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  1. So Is the guardian and the BBC far left propaganda?
  2. Plenty of stereotypes in there, centre right? Lol don’t make me laugh … let me guess BLM is a good cause aswell. Your far left like most on here I’m guessing.
  3. Let me guess your one of those guardian readers who moan about the state of the environment but drive a Range Rover and have the heating on always. Moan about capitalism and pushes marxist politics even though your life is built on the back of hard working people in the country. Do one and go live in Venezuela.
  4. No light without darkness, people like you are the reason Norwich are lacking ambition.
  5. i don't follow a league 1 club lol
  6. Norwich will never have the ambition of Aston Villa, down again soon.
  7. I'm a realist which is difficult for people living in lala land to accept.
  8. I couldn't care less about a particular league 1 club, Ipswich are so irrelevant.
  9. Being a Norwich fan is not good, might as well support a team with a board that cares. Delia is rich from capitalism but hates it … funny how the world works.
  10. Thanks for being a traitor and helping a rival team.
  11. English is not good being from Russia obviously ...
  12. Ill take that as a compliment of my typing skills.
  13. Progressive? great! enjoy being a medium club with no trophies forever.
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