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  1. TF was on 5 live Tuesday, being interviewed bt John Inverdale, they mainly discusssed Lotus, but football did come up and Fernandez said the only club he is interested in is West Ham and that option is now closed .
  2. Cardiff, I think yopu have answered your own question. Stadiums have to be 40000 min
  3. Following the end of the game at the Valley last season. I didnt go but listened to the radio with a growing feeling of anger and frustration. Then I listened to Chris Goreham interviewing DS & MWJ. Usually I am quite critical of local radio , but on that day Goreham showed his true feelings and was obviously pretty angry at what he had seen and didnt hide it in his interview with the majority shareholders. They obviously didnt have a clue what to do next and at that point , I thought there was no way back for us. Fortunately they released their grip on the club, appointed McNally and Bowkett and the rest is history. In my mind , if they hadnt made the changes we would have stumbled down to league 2.
  4. Agree with all of the above. What a difference to have positive ambitious people making decisions at our club. Delia , MWJ, Mumbles and Doomcaster , all decent people (probably) but not in the same league as PL, DM & AB.
  5. Fozzy, was is and always will be a City legend. Cant say any more , the nurse is coming with my medicine.
  6. Mustachio, The population of England at the last count is 51,446,000. Thats just England.
  7. I and 20 of my closest friends will attend naked.
  8. They are a massive club you know , with a fantastic history. Only a matter of time before they are in the Champions League.
  9. Their allocation is whatever they asked for up to 2400. If they asked for 1000 and sold 1000, then they have sold their allocation. Simples.
  10. Well said Phat. I too have had problems recently. I hope things improve for you.
  11. Who cares? We won We are promoted. Enjoy.
  12. OH dear. We are up. Celebrate, enjoy it, you dont get promoted every day.
  13. David Mellor? Whatever became of him? Mrs Dreamteam is just off to drive around Carra with a huge Canaries flag and honking her horn for an hour, then she will back to don the negligee!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Croydon, Tonight is for celebrating. Chill.
  15. Following todays marvellous conclusion, I will be celebrating with something fizzy, and have asked Mrs Dreamteam to wear the Yellow and green negligee. Could be interesting!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. Thanks CUFC. I have a soft spot for Colchester as a town, having spent a lot of time working there. Also respect ColU fans for supporting their team rather than getting sucked in to being Binners or London team "fans" I am sorry for the animosity between the clubs this season and wish you well.
  17. Adams good. Some callers good Some callers not so good Some callers bad Some callers very bad Some callers stupid Some callers need help.
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