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  1. I read tonight''s report and noticed he''d scored. We are a bit light in midfield with Mulumbu away, Dorrans and Thomson injured so he might stay, hope so.
  2. Has this been announced? good news regardless!!
  3. Spotted.............the ball wasn''t in the arc or even touching the line when it was kicked. More salt for the wounds!!!
  4. We''ve been alright without a screen for the last 100 years, why change! Call me old fashioned but surely watching the football is enough!
  5. Who are you talking too? Why didn''t just send him a message on twitter! He does actually work for BBC Radio Norfolk, he doesn''t turn up for 1 hour. Why do you complain now? He''s been hosting the program for over 3 years! If you don''t like it don''t listen to him. Simple!
  6. Just thought I''d say that! Another Neil in sheep''s clothing I think. I hope I''m wrong!
  7. According to the stats on the club website Nathan Redmond had 25 shots this season and they were all on target!!!!!!!! Sack the stats man or tell him to stop playing on his Xbox and get down to the ground!
  8. I don''t take Hoolahans non celebration as a dig at the fans but a dig at the board. He wasn''t getting played, another club came in for him, he wanted to leave, we didn''t let him=pi55ed off player. Vote for Hoolahan
  9. He should be playing, he''s the most creative player we have. He was the best player last week and shouldn''t have been dropped.
  10. Lose to Southampton and Swansea. But I have a feeling we''ll finally beat Fulham.......sometimes the unexpected does happen even in Norwich City world.
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