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  1. Can anyone tell me how much the football parking is at county hall these days? I know getting out is a nightmare but no delays in getting in is there? Thanks.
  2. Sorry if this has been discussed recently but I think in the summer transfer window we need..... A new GK  -  So many loan keepers this season!  I thought Camp did very well and was dissapointed to see him go to QPR.  Marshall also did well but unfortunately injured.  Not sure he would come to us when it seems like he has a future at Celtic.  Gallacher is not good enough as 1st choice for me and Lewis not ready for a full season.   I dont think Coyne is the answer either. A new CB  -  Doherty/Shackell are part of a defence that conceeded far too many goals this season - Doc worries me too much in defence and think at best he is back up to 1st team.  So I think money must be spent on a strong defender who could take over as captain from Drury. A new CM  - Safri/Etuhu frustrate the hell out of me as they are capable of being great in the middle but are far too inconsistent.  I think Safri may be off anyway, but even if he stays, we need someone more consistent in one of those positions as surely this is where games are won and lost - weak midfield leads to an overworked defence. A new CF  -  Earnshaw will obviously be the main man but I still think we need a decent partner for him- even more so if Dublin leaves.  Martin is  a rising star but I fear he will not be consistent enough throughout a whole season.  Brown I dont think is the answer although I suppose he deserves a try.  Jarvis hasnt done enough in his chances he has had and it is probably time he moves on. Anyway theres my 2p''s worth.  Who do you think these new players could be??    
  3. AAAArrrrrrrggggghhhhh!!!!!!!! Gonna get called an unwanted fan here but........ It''s CRAP!!! Yellow and Green are bad enough colours as it is without having to make the shirt look as stupid as possible! Maybe it will grow on me.........
  4. I watched West Brom v Everton yesterday.  This game really made me realise how shocking we are at the moment.  Nobody expects anything out of Chelsea, Arsenal, Man Utd etc, but I doubt we''ll even get points off Palace and Southampton at the moment. West Brom looked great yesterday and always capable of scoring.  I''m not depressed yet as I was pretty sure we would get relegated this season anyway, no matter how well we played, but the last few months have been so poor! On paper we have a fantastic chance of promotion again next season, even if Green & Francis go, but i''m sure Leicester, Leeds, Wolves, etc etc all thought the same.......... I think Worthy has about 10 games into next season to prove he has what it takes and if it''s not working, we really need to make a change. I hope he makes it work though!
  5. These are 2 players we have been linked heavily with over the summer, and now with January fast approaching and some decent money to spend who would people prefer if these 2 were our choice?The thought of Johansson completely underwhelms me, we need someone to score at least 15 goals a season and I would bet a lot of money on him not being able to do this for us - he never seems to score for Charlton and they provide much better service for strikers than we do. I really think JJ would be a waste of money in the prem, but would be a good squad player in the championship (if we go down!).On the other hand, Dean Ashton would definitely excite me, he is young, consistently scores goals in a struggling team (although at a lower level) and from his point of view, surely whatever happens to us, it would be a career progression for him. He could turn out to be a decent prem striker that could improve with time, and a relegation followed by a promotion chasing season would also do him no harm.Please Worthy give him a go!Texas1.
  6. [quote]I am actually quite happy with not being a money-spending, big-name-signing circus club. I don''t care that we are regarded as "small" by the media and glory-hunting Arsenal fans because, in my opinion...[/quote] Bananaman, you are spot on.We have a great fan base and just need to add some more success to it.Imagine supporting a team like Wigan, they will probably get promoted this season and splash money out on players next season but they will still probably only have about 13,000 watching them.I''m sure we''ll get better, it just takes time.
  7. My view is that we have a very positive future........ From watching the first 4 games I honestly believe we can stay up and if we don''t I think we will have come very close. People keep talking about the dreaded 1st Division, but I don''t see it as all that bad. I believe we will have a very strong (and together) 1st Div squad if we dont make it this year in the prem, and we can be involved in another exciting promotion chasing season. It''s nice to know if we go down we''ll be considered one of the big clubs in that league (which is something we''ve never honestly been before). As a fan I dont think we can ask for much more at the moment, we''ve several very exciting seasons ahead of us whatever happens and it just nice to know we''re not going to end up like Bradford/Sheffield Wednesday etc etc at the end of it. We WILL scrape into 17th spot in May and attract bigger names next year. Thanks for listening!
  8. I really hate this but I knew it would happen - there were some behind the goal at the river end aswell. I really doubt they are from north London though -just glory hunting norfolk people that couldnt hack it being a norwich fan while we have been in division 1. Im obviously really hoping that we carry on being succesfull and stay in the prem, and increase the ground capacity but the only problem is I think we''ll then end up with big sections of Man Utd, Arsenal and Chelsea fans in the home sections (all with Norfolk accents lol!). Rant over!
  9. 17th position would be an enormous achievement. It''s easy to say we''ll finish above WBA but remember they are a year ahead of us in this promotion/relegation ''game'' and only now are they starting to spend some real cash (hopefully unwisely!!). A lot of people seem to have Everton as certainties for the drop but I dont see it myself. I am totally prepared for a few thrashings and just hope we scrape enough results together to survive, then the next season we can aim a little higher. In short, I pray that we survive but also hope, if we do go down, we go down with our heads held high and people can see we gave it a real good go. Less than 2 weeks to go!!!
  10. I was hoping it would be quite busy- it''s our only pre season home game isn''t it? I''m goimg anyway:-)
  11. Does anyone here know how likely it will be to get tickets to away games this season for some of the less glamourous games (I dont hold out much hope for tickets to Old Trafford, Highbury, Anfield etc)? Im not a member or season ticket holder (last season ticket I had was for ''00/01 season (yes, I know how to pick them!) Ive only been able to get tickets to about 2 games since then and am a bit worried that I my never see my team again, except on sky. OTBC
  12. He''s said he want''s to leave Wolves to play in the Premiership. He wants to become African footballer of the year (he''s Senagalese) and doesn''t think this will happen while playing in the 1st Division. He would have the right attitude then, dont think he would cost too much in wages or transfer fee and he looked quite useful towards the end of Wolves campaign. (scored 7 in 20 games I think). Still need a pacey defender I know but goals win games!
  13. It would definitely help the journey time if it was dualled. I think also that it would increase tourism when people realise norfolk is no longer a nightmare to get to from other parts. Obviously there will be some people who won''t want it dualled for this very reason!
  14. I pray we stay up not just for the premiership football, but also so norwich gets even better as a place to live - this article was about Norfolk County Council trying to get NCFC to support them on their bid to fully dual the A47 between Peterborough and Yarmouth. Anyone who drives in and out of Norfolk on this road will know how bad it is (as the main access to norwich from the midlands/north) Anyone else think this is a good thing to campaign for?
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