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  1. Despite his mistakes, I think that the worst thing DeLaet did was to have a go at Rudd following his own ridiculous header that led to that goal.   He tried to blame a young, nervous rookie for his own mistake. Rudd was clealy under a lot of pressure and needed support. This was very poor form by DeLaet.   I noticed it and you bet Lambert did.   However, I think the price has been paid and he should start against Arsenal alongside Barnet with Martin switching to right back. He is a more secure defender than Naughton. IMHO.  
  2. the forgotten footballer.   Might be ready for action come the New Year, at least this was the original prognosis re: his knee injury.   Does anybody know if this is still the case? No recent information has come from the Club to my knowledge.   He seems a very promising prospect a young, fast (100 metres in 11.5 secs as a 13 y.o) goalscorer.   Everything seemed right when we signed him, albeit for an undisclosed fee.   Is his recovery still on course? If so it would be like a new signing when he returns to action. Yet current talk of Jordan Rhodes might suggest that things with him are not progressing according to plan.   One thing is for sure. If we had a fully fit Vaughan then we would not need to spend £3m on another striker.
  3. [quote user="cityangel"][quote user="BroadstairsR"] The latest rumour is that Hudders want £5m.[/quote] What did you get that from, can''t believe myself they will expect more than £3m tops. [/quote]   Sorry Nuff said, I was repling to the above and pressed the wrong "quote" button.
  4. [quote user="Nuff Said"]Holt, Morison, Martin, Jackson... Does he really have that much more potential than them, given the league he''s playing in now? Like smooth says, we need to strengthen the spine. Let''s get one or two wiser, experienced heads in at the back, amd then work on getting decent chances into the existing front line. [/quote]   Oops from an Ips--- board, so it may be sour grapes. They are fuming about this projected move by PL as many there want him back at the Portaloo, whatever the cost.
  5. Surely it''s not just a matter of the Club letting go the players that it has been decided won''t be of any real use in the Premiership.   Other clubs have to want them as well, and the market will be awash with such nearly men come the Window****.   Certain players, Lappin and Martin, will probably appeal to a lot of other clubs, but players like poor old Oli Johnson hasn''t had much to put on his cv. since coming to Norwich will have limited appeal in the market. Ditto, Wilbraham.   Either way, all these players will have to drop a league at the least. It then becomes upto the player as to whether he wants that move or whether he would prefer to sit on his contract.   Those that stay could present a problem with regards to new signings. There has to be a cap on the wages bill, surely? This is a fundamental aspect of football club finances nowadays.   PL has to concentrate as much upon selling as buying in the period leading upto  the New Year, and maybe players like Surman and Ward will have to be touted, even though they may have genuine claims to a squad place.   ****I often read Ips--- boards and boy have they got a lot of players that they want out. They are ruder than us though and they refer to them as "deadwood." 
  6. The latest rumour is that Hudders want £5m.   Forget it!  PL ain''t that daft.
  7. [quote user="Mungo Bumpkin"]I''d like to see us use the £3m+ to resign buck-toothed, back-flipping marvel and proven Premiership goal machine Ernie Earnshaw. Mungo [/quote]   That was a few years ago Mungo and he''s been in and out of various Championship sides ever since then. He does move around a lot and seems to have various clauses in his contracts to allow this. Perhaps he and his agent have worked out that signing on fees can a be profitable way of enhancing the coffers. I believe that this was the case with us. Loyalty ain''t Ernie''s middle name.   There is also the Q mark against his effectiveness in the Premiership, re: WBA.   He never does a bad job anywhere, but as I say, is frequently out of the first team line-up of even  Championship sides. He''s often used as a super sub, very super.   Once, I did want him back here, loved the little ET, and certainly moreso than some of the dross we signed or borrowed from the time of Grant onwards (Evas excepted.)   Too late now. 
  8. [quote user="bloomers"]Oh jordan rhodes,youll always be scum[/quote]   That''s taking rivalry too far. Parochialism gone mad. If you were actually being serious.   I don''t care the slightest bit about his origins and neither do most on here it seems.   What about Alan Lee, he did his best to keep us in the Championship under Gunn, and was one of our hardest triers.   There have been many more in the past.   Neither am I concerned that we will donate money to Ips---. Somebody will eventually. It really rubs in the fact that they (the notorious Roy Keane) let him go far too prematurely and far too cheaply. I''m sure that their fans would be more put out than us should it happen. I''ll settle for that.   One for the future, who will need easing in. Excellent acquisition, if it comes off. 
  9. [quote user="CharlieFarlie"] LOL, I can see it now there is only one song to be sung if he arrives [:P] The Goons ( Ying Tong song) Frimpong Frimpong Frimpong Frimpong Frimpong iddle I po Frimpong Frimpong Frimpongiddle I po Iddle I po [/quote]   At least Lambert isn''t "Walking Backwards to Christmas," he''s planning already and seems to have half an eye on the next window having had time to assess the current weaknesses.   Know nothing about this player, but no more loans please. Expensive route, as we know, young inexperienced player who will need time to adapt away from his home. No goer for me.
  10. [quote user="GJP"] [quote user="Yellow Wall"]The only thing Ruddy did wrong was not to bollock Barnett for such a crap backpass![/quote] He didn''t bollock him because he knew he should have done better with it.   He wasn''t brave enough and I think that''s the general opinion of most neutrals.   That''s the kind of situation where you''d normally end up expecting to see a ''keeper praised for his bravery because he''d have gone in knowing he could get a kick around the head. The whole way Ruddy approached that ball showed he was not keen on taking a clattering. [/quote]   His effort was a bit weak, but I think he was more concerned with being sent off, as he was before, than showing a lack of bravery. A lot of these Premiership players are ballerinas once touched by a goalkeeper in such one on one situations. Not only would he have given a penalty away but he would  have been suspended again.  
  11. [quote user="Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube Man"]The Italians are worse. No bottle tops, two levels of turnstiles to get in, photo ID, metal detectors... they''ve gone a bit OTT since the Catania riots a few years ago. [/quote]   Yes but they are safety/security measures to protect us from potential nutters. No such thing as going OTT in this respect, as we know from airport security.   It''s a pain, but I would be less happy without it all.    
  12. A lot of what the O/P says is fact, and nobody expected it to be a piece of cake.    Personally, I''ve seen enough to think we can scrape it. I am not just referring to our play but also to the standard of those teams already at the bottom.   Wigan seem destined to go down at last, unless they improve rapidly. WBA and Blackburn can have no more confidence than us and Fulham are beginning to look average, to say nothing of Wolves.   However, QPR were very good against Manchester City and were superb enough to deserve a point. We must not take this up and coming game as sorted! Arsenal? we should lose, so a point would be a bonus.   I am unsure of the Winter thing except to say that in the last two seasons our form and results have improved in the second half of the season, especially last year. Conditions or fitness or desire, something must bring this about.   Also we are to have imputs during the next window and this makes it impossible to assertain prospects yet.  
  13. So many posts seem to disintegrate into an argument nowadays. We are all on each other''s side, agreements or not, surely.   Answer to the O/P''s question:   From what we have seen so far, I expect us to just scrape it re: avoiding the dreaded drop.   We could escape more comfortably if the "help" that Lambert says he is aiming to get during the next window, improves a lot on some of our obvious weaknesses.    
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