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  1. [quote user="NCFC_Thain"]Sorry I think you have the wrong place. We speak English here. [/quote]   Mwa ha ha ha........... Quality!!
  2. Forgive me if this is covered in another thread......   What confuses me about the "Iversen" business, if indeed it is he who is the one........ Several posters have had contact with"unnamed sources" who have stated that "the fans will be impressed / over joyed when they realise the quality of the name we are to sign" Do they really think we''ll all be bowled over by (with all due respect) a 31/32 yo plying his trade in not the strongest league in Europe, who didn''t exactly set the English league alight when he was considerably younger!! Do they really think, just because he once played for Spurs, we''ll all be delighted?? Seems they seriously over estimate the esteem he is held in. Don''t get me wrong, he may (if it is him) turn out to be an inspired signing, but hardly one to get us all drooling (ala Hucks & Crouch) Needed to get that off my chest!!
  3. [quote user="FozzyFan"] [quote user="Rocky Rocastle"]Bottom line is Iversen is not the guy to get us into the playoffs. He is not a 20 goal a season player and for me I have much more faith in Roeder so don''t expect him to waste time and money on Iversen! Resiak on the other hand would be welcome....[/quote] what he said. RASIAK PLEASE [/quote] My sentiments exactly.....
  4. [quote user="jas the barclay king"][quote user="kick it off"][quote user="rucker"] did anybody else see it all kick off in tescos carpark after the game yesterday, 20 or so chavy little coventry?   [/quote] Didn''t see it yesterday but last year saw a Cov fan walk up to another Cov fan, smack him in the face and walk off right outside the ground. [/quote] well it is the midlands.. their brains are in their balls jas :) [/quote]   STEADY.......we''re not all like that you know..!! Some of us in the Midlands have the good sense to support God''s own team!!
  5. ...and is a greedy t**t, looking for a stepping stone (release clause anyone?), if you read between the lines of Gary Johnson''s comments!! Chris Coleman is no mug, I think the guy would be trouble.....1.5m....no way
  6. Imagine opponents of the ''quality'' of Coventry etc... and it fills you with hope!!
  7. If  I was at home I would be glued to the TV, However, I''m on holiday, camping, Picking up someone elses weak wifi signal....Mwa ha ha ha...... I''m lucky to get this website I think...!!!!
  8. Cheers for the update, Other thread has a lot of arguments about who to blame for their goals but doesn''t actually quote the score for us who don''t have access to the match..... Much appreciated  
  9. Lived in a little town just north of birmingham all my life, Dad is a WBA fan, who tried to get me to follow his faith.... He took me to WBA vs Norwich (1976), seats in the main stand (£4 each I think!!), and he then proceeded to dance around as West Brom won 2-0..!! Being the awkward child that I was, I had taken to this team in yellow, with Phil Boyer up front, Forbes at the back & the great KK in goal. So went home & asked for a Norwich City sports bag, which in those days can''t have been that easy to get hold of (In the Midlands!!). This duly arrived & was my pride & joy, until the Villa fans at school ripped it of my shoulder & played footy with it on the playground!! Needless to say, that hardened me to my faith which I''m proud to say I''ve had ever since. Even got my brother to go to UEA so I could have free digs (88-91) & am in the process of training a 7 & a 9 year old to keep the faith!!
  10. We8wba, I think the one team you missed who are a cert for the top 6 is Stoke. They will bully their way in......so that leaves 1 place up for grabs..and if Palace keep up their form they''re in. As for the other possibles, well they are just that...but Wolves..???? don''t make me laugh, you need to look over your shoulder at the other end of the table my ''friend'' I live within 20 miles of Yam Yam land (The black country for my Norfolk brothers!), I read yhe Express & Star, I know that you are in the S**te & your fan base knows it as well!!  
  11. £1 million fee plus £20k a week for 3 years (Prem contract he has now remember!) So thats £4 million, plus sign on......... It ain''t all about the fee!
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