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  1. Open to external investment so we stand a chance of staying in the prem. Can't say I have a great deal of faith in the owners anymore though I appreciate what they did in the early years. Handing it over to nephew doesn't exactly inspire me unless he is a bit more sensible with external investment.
  2. Firedawg

    Left wing ownership

    No we're all vegans on here Herman! Just before I get accused of being a new poster please check back as I've posted on here a few times over the years. I'm firmly in the 'thanks for all you've done for the club Delia, but please close the door' camp. You need millions if not billions now to compete in this league so all the while these owners are in charge we are yo yo at best.
  3. Firedawg

    Most frustrating season since Roeder

    But what he says is correct isn't it. No investment no chance.
  4. Why are you so delusional lackey? Are you happy with relegation because the prospect doesn't seem to bother you.
  5. Firedawg

    Short term or long term

    Success breeds success and it''s delusional to think we can hold on to the good young players if we don''t get promoted in the short term.We might be able to hold on to them next season if we don''t go up this year but not if the likes of the Murphs et al are still performing well.then some prem teams will come calling and all the longer deals will get us is a bigger fee.
  6. Firedawg

    So what are you actually going to do about it Alex Neil?

    Too much time on your hands Morty - you should get a real job rather than bobbing about in a boat mate.
  7. Firedawg

    Passionate Fans

    Having a go at other fans now orty - classic!
  8. Firedawg

    Kenny jackett resigns.....

    hey look everyone - monty being sarcastic again rather than writing something constructive ! Do you have a wiki page monty?
  9. Firedawg

    Signs to give up ownwership.

    Back to sea boaty mcboatface!
  10. Firedawg

    Bassong interview

    Hang him I say.
  11. Firedawg

    Ownership and investment.

    I was manager of  a Bundesliga club for four seasons! What a prat parma. talk is very very cheap. It''s obvious you are pro the board so let''s leave it at that eh.
  12. Here''s Morty! Never offers an opinion just slates everyone else''s! Are you a ''Happy clapper'' Morty? or related to either Delia or AN?
  13. He looked ''All at Sea'' !
  14. Firedawg

    Bassong interview

    He did sound rather stupid though trying to defend the fact that they defended well despite losing. Got a bit pissy with Goreham for questioning him too.
  15. Firedawg

    Bassong interview

    Whilst I admit it was a stupid thing to say, I don''t get the ''Oh my god let''s hang him'' mentality on here. And anyway what is ''coloured'' ? Red, Green Blue?