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  1. Got some mates coming down from uni for the Newcastle game on saturday and afterwards would like to watch the Ip5wich game and el classico, where is the best place city centre for live sport? Murderers? coach and horses? I can''t really think of a sports bar...OTBC
  2. I''m a super member and want to go to the Arsenal game with my girlfriend (who is not a super member). Tickets for super members are released on monday, but can i buy 2 tickets or is it just 1 per membership? Cheers.
  3. Has anyone got any more pics and videos from saturday? seen the ones on pinkun and love them. Any more of the fans would be great, particularly the see of yellow from the man united end.
  4. Slavia

    group 3 for Man Utd

    Just had £87.50 come out of my bank which is i hope 2 £43 tickets and the £1.50 booking fee. Chuffed!
  5. Slavia

    Portsmouth Application

    Anyone know how many tickets we have sold??
  6. Slavia

    Portsmouth ticket voucher

    If anyone has 2 spare vouchers would be much appreciated, i have booked travelodge in Portsmouth and am a student in Birmingham so obviously have not got a season ticket and have only been to 8 away games in the last year! Let me know, cheers.
  7. Slavia

    Portsmouth tickets

    Any ideas guys?
  8. Slavia

    Announcement tomorrow??

    David Mcnally twitter... Today has been a good day. We hope to be able to share some good news tomorrow on twitter and canaries.co.uk @ Any ideas?
  9. Slavia

    Portsmouth tickets

    A good allocation of 3.2k for the Pompey game.I am not currently a season ticket holder (at University) but am trying to get tickets for the game, if I use somebody elses customer number is it ok to put my address and Debit card details on the application? or will it not count because my details will not correspond with the customer details?Thanks.
  10. Slavia

    Swansea travel announcement from club

    How will the swansea/pompey priority work? would we just need a ticket stub from Swansea??
  11. Holts penalty at Leicester, everyone was nervous after that miss by Mr Hoolohan the week before and Holt just smashed the back of the net and celebrated in front of 3k noisy travelling fans. Great away day.
  12. Slavia

    Swansea travel announcement from club

    Ps the travelodge when i booked it on friday was only £19, bargain get on it.
  13. Slavia

    Swansea travel announcement from club

    Not all Norwich fans live in Norwich though, I am a student in Birmingham, and if i want to go to the Swansea game i have to get the 19.28 train from Swansea which would mean cutting it very fine and leaving the Swansea game probably 10 minutes early which i do not fancy doing when travelling that far.If anyone has any Swansea tickets that i can use to get first refusal on Pompey tickets then i would be very grateful, i have already booked a travelodge in Portsmouth!
  14. Slavia

    Swansea travel announcement from club

    What about if we sell 3k for Swansea, majority of them will want to go to Pompey so would that mean basically no tickets available to sale?? crazy
  15. Slavia

    Portsmouth game moved for Sky

    How many away season ticket holders have we got?