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  1. After having a S/T for over 25 years I''ve decided not to review. Not because of price & not because of time issues as I''m soon to take very early retirement. I never ever thought I would lose the buzz of going to Carrow Rd but there have been times this season (and last) when in the sterile atmosphere & with tepid football I''ve just become bored. We have had worse times under Roder & Hamilton but I''ve just lost the fun element ! Plus having recently sat opposite Delia on the train and listening to her views she certainly has no intentions of reviewing the "self funding model" which is becoming IMO so difficult to operate in a "money fuelled" sport. I still plan to support the team & attend on a casual basis and if the excitement and quality of football returns (not necessarily successful) I''m confident it will be possible to pick up a S/T during the season. We could even see a return of the "half a season" S/Ts next season !
  2. I''ve been saying this to friends for months, it was again so evident against Wolves.
  3. [quote user="JF"]KeiranShikari wrote the following post at 26/08/2017 4:07 PM: Love a Pinkun overreaction. Look a bit of a tool now, don''t you[/quote] Ditto............
  4. We''re always being told that we need to bring in Players better than what we have or better than those being replaced. I can''t see how we will purchase a better Player than Scottish International Dorrens for £800,000 and whether all the Howson cash will be used on other quality Players better than Howson. None of us can really judge until the Transfer Window closes but it''s becoming increasingly worrying. If the worse case scenario occurs I wonder if I could negotiate a reduction on my S/T.....lol!
  5. When I renewed my S/T on May 2nd (at Feb prices by the way) I was told by the office that new S/Ts will be issued for this season.
  6. [quote user="pete"]That saw Neil''s departure can only surmise the reason for the bizarre timing was our backward thinking board to finally wake up to fans displeasure was now with some good news season ticket sales now given an impetus. The boards inactivity until now was creating a toxic atmosphere with fans losing interest in the club. However whether or not that is the case will depend on who''s next. The potential candidates don''t fill you with great anticipation and when they get here will have to do it on a shoestring. Perhaps Warburton may set the juices flowing but brings a sizeable management team with him that may be too expensive. Interesting times time for Delia and the boys to start to behave as a competent body could it happen?[/quote] I had similar thoughts, surprised until now no one mentioned it ! One of the few things this Board takes an interest in is money , i.e. Season Ticket sales !
  7. After over twenty years of having a ST I''ve decided most reluctantly not to review, mainly due to the how the club is being run. It''s my only little way of registering my feelings as emails to the club are just ignored. I nearly gave up last season but changed my mind when the club offered to sell me my ST in April at February''s prices. It''s the only time they have shown any interest in me as a supporter. Funny that when it comes down to money they show an interest !
  8. [quote user="Indy"]But you''ve just repeated yourself.....you''re boring me now![/quote] Indy 3783 posts = 3783 posts of completly boring repeatable dribble.
  9. [quote user="Indy"]Yes but Naismith couldn''t play off the shoulder of McCormack, that''s the point, the last player in his style was Hooper, a far better player IMO, he was sold, so why now buy an older version for five times the price?[/quote] The answer is that not only does McCormack score goals but he creates an awful lot too, something Hooper rarely did. Hence McCormack is a better"all round" footballer.
  10. Brady to Villa definitely will not happen however much money they might through at it.
  11. Some of us have short memories. The standard of refereeing when last in the Championship was woeful more times than in the Ptremier League imo. The only plus point is that we will be one of the bigger teams in the Championship so hopefully more of the 50/50 decisions. might go our way.
  12. I don''t see going away on a mid season training camp is really an issue. If the cost is around £50-70,000 in Premier League terms it''s nothing, in fact it''s nothing for a Championship club either. So if it helps generate enough points to survive whether through extra fitness or further team bonding it will have been more than worthwhile and value for money. Unfortunately I don''t think whatever they do we will survive as physicology so much damage has been done but who knows, "getting away" might just prove an excellent move.
  13. I''m afraid like a lot of people on this board you are living in a dream world. Yes obviously there will be a few more comings and goings but the likes of Austin etc coming here just won''t happen for numerous reasons.
  14. In my humble opinion I cannot fault the Board in what it''s done and achieved off the pitch, financial success etc. Although the hotel project is probably regretted. The one fault I would lay at their door is their judgement on appointing managers. Yes there have been successes but some of the appointments have been a disaster and although you cannot get it right all the time in this area they have got it wrong more times than they should have. Being brave and appointing a "strong opinionated" manager like Neil Lennon (in this case he wasn''t even interviewed) is a concern as they like to go down the "nice guy" route.
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