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  1. Huddersfield are poor, and I’m delighted that NCFC are finishing them off. This Norwich team feels like a cohesive unit, a deliberate system succeeding, and the players are thriving so far. Keep it up, lads. This is such a mature, controlled performance. I’m excited.
  2. Rowe, and his different types of goals might just be one of the most important and influential aspects of a Norwich team in years.
  3. State of the game means Norwich can keep solid, sit-off a touch, but I’m sure Wagner will want Norwich out of their half and stop being forced back. I rate Idah but we’re missing the pace in behind. Sargent injury probably means we’re not 3-4 up by half time and I don’t think that’s too far-fetched. We had their number and were superior earlier on. Rowe might be the danger man in behind, but I think we could break them down and score more putting pressure on their back line with possession, pinning, and forcing Huddersfield back. I’m happy to back us to score more with crosses in to then box with Barnes, Idah and Fassnact on the receiving end.
  4. My go-to stream w/ Radio N’folk commentary. https://freestreams-live1.top/ifollow-18/
  5. My first league game of the season as the last two Saturdays as I’ve been on holiday. Impressive first half, disciplined, yet lots of positional rotation in attack. This is almost like a throwback, 4-4-2, full backs getting high for crosses, one striker holding the ball up while the younger, quicker, makes the runs. We’re direct, with the team looking to make forward runs when in possession, and the first priority seemingly being to gain territory and momentum. We’re not pumping the ball forward though, there’s long passes rather than long balls. I like what I’m seeing, so here’s, hopefully, to more of the same in the second half. Rowe might just be a generational talent in the making. You don’t score like that with quick feet in a tight space and finish clinically, without a special natural ability. I’m genuinely excited by the lad.
  6. Hero: I’ve been delving into season review tapes on YouTube’s Norwich City Archives, and it’s reaffirmed my love for Iwan Roberts. There always seems to be an aura of gratitude and communion with team mates and fans. He played with emotion, and he was a hell of a player for us finding his form in the 98/99 season and being our talisman until the torch was transitioned to Huckerby as Iwan was in his last season. Villain: Kevin Muscat and Christian Daily broke my childhood heart. The injuries to Bellamy and Mulryne always created an “if only” they were in the team, we could make the playoffs. It happens to be my big “if only” of all time as a Norwich fan in my early thirties. If Bellamy, Mulryne and Eadie would’ve all avoided injury, and stayed fit, what a special team that could’ve been but we never got them all in harmonious unity, only partially, in an era that seems to be dominated by injuries to our best players.
  7. Big fan of the podcast. I knew they wouldn’t be optimistic for us this season, but was intrigued as this is a show of yearly tradition that sets the table for the new season with the predictions, explanation, what’s going on at each club, and transfer activity etc. I wasn’t as bothered where they predicted us to finish, but more what they made of our signings. I was a little surprised by their brutal critique of Norwich City, suggesting apart from teams going through extreme financial pressure, owner turmoil, and borderline extinction, that we are probably the most miserable fan base of the 72 EFL clubs.
  8. Also FREE on ‘SKY SPORTS FOOTBALL’ YouTube channel 👍 Mainz just laid some pipe in front of the yellow wall: 0-1.
  9. I’d like to see us walk out to “The Whole of the moon” by The Waterboys, timed with the players emerging as the trumped solo kicks in. 👌
  10. Just saw on Twitter that NCFC, or “we” have the “one of” the highest average second tier match-day attendance in Europe. Got me thinking, imagine we had a larger ground, what do you think our limit is? How many fans do you think we could get consistently into a stadium? Discuss, please! Because I have no idea. Yet, I’m rather intrigued. And I know there’s folks on this forum, with far greater knowledge of our club, who’d be able to provide feedback with a better intuition than I.
  11. I made a full-length in-universe parody episode of the The Scrimmage, or “The Scrummage” with Daniel Farke aka Danny Farkey participating in a LIVE Canary Call Q and A.
  12. Youseff Safri. Take a bow! Oh, and Raymond De Waard and Derveld dream left flank, not as it was but how it always should’ve been. A spindly, dreamboat, made of spindly. width, arms, legs, and durch chalk on the boots.
  13. The return of Canary Call as requested 👍 Special double episode, as I usually upload 2 a week, but couldn’t earlier on. ENJOY! There’s some fun stuff in this one.
  14. I’m not afraid of his banter. He’s given a lot over the months, and I usually don’t reply. I literally couldn’t give a fudge who, or what, he is. I’m brave enough to show vulnerability by posting completely original content, willingly opening myself up to unbridled praise or ridicule. It’s risky. He just a dude, on a forum. Who has the same people agree with him, and the same people agree every day. He’s safe. One is a merry-go-round. One is filled with potentiality. Fans are different. My first Norwich match was in ‘97. Reading (H) 0-0, Bellamy, Fleck and a lad called Simpson played left back. I’ve grown up loving learning about all areas of Norwich City, and police hat, guy, posts a lot of cool stuff about eras, that I don’t know a lot about. We could be forum-friends. But he’s clearly set in some ways, and I’d imagine at his age (older than me, at least +1) it’s harder to change, than be malleable. I find it difficult at 32.
  15. Thank you! Coming up with the names is a really fun process. My personal faves are Jeremy Goose and Milky McCee. I decided against Cedar Insulin, last moment, just in case people found it in poor taste.
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