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  1. Everyone seems to have got the wrong end of the stick, he has a release clause in his current contract with the Czech club that he plays for, rumoured to be about one million euros. there is no suggestion that he has one in his contract with norwich
  2. Happy enough to go and watch them play Smudger?


    It would be a great deal

  3. yawn

    he doesn''t have 275million in cash ready to spend

  4. russel Anderson of Aberdeen would be a great one for centre back. Marshall in goal hopefully.
  5. Archie

    Sunderland's fanatical support!

    The stadium of light is certainly one of the best atmospheres that I have experienced
  6. its 1-0 norwich, etuhu. your best bet is the bbc website though

  7. you can''t rule it out but it is one hell of a long shot
  8. Archie

    Sadest Moment Supporting Norwich

    play off final. devestated
  9. Archie

    birmingham - leeds

    the second most important match tonight. birmingham have just gone one up, good news
  10. Looks like we''ll go 4-4-2 with Hughes at right back and Hucks up front...
  11. Archie

    worst away grounds

    fratton park really is a dump. at least some of the other rubbish stadiums like elm park/ashton gate had terracing at the same time

    the stadium of light is a great stadium and had a great atmosphere, in stark contrast to somewhere like reading where you''d think the home fans were at a funeral

  12. shaun this is one of the best posts i have read on here.

    in future it would help if everyone were to reply to the attention seeking posts you refer to with a simple ''boring'' until they get the message

    i dont mind proper debate but general slagging off for the hell of it merely to draw attention to oneself is tedious, dull and boring

  13. Archie

    5 things to improve IMMEDIATELY!

    throw-ins. We''re either in a decent position in the other half or on the back foot, but more often or not we lose the ball from a throw in