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  1. Fan? ....Was told he was,but born in lancs...apparently he used to post on here and another site early 2002/3 with that name and pic...but as Gervais sidekick,didnt become known till 2007? ,it would seem strange a "fan" of his, used his name,pic that early?
  2. Must be out of hospital by now,taken into account the drunks,guys who caught thing in zippers being in haste,the obligatory domestic at the weekend, all holding up the waiting line....
  3. In the 90''s no one really bothered about pre season matches unless a class act like Man U etc was coming here... And it was very difficult to find out the results anyway as most of the time local news never bothered... At work we used to have an old guy called condor,who went to every match including reserves,pre season and even watched training...We used to get our info from him if we were bothered..
  4. Integrating new players that''s all! If we we win the next 3 it won''t mean a rats posterior until Augest the 17th 3pm. It was interesting what the spurs manager said about that comp ( ok after they were knocked out).... All I wanted from this was to improve our levels and introduce new players,what I didn''t want was unnecessary risks taken and incur injuries.. Then after being asked a follow up question.. No the player wasn''t at fault,it was the pitch! Really looking forward to seeing the best squad we have ever had,when everything is up and running..... ,
  5. [quote user="CJ"]Having watched part of match last night boy do we need someone to give RVW competition . He looked really off the pace and not. Even able to pass the ball. Hooper will make RVW realise he needs to sharpen up his act. All signings are a risk but Hooper knows British football and I feel will hit the ground running, and hopefully sharpen up our attack which looked ver blunt. Midfield and wing play was great , defence needs to sharpen up too, but that will come with time and settling into a fixed back four. Just need one more signing to give Hools competition in attacking creative midfield role[/quote]Having watched ALL the match,I wasn''t expecting players to have their fitness levels up yet,nor bust a gut in that heat only to get a strain and miss the rest of the pre season WARM UP matches,or worse and get a hamstring and miss the first few matches if the season! ... Judging time should not happen until all players know each other,and the required fitness levels have been attained... SO HAPPPPPYYYY WE HAVE HOOOOOOPPPERR :)
  6. playing along with Hoots ......Feel this was a done deal,and Arry helped his former mate( called Hoots that on MOTD when out of a job in oct last year) HAPPY HAPPY HAPPPPPPPPPPPYYYYYYYYY....:) :) :)
  7. [quote user="Canary Willo"]I think this ''Unless other club comes in'' is because these reporters are just shocked we are competing for these players. If you live outside Norfolk there is little chance you have any idea of our financial state, debt free, so most Journos/clubs are expecting us to aim our sights lower.... Its good fun watching some of them on Twitter writing about us while thinking Norwich?? WTF???? [/quote] I have family,who come from London,most support the ammers but one uncle and 2 cousins ,support spurs,and are surprised we didn''t attract bigger players before,because of support,and they love this area when they visit....Very jealous when we signed the wolf though....
  8. NOT SELLING HOLT FOR 6 MILL Last year proved we " ain''t no small little selling club!" That was before we had the security of this years BUMPER MILLIONS From sky! BUT come on even top six clubs can''t fend off offers from the big guns! It would be a shame if he went,but as long as its a club of that stature then no shame McNally no shame at all! Ps but and it''s a BIG BUT The majority of the transfer amount needs to go to recruiting a replacement...
  9. Been asking bro.... Send the ref to millwall? Soap and water? You''re going in the river.... If it wasn''t for the coppers.... We will see you at the station.. We''ll see you all outside.. Reply to that... We''ve heard it all before.. Another one was something about the molineux? We no where you''re hiding... It''s time for you to run.. Something about a baseball bat? We are mental we are mental Come and join us come and join us ( apparently sung by Watford fans to us in 1972) Zigger zagged oi oi oi ?! We all ....in a blue and white pot On another note,where my bro is living,NZ,there is a canaries bar ,but the landlady doesn''t know the origins of the name..
  10. Lesbon are considerd a big club,is because of being in a ppoor league with not much competition! So therefore nearly always qualify for major euro tourns! For me it''s the fa base,which should be considered as the yardstick for size! Not trophies,unless won in a very competitive nature,and frequently Fa cups one once or twice don''t cut it for me,if it did then teams who averaged under 5thou for most of their existence like the mk dons,and Wigan would be considered.. Also winning the old div one once again don''t cut it,especially if they won it the year 3 Sheffield wed defenders threw 7 matches! The Dutch,Belgian,ans Scottish can fall into the " easier to grow" status,though Celtic and Rangers became big through a way to show bigotry with their misguided views... Our next development isn''t just the signings of the Wolf etc it will be when the board builds a new stand,and or extension... ,
  11. Calm down! ...I gotta feeling,Hucks is gonna play a blinder away at Cardiff ,the fans will demand we get him,then although other clubs try to steal him,2 un named prem and WBA,Wigan,with his agent advising him to take one of these and going on a radio programme,stating hucks association with Norwich is finished,Hucks himself will get angry,drive to Manchester demand a deal is done with Norwich,take a wage cut,by half,and become ours on Boxing Day,that''s my prediction anyway,along with in the future we have a superb board that supports the manager and a new invention which lets you have over 5 ,000 songs on it,the size of a matchbox!
  12. And now CH is already investing BIG with RVW and in the opinion of the Spanish and Portugal media,he is a massive potential signing...The guy knew straight away where our problem lied last year,though I thought it was wrong to ship out Wardy and especially AYALAL! As they were showing quality,but in Bassong and GARRIDO CH proved me wrong..now his shrewdness in the market can be and has already been backed by a bigger budget.. In CH I TRUST :)
  13. Is what I would say if I was a bird,but as geezer, "mate you did us proud"
  14. That seems so unfair every team got 16 thou what ever division they were in! The article did go on to say the top teams in division one also got the lucrative money from playing in Europe, which was not divided. What I can gather,is all gate money in cups and league went into a pool and at the end of the season was shared out equally?! Sooooo wrong! if you got gates of 20,30 thou and another team got gates of 2,3 thou that would''ve ahem me off.
  15. Way to kill some ones buzz! On the subject of that 100 mill, reading an old away program from 1972 against Leeds ,in the prog there is an article about the record tv/ fa pool/ league cup pool, which each of the 92 league clubs will receive £16,474 compared to the 71/72 previous season where the figure was £13,305..... Does anyone how much £16 thou equates to today''s money? And interesting to learn that every team got the same share out! From champions to relegation of the lowest league.
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