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  1. Are you lot delusional? This season was utter tripe apart from maybe 3 games. It's a good job Norwich fans are pretty forgiving as I I cannot see many other fans buying in to this 5 year plan rubbish. We had - what was it a 7 year plan under mcnasty and nearly went under allegedly near the end of his tenure until the Messiah Webber saved us. Until we get owners with ambition and money we'll never compete or even remain long in the top tier.
  2. I think the problem will arise if someone openly admits in wanting to invest and they appear genuine. Especially if they are a lot richer than Delia and Michael. I think then it could turn a bit nasty quite quickly especially if we are languishing in the champs for a few seasons.
  3. Well I'd at least like to try cause I remember years stuck in the champs. People seem to think at worst it'll be a yoyo club but that's not the case. The goodwill is slowly running out and they'll be very little left for Tom. Let's hope he is open to outside investment and doesn't want the club as his toy like his auntie.
  4. She clearly stated she would not entertain any offers regardless of who they were or where they came from. She does not like all the nasty foreign money in the prem and has no intention of selling so why would anyone waste their time and effort asking? It's going to Tom and that's it but he will not be afforded the same goodwill Delia and MWJ have had. And don't be a prat we are not going to be Man city but ask Wolves or Leicester about their nasty foreign owners.
  5. It's because she is now holding the club back. Everyone appreciates what she did but it's no different to a lot of owners putting millions on their own money in. I dislike the fact she will not consider outside investment bearing in mind she was one of the poorest in the champs and is miles behind in the prem. And the fact she is passing the club to nephew Tom who has no experience and no money.
  6. Open to external investment so we stand a chance of staying in the prem. Can't say I have a great deal of faith in the owners anymore though I appreciate what they did in the early years. Handing it over to nephew doesn't exactly inspire me unless he is a bit more sensible with external investment.
  7. No we're all vegans on here Herman! Just before I get accused of being a new poster please check back as I've posted on here a few times over the years. I'm firmly in the 'thanks for all you've done for the club Delia, but please close the door' camp. You need millions if not billions now to compete in this league so all the while these owners are in charge we are yo yo at best.
  8. But what he says is correct isn't it. No investment no chance.
  9. Why are you so delusional lackey? Are you happy with relegation because the prospect doesn't seem to bother you.
  10. Success breeds success and it''s delusional to think we can hold on to the good young players if we don''t get promoted in the short term.We might be able to hold on to them next season if we don''t go up this year but not if the likes of the Murphs et al are still performing well.then some prem teams will come calling and all the longer deals will get us is a bigger fee.
  11. Too much time on your hands Morty - you should get a real job rather than bobbing about in a boat mate.
  12. Having a go at other fans now orty - classic!
  13. hey look everyone - monty being sarcastic again rather than writing something constructive ! Do you have a wiki page monty?
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