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  1. Heard this from an unnamed source but big within the club. He has only 8 weeks left at the club before he is sacked regardless of results. Opinions on this and possible replacement? I think personally maybe poach Di Canio from sunderland or brucey!!
  2. Has to be Morison for me, a player that never stops working and seems to be of the same type of player as grant holt them 2 make the dreamteam i hope banging in the goals. I also think Johnson and bennett will be bloody awesomee.De laet worries me slightly bt with lamberts guidance shud be ok and everyone else will be fine. TTF (top ten finish) NCFC OTBC
  3. i wud say YES he is a decent player tbh and he cud do well at our club
  4. i think we should use the hands off approach on our chief scout!
  5. Yeah maybe guys but he might want a new challenge ;) and he might know our fanbase is just top class and e may lower his wages by 10-15k mybe dunno?
  6. Hi just heard a very strange rumour defoe has had a bust up with redknapp, and norwich have bid 4m for him.I know hes a bit injury prone and deseperate to leave totenham, but 4m way too cheap me thinks, any ideas dudes?
  7. Seems bit crazy to me 2 london clubs (west ham and qpr) have not been deducted points but maybe if any other club did it they would have been deducted points instantly, typical or what they always get away with it?
  8. Hello i think QPR should be deducted at least 5 points minimum because you cant breach 7 conducts of the FA and get away with it lightly maybe they should lose promotion because of this, if they get fined in my opinion is totally pointless because of all the millions they recieve for promotion, CHEATS!
  9. yer i know : D     i have my ticket in the n &p stand gona be a great match with hopefully a norwich win although ipswich are up for this and named it the game of their season!
  10.  i think i would get shane long or ricky lambert in as a striker (or both) and a goalkeeper as i think ruddy isnt up to it in the prem so i would consider ross turnbull or get declan rudd as our number 1
  11. surely this must be true cos he has done so well and hopefully gonna take us higher and maybe we should be challenging for mid table in premiership?
  12. 2-0 Norwich,Holt and Wilbraham cos he should of scored saturday ;)
  13. yer i saw him arrive in his brand new audi and he kind of asked a steward where to park his car lmao and i think the idea is that possibly brian mc was on his last game in charge and hes a possible candidate to take over at reading or he was doing a bit of scouting on some of these top quality players we have here!
  14. Just some points taken from the 1st game although it may not be judgeable just from one game: Ruddy looks awful and had poor handling R Martin and Nelson did ok Ward looks as though he isnrt fit enough Drury didnt get forward enough as usual Crofts and Surman look good Wes awesome again although should pass more Didn''t see much of Fox Jackson looks ok but is prob not championship quality C Martin didnt have much support Holt looked good when he came on but why the hell did lambert wait till 70 mins to bring him on?!  
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