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  1. But like-wise it’s the very fact that he is a ‘name’ that makes you and so many others against him
  2. My point was more to do with the fact I’m seeing it’s the same people calling for Farke to stay that were calling for Neil to stay. They said fans were clueless for wanting him gone. He was the best we would ever have. We will only go backwards after Neil etc. They were wrong. Why can’t they be wrong again?
  3. I see the majority of those who are adamant Farke should be kept and is the best man for the job are the people who said exactly the same when this was all going on with Alex Neil. You said fans were clueless for wanting Neil out. He was the next Alex Ferguson. He was the best we could get. We would go backwards once he was gone etc. He was sacked. Much to your disapproval and replaced by the man you now say is the Greatest NCFC manager ever. So, do the Neil inners admit they were wrong? Were the Neil outers right all along? Presumably so as you think we’re in a much better position now. With that being said. What makes you think you can’t be wrong again?
  4. Can you remember when this was happening with Alex Neil LDC? Lots of fans were calling for his head but you were vociferous in your defence of him and your belief we had to keep him. You claimed he was the best we could hope for. We needed to keep him for the long term. Things would go down hill after he was gone etc… You were adamant fans were wrong in wanting him gone. Anyway, luckily the club disagreed with you and replaced him with Farke. You now believe Farke is the greatest manager Norwich have had, yet if you would have had it your way he would never managed here. Do you believe you were wrong with what you said regards Neil? If so why can’t you be wrong again? Or do you still believe Alex Neil would be doing better than Farke?
  5. It’s unbelievable how many people like yourself, who have try and convince themselves they’re smarter than other forum users to fight their insecurities, inhabit this forum
  6. You spouted the same BS when people wanted Alex Neil gone. If you would have had it your way he would still be in charge and Farke would never have come here in the first place. You were wrong then. How do you know you won’t be wrong again?
  7. Yes and supposedly learnt this, that and the other. It’s strange people only see it as you spend nothing or take a massive gamble. There’s no middle ground seemingly
  8. Stuart Webber has as much chance of becoming the Liverpool DOF as I do
  9. It’s just their stock response when people don’t agree with them. See also ‘Webber is the only one who can make decisions, not anyone on here’ as if they think people on here believe they genuinely make decisions on behalf of the club. It’s a strange one though. They’ve signed up to a Norwich City discussion forum then claim all discussion is pointless because no one sees them in training. Begs the question as to why they’re on here.
  10. Your opinions right? Your opinions carry more weight yet other people’s don’t right?
  11. Everybody understands it. You keep trying to convince yourself your fellow fans don’t. I presume it’s to try and set yourself apart from the others for your own sense of superiority
  12. You would have said sacking Worthington was a massive mistake and fans who suggest it are wrong. You then said we should keep Alex Neil and fans are stupid for wanting him gone and we can’t do better etc.. All I know is that every time we get ourselves into this position there are lots of fans who are adamant changing the manager is wrong and everyone’s being reactionary, it will only get worse etc… Luckily the club doesn’t listen to you guys or we would have never got Farke in the 1st place.
  13. Absolutely nothing. Norwich city exist and nothing more.
  14. Scraping survival? Wasn’t it 2 mid table finishes? But anyway I’m not arguing I think he’s done very well but I think others have matched him
  15. He’s done well but I don’t think you can call it wonders. McNally had more success
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