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  1. I think u could put your mortgage on where Alex Neil will be heading if we get heckingbottom.
  2. The good ole declan rudd debate rears it''s head once more. Not good enough for us unfortunately. That''s why he''s never broken through under any manager here. Perfect for a bottom tier championship side or a top half league 1 side and that''s where he''ll end up. Good luck to the lad
  3. Sorry but i think it''s ridiculous to suggest klose is better suited to the premier league than he is the championship. You could argue he''s better suited in a foreign league than in England which i think is pretty obvious. No matter what league you''re in you still have to do the basics and it''s those basics klose has struggled this season with. Winning headers, sensing danger, tracking your man etc When klose arrived he was poor for a few games whilst adjusting then excellent for a few games before getting injured. Not enough for me to really guage just how good he could really be for us. The best of a bad bunch obviously but that doesn''t say a lot. I''ll be more than happy to see him moved on for a decent fee and we reinvest the money for more suitable defenders for the English game. Be shocked after this seasons showing if he gets a move in England.
  4. No doubt we''ll end up with Paul konchesky as our LB next season
  5. Pardew was my original first choice but since the negative reaction from a few fans to him I''m not sure it''s a good idea. Need to be united with the next appointment otherwise it''ll be doomed from the off. Warburton I''m very 50:50 about. Done well at Brentford but don''t lije the way he''s applied for other jobs whilst employed. Wouldn''t want him doing that here. Plus why sign joey Barton then suspend him for acting like Joey Barton? Rowett i don''t think will get best out of players we have here. Style seems very bland. Jankovic fron Fulham is looking superb but has just signed a new contract and Fulham on the up so very unlikely. Think I''m looking for a foreign name now and hope we can pull out another Wagner or Jankovic.
  6. It was simply down to timing with Chris hughton. We went from the most attacking manager to a defensive manager which resulted us being neither here nor there.
  7. So it''s Alex Neils fault, Timm Klose who has played at the top international level can''t judge a ball. He needs to be coached that? It was a mistake, he''s been playing in the English game for a year now, he''s not stupid he knows how it is. That mistake is as common as muck and you''ll see it happen nearly every weekend across the football league. I''m not in AN''s fan club i can assure you he''s had his fair share of criticism from me this season but the players have got to start taking responsibility for their decision making.
  8. AN will still be manager next season unless we have a catastrophic end to the season. Of course many believe the season has been that anyway. Some of you are forgetting we don''t even have a proper Chief Executive at the minute.
  9. How can u blame the manager for individual mistakes
  10. Was delighted he got dropped earlier in season. He''s been so under par it''s unbelievable. Many on here criticised AN for it. Especially on twitter i was seeing all sorts of crap. For me he''s slap bang average. Slow, gets bullied to easy and mistake prone. To top it off probably our highest paid player behind Naismith. The reality is his social media antics has whipped some of our fans into a frenzy about him. Would 100% cash in on him in summer. Hopefully a German side will take him back. Can''t see another English team wanting him.
  11. Lets just take each game as it comes. Win the next, hope others go in our favour then who knows. Still lot''s to play for. Too many of our fans get too excited when we win and too doom n gloom when we lose.
  12. How many of the good teams have we beaten this season? The only teams we seem capable of beating is mid table fodder with nothing to play for.
  13. I could care less who the opposition are from here on in. We play our best team available every game. We''re not good enough to do anything except that in my opinion.
  14. 100% on Mulumbu chaps. Just a few suggesting he won''t be able to play 2 in a few days. Let''s hope he''s fit n available. Couldn''t agree more with you more about Tettey. His distribution is wretched. I appreciate that''s not his strengths however at this level where we''re expected to be on the ball (city) more often than not you need players who can pass to a yellow shirt and retain possession. I''m adamant Tettey has his boots on the wrong feet most games!
  15. I''ve changed my mind several times in the last couple of days. Really tough decision for Alex Neil tomorrow. The question is are we good enough to let them worry about us or do we need to compensate for their quality. I think the answer is somewhere in between. Win, lose or draw whatever AN choses i won''t be criticising after and i hope others don''t also. It''s almost dammed if he does, dammed if he doesn''t situation. I think we''ll see 2 changes (fitness permitting) Naismith in for Pritchard and Tettey in for Mulumbu.
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