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  1. My knickers haven’t been this wet since I last saw an episode of Sharpe. it’s concerning
  2. It seems to be based on a possession stat. The presumption that having more possession means you “dominated” or “outplayed” the opposition. Ignoring the fact they were 2-0 for a lot of that second half and sat deep and allowed us to pass it around the back where we couldn’t hurt them.
  3. I presume you’re the same Jim from the wotb forum who always claims we outplayed everyone and the opposition are always ****. I disagree. Though it wasn’t the most fluid game they were clearly better than us. They created marginally more chances and weren’t as wasteful as we were in possession. What you, I or anyone can’t deny is that they defended better than us and that is a big part of football whether you like it or not.
  4. You say they did very little. Do you believe we done a lot?
  5. Ipswich Town. Lambo would have clearly saw the lads needed a hand.
  6. Have you ever watched a Norwich match, regardless of result and thought “they were better than us”?
  7. Pukki had just had an excellent season in Denmark when we signed him though. Also I’m not aware he had a long history with pretty bad injuries like Drmic who hadn’t scored double figures or started a double figure number of games in a season for 8 years before signing with us.
  8. Fair dos. Call me pessimistic but I don’t see Drmic ever recapturing that sort of goal scoring record.
  9. Was that while he was at Nuremberg? If so I appogise. The website which I used to look at those records didn’t indicate which tier the team was playing at at the time and I obviously wrongly presumed Nuremberg were a bundesliga 2 team.
  10. Almost all of Drmic’s career in the Bundesliga was spent as a reserve/sub and the most goals he’s ever scored in a season in the bundesliga was 6 in the 14-15 season. Since then I don’t think he’s scored more than 2 goals in a calendar year and has suffered several injuries. I think Hugill was a poor signing. Personally I’d rather Idah at least have the chance to prove he’s not good enough for the championship than a guy who’s career has been nosediving for 8 years.
  11. You are absolutely correct. My relationship with Farke is made up utter ****. I thought that was obvious. Make no mistake about it though. The reason Leitner, like Drmic is still on our books is because the wage we are paying them is more than what mid-lower championship clubs or Bundesliga 2 clubs can afford/would be prepared to pay.
  12. A Swiss international that has scored 15 goals in 7 years.
  13. That’s kind of my point. As much as people love to think we have a tiny wage bill. Outside of Bournemouth and Watford the likes of Drmic and Leitner would be some of the highest paid footballers in league. They obviously don’t justify that and no other club would be prepared to match what we’re paying. Hence why they have been ostracised. It’s an attempt to force them out and take wage cuts to go play elsewhere. They think “I’ll take what I’m owed”. We think “Fine, then train with the kids and lose a year of your career”.
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