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  1. I do not know how Webber’s plan to be stronger next time we go up will work if we sell our best players Arrons , Cantwell , Lewis ,Godfrey are like when Man Utd has all the youngsters come through at once happens rarely If and when they are sold all the money has to be reinvested unless we will be weaker Man Utd have been trying for years to replace the youth Players that they had without success
  2. i did B Maddison took Crooks place in my Team but i think crook is the best passer of a ball i have seen at Norwich in my time
  3. i would Put R Fox in as i had great memories of him and his pace down the wing Robert Fleck , My Family are from Glasgow and big Rangers Fans so was excited when we signed him and followed his career here so i would go Woods Aarons Bruce Watson Drury Maddison Gary holt Fox Hucks Fleck Ashton
  4. Exactly how i would start with Vrancic as the passer quarterback style in the middle to ping passes to the Attackers Tettey for Skipp winning the ball the just simple short passing to Vrancic to Set away the Attacking players
  5. That is Exactly why i think when given the chance to Move for More Money ETC young players should move i hope it is not serious but imagine if it was very Bad after 2 games he will get more money for himself if he never played again Than if he stayed here Awful way to look at things but a career can be gone in a flash Hope he recovers well
  6. Hope he is Ok , Bruce said not worried about the cut but may of Damaged his eye ,
  7. i would start with Idah to start up front he scored last week lets see if he can keep that going Also gives Pukki a bit of a you have to start scoring ( kick up the rear ) Pukki has not looked the same since the injury and is not taking chance like he did before confidence ? pressure ? he needs a goal Badly his work rate is very good but i think a couple of games coming off the bench might do him some good ? having said all that Farke knows what players need and what they don't so Pukki will start !
  8. Yes and No , it Goes on all the time that is why not many transfers fail due to not agreeing wages etc i imagine it goes something like Barcelona phone the agent IF we can agree a fee for Max what sort of wages would he expect and would he like to join us we would lke 90k a week and he would love to join ok we are happy around that mark we will get in touch with Norwich and see if we can agree a price Remember i imagine we do it to other clubs so ........... As for Max to get a call saying Barcelona are interested i bet his head is all over the place !
  9. Lets just not buy a West ham player with a Injury record would be better West ham have done it to us twice now with both players
  10. Good Luck all !! I am going Leicester win Also for the Norwich Game Norwich 2-0 Idah to score last goal
  11. i do not mind Losing these players .they have Matured and are worth a lot of money my point is say we had 15 mil for lewis 20 mil for Arrons say Buendia goes for 20 mil plus that's £55 million even in todays market i think it will be a turning point for the club , continue to sign free and cheap players ? how does that fit into the plan ? how will the fans feel the club bring in £55 million plus sky money but not spending those millions on players or wages ? i think it will be very interesting how the club acts if we do sell approx £55 million worth of talent this season
  12. Yes it can do but last season Teams just let us have it at the back knowing as we went forward we would lose it or ball would go out of play i Agree if they pressed it would leave space then we could unleash the polish pace man But another option is hit the ball up quickly when players are getting back in position etc
  13. Placheta Needs Space to Run into with Defenders high up the Pitch he will destroy them with pace that's where i hope Farke is a little More Direct No point Knocking the ball about at the back let defenders get back sit deep and then say here you go Placheta do your stuff when there are 10 players behind the ball and defenders doubling up on him if we are defending a set piece i would tell him to stay up and anyone who clears the ball send it long maybe not pretty but would be effective
  14. Yes unlucky Nutty But so nobody loses I have just sent another £10 to Your PayPal to cover today’s bets so the pups at least will not lose !
  15. when was the last time he scored ? you can bet he has a blinder Now you said that !!
  16. i would like to see a Team looking to prove a point today Ruthless high pressing , chances taken and really get the bad run out of the way i feel if we lose today we have problems because we are basically fielding a team that played in the EPL last season We will find out a lot today in selection and who is up for the fight
  17. Exactly if anything happened to Krul he left or long term injury i would buy Gunn i think he is looking for a Place to call Home and stay long term , he clearly loves Norfolk If we bought him we would have keeper Position covered for a few years
  18. Always a Outsider ! when we won it last time we were not favourites , we might have great Individuals for this league but they must play as a team if they gel we should go up but never easy
  19. Ok Pups here goes ! My Picks and thankyou all for your picks 2-1 Norwich win Cantwell to score first £1 3-2 Norwich win dowell to score first £1 0-0 boooooooooo £ 1 Pukki to score first £2 2-2 draw £1 Hugill to score last £1 norwich win 2-1 pukki scores first £1 Norwich win 2-0 £1 Last one to get the big money Norwich to win 5-1 cantwell to score first £1 hope that covers most peoples picks and good luck to the pups !!
  20. I will Be making my selection Around 8pm tonight for all those yet to select on the Norwich game
  21. Very true he has Class just got to get his form i know it is only clips i have seen But i would love to see Placheta upfront in a Two or at a number 10 his pace to get past last man is unbelievable
  22. i am most worried about Pukki True he was up against better defenders , better League and in a struggling team but he lost his Confidence badly can he regain that ? With the Squad we have today with only real loss Lewis we should do very well this season top 2 if Pukki finds his Goalscoring boots anywhere down to 10th if he does not
  23. Webber in the Loan market last season was Terrible it will come out in the wash or accounts how much those loans cost us ? BUT He has transformed the team with some good signings with help from youngsters already here on a shoestring and that is no easy task , His Net spend since he has been here has been low ,Wonder how he would get on with the 5 to 10 millon plus signings ?
  24. i think Todd is just one of the Modern Breed of Footballer , he looks like he wants to up his profile on social media etc maybe hoping to bring money in from Advertising etc ? you see it with all these media celebrity's earning money getting cars etc like all walks of life you get some quite people who get on with their lives and jobs then others who like to show what they have and have limelight if managed properly i see no problem but it is a fine line of being arrogant or just confident in your own ability , As long as he is producing on the pitch for NCFC and he is at the moment No problem
  25. Thankyou Nutty , I have picked before a couple seasons ago , and we were lucky enough to win some money for the pups so hopefully start of the season with some Winning bets and money For such a great cause
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