m confident that that will be sorted before it''s too late by the one main thing that the 80% of the league hasn''t got . Go PL.
  8. Just sitting here watching LE and the sport section has been on in which they say "our local teams are in action tonight with MK Dons travelling to Norwich City. " I think that sums it up for me on who they see as '' local ''
  9. Because we''re off again. Me ? Cant wait. Yep i know we''ll have our work cut out against those big 4 at the top , with there mega money and all that speel that comes with it but so what ? We''ve got Lambert. We''ve got the fantastic Yellow Army thats served us so well over the last few years We''ve got a pack of well hungry young players who are just gagging to get out there and give those big teams what for. I put to you that those lads with give it what for this season , and with Lambert pulling the strings and the backroom lads doing their bit relagation is not happening and this isn''t just green and yellow spec''s either. So buckle up and get ready for oneof the best seasons for many a year. OTBC !!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Yep , i''m looking forward to more away games this year. I''m blessed with a works motor so travel costs are '' minimal '' shall we say . Wigans a far old treck but might as well start as we mean to go on ! Only £20 as well. Not being a season ticket holder means i can see me doing more away trips than home * runs for cover at plastic supporter cries *
  11. Yes, i know i shouldn''t be on there but i found this and it really did make me chuckle for a friday night http://www.twtd.co.uk/mb.php?m=v&t=131933#131933
  12. I had a browse through there earlier and clocked it to. Not a happy lot are they . They seem pretty pee''d at every thing at the minute, ticket sales , Evans and who they are not going to be able to sign in the off season. Shame , a real shame .................................
  13. These footy games that you get on these xbox things. My kids have one and i''m thinking will there be games out soon that will be having our lads on now we''re in the top tier ? This would be just for my children......of course...err........
  14. [quote user="pete_norw"][quote user="crabbycanary"]I think that you''lll find when the fixtures come out thats when SSN puts us on the ''Prem'' news, so thats official!![/quote] And they are out on the 17th June, 1st match away to Chelski [/quote] Really ? Result then. Nowt like 3 points in the bag and a few on our goal diff to start the lads off. We''ve still cook our super cook....... have they had their Russian crook arrested yet ?
  15. [quote user="Gingerpele"]Why is this being discussed?[/quote] Because i''m sitting at home, off work from having my shoulder rebuilt and i''m sooooo bored
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