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  1. Whilst I wouldn't want to make an assumption of a time frame for either... ahem... issue, Ricardo, I think much depends on where we are next season. We saw the impact that loosing match day revenue during covid had, which goes to show as a club we rely heavily on it, along with the additional commercial income we create at Carrow road, both on and off match days. I'd hedge a bet that if we were to stay up and come next december be in a health position those plans would be accelerated. Especially if we were able to get another big money departure to cover a little bit of the cost, no doubt a bond scheme would also be used after the success of the training ground to help keep any potential bank loans to a minimum.
  2. I think its been documented that he has a keen interest in F1 (something that has influenced how he does things with regards to high standards about Colney) as well as a personal mission to climb Everest for charity. Those would be the two things I could see him potentially leaving us for; a Charity mission or a position within an F1 team as some form of culture director etc. He hasn't gotten everything right, but on our budget who in football could? More hits than misses and frankly at this time a bit of stability is exactly what we need. He proves himself to our benefit, lets keep our fingers crossed for success.
  3. Fairly sure that stat about Sargent is wrong.. I think we all know he's had one shot on target, just a shame it was rolling at the speed of an OAP in a micra on the way to mecca bingo tuesdays..
  4. This has got 1-1 written all over it, they are a funny side at the moment.. every time they threaten going on a run they then snatch a draw or defeat from the jaws of victory. A playoff spot isn't beyond them, but I could see them lurking around 8-10th for most of the season, always on the cusp but just never getting going. A fourth season... I love it, largely as I remember them mocking us for celebrating winning the league in our first attempt when we went down.
  5. Cant help but feel he might have been used by his namesake a little more before his last minute switch to Swansea. I wonder if Norwich might look to engineer a move to another side if he still hasn't had a look in for them properly by january.
  6. The immediate issue with Cantwell needs sorting, too good to be out of the squad of a side languishing at the bottom and in need of goals and creativity. Gilmour needs to either be deemed good enough and worthy of a spot or sending back and that loan spot being used for someone else. Idah needs to be looked at and either needs to be deemed a serious threat to Pukki and worthy of 35 minutes plus in a game to impress off the bench, or if not a loan or sale. We need a decision made on who is our best option at LB and to an extent CB. We need LML and McClean to be looked at with objective eyes and decided if they are up for it. Sorenson, Tzolis and Dowell all also have a chance to force their way back into the starting/match day squad picture.
  7. Sorry LDC, but thats ridiculous, for a starter we still have almost 2 months till the transfer window.. so thats no sale and no replacement. We just let him rot whilst the team cries out for a change in thinking and a bit of creativity. New manager is a clean slate, that means Cantwell, Gilmour, Idah, Giannoulis and Sorenson should all be looking to prove what Farke seemed to have made his mind up about.
  8. Not enthused about this. Yes I can see some of the positives he’s done, but I’m worried that a manager who wasn’t getting the best out of a quality squad is going to struggle to do that with ours. He’s been on a losing streak and he needs to shake that as much as we have needed to as a club, starting up at a new premier club after one week seems rushed and not likely to put the odds in it working out in our favour. Also have to add my voice to the those asking, if this was decided on the Monday after Leeds, what exactly was the plan with regards a replacement if our new manager still had a job when we sacked ours. Could well be a happy coincidence, but Webber will face questions about this and have to appease a lot of restless fans who find it hard to see a step up in quality and a feeling of making it up as we went along.
  9. How, he hasn’t come out and said anything. So far it’s all appeared to have been leaked from Lampard and Smiths end. The local press have had it nailed on, no announcement till the end of the weekend and a short list of more names than we currently know.
  10. I think a bit like Lampard, we all need to be wary of the assured messaging it’s Smith.. the only places that seem to be insinuating that are the ones 24 hours ago talking about Frank’s Norwich. Can’t help but feel the Smiths agent is using us a foil to make others aware of his availability. Lead likely a short list of 2-3 with Dean smith hastily added to it, so to be honest we have no idea who first choice is or what is going on behind the scenes. Best just hold tight and see where we are this time next week, things will move and when they do it will likely be very quickly.
  11. I few him as the most likely candidate to get a quick reaction in the short term, but in the long term I really have no idea how this works out. Anyway, the moment I see him with the scarf or shirt he's a yellow and I'll back him like any other Norwich player or manger. We really have to put our personal feelings about him aside and back the club now, get it rocking against Southampton and get Frank a win, then who knows what could happen.
  12. How’s your mother’s basement these days? Do you have to bring a heater down there as the night draws in? Mum brings you a nice hot drink every now and then?
  13. You’ve got yellow and green glasses on, I don’t think Palace are a big club, but in terms of current squad and money to play with, coupled with being in London puts them firmly ahead of us right now.
  14. Safe place to go really, no threat of relegation if he gets that squad going and also no expectation to be too 4. He stabilises them, wins a couple of high profile games and gets them in the top 10 and it will be mission complete. Treading water and PL experience as he waits for the Liverpool job.
  15. Surely he could be hunting for jobs in the tiers above us… I mean, Dortmund to Norwich is quite a regression and not really one he would need to make with many admirers. Would certainly be quite the statement, though just can’t see him taking it to be honest.
  16. The rubbish thing is, that will have a knock on effect with fees and wages going up across the board.
  17. He's my first choice, the fact it hasn't been ruled out at the other end is a positive sign as i was reading that they have been quick to publicly shoot down speculation in the press in the past. PL experience or not, he plays 4-3-3 which is what we have the new players for, he also has his teams using the high press and Id love to see us show that sort of aggression in matches. Then you throw in a manager who is use to being at a club punching above it weight, who showed no fear or respect to Roma.. it's a gamble but it more a gamble id like to take than Frank.
  18. Couldn’t think of a worse person to be honest. Just scrapped into the play offs with a side that should have won the league, then should actually have been relegated if the laws of the game were followed. thankfully it won’t be him as Norwich tend to plan ahead and he was still in a job when we sacked Farke.
  19. If it is Lampard at least you can bet your bottom dollar that Gilmour starts every game for the rest of the season...
  20. Completely different job Im afraid, something that takes time to learn and develop. Farke also probably sees his future as a top 4 German league manager in his aspirations, I think becoming a Sporting Director of Norwich would be a step down.
  21. But I think it unlikely we will be selling for less than the 8-9 million we shelled out for them. Who on the continent could pay that for what so far are relatively unproven top flight talent.
  22. I mean to be honest, if we have to rebuild then these will be the players we build the side around, especially as we will see exits in the summer. Idah potentially too. Who knows about Todd and I wonder if anyone would come in for Tzolis or Rashica.
  23. No. Nothing in football ever works 100%, that’s why we love it. Look at Man U and their signings, look at Ipswich buying up the league and flopping. You sign 10 player, and if 2 are outstanding and 3 are good to average that’s a pretty high return.
  24. I’ll start a poll for that too, is the problem too many polls, not enough polls, or people complaining about polls?
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