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  1. Saw that also and checked, they do have a team in the top Greek league. Could also of course be Giannolius if he's been back that way whilst he's out injured.
  2. Nope, I prefer comedy rather than reality so I only read the forum
  3. Do my eyes deceive me or is Declan Rudd with the goalkeepers in the latest training pictures. He retired in the summer due to injury.
  4. Don't dis the rich tea, best biscuit for dunking in to tea
  5. Looks like you were the closest Greasy, well apart from Unthink Road but he cheated
  6. Sorry, felt the need to start my own thread, must be catching Little game for....who can win the 'what day and time will Sara be announced ' No prize other than boosting your forum credibility I'll start off, bearing in mind there is a game tomorrow I'm going with 4pm today.
  7. Like the rest of, through head in hands
  8. Sorry but she's a terrible presenter (my view) because she tries to hard, her piece when she was working for UNICEF showed that when she is natural and doesn't try she's actually pretty good.
  9. Apparently before he found fame on pick pock or whatever these new cool systems are he played at Real Salt Lake City, he was tidy to be fair. I'm starting to wonder if Alex Scott is the only female presenter that the UK has though, she's ruining everything on the telly at the moment
  10. Genius. Loan him to a promotion contender with a clause for them to buy him if promoted
  11. He was one of the main differences today, although Rashica was also superb. When we play just Pukki up top we win nothing and the ball is always coming back at us, Idah was physical, held the ball up numerous times and deserved his goal.
  12. I'm sure when you get to know him properly that he is a nice guy. My experience was over kids football and the way he behaved; similar to both Sutton and Sutch as they were also kids football related.
  13. I had the pleasure of playing with him when I was starting out in local men's football and he is a top guy. Yep had his issues as documented but we all have times in our life that we'd do again and regret.
  14. I've had the pleasure and displeasure of meeting quite a few of the players over the years plus pre-match lunch with Delia,.MWJ and Michael Foulger. On the list of the players I've met who are really nice are: Holty, Peter Mendham, Ruel, Gunny SR, Mike Sheron Those not so nice (for various reasons): Sutton, Sutch, Huckerby, Andy Townsend and of course Danny Mills.
  15. Not that I was bored last night (much) but I watched the bench and the instructions that they give, what I find weird is that the GK coach (Wooten or whatever his name is) continually gets off the bench to give players instructions. Never saw that under Farke. Surely the players should be getting instructions from Smith or Shakey?
  16. None at the moment but based on last night he's a million miles off of that level. He put 2/3 crosses in last night all of which hit this first man, that I can forgive as he got himself in to a decent position but what I can't forgive is bottling a 1v1 with Emi who subsequently nutmegged him and his back turn every time he goes for a header! I partly blame Smith as he's not a winger as he has absolutely no pace to take people on and on current form he's never going to displace McLean or Gilmour and have less chance of getting in the middle when Norman is back.
  17. Rob Butler just said in the Radio that he wasn't bad it was the players around him and he'd only started 5 games. Got to hope he doesn't start another 5
  18. We'll probably have to at some stage as it has the word win in it and that's bound to upset someone at some point, ie those that don't believe in winning and get offended at the thought of it
  19. Hope to god it didn't cost much to redesign that. Totally underwhelmed with that.
  20. Am I the only person to not understand one word of that Let's call it age
  21. Just out of interest CC what is it that you for a living? Are you media as you seem to be very quick on updating this forum? Not being funny, just interested.
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