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  1. Wes''s half hearted and rather stupid penality has been at the back of my mind for several weeks how.It wouldn''t have bothered me if he had stepped up and given the ball a good honest strike and missed.I believe,sadly.that Cardiff are the favourites as things stand and this misjudged moment by Wes could ultimately jump up and bite the club on the arse !
  2. I just can''t see any other outcome than a Cardiff win.Who knows how many people predicted Sheff U winning at Reading
  3. I bit of me thinks if QPR were a small lower league northern side a points deduction would be a given.Strange how QPR believe they have done nothing wrong and think a fine will be all they get.How can that be ?
  4. Such a sad loss for his friends and family.far too young.
  5. Just been in the car listening to him commentate.Does this guy ever stop whinging and moaning?
  6. Trust me on this,under this Tory government (it,s not really a coalition] we will end up with five million unemployed and a massive youth unemployment problem.The time to cut back on public spending is not now when we have a small fragile recovery underway.The economy will start contracting,social costs will rise and we will end up in a downward spiral. Never mind we will be told that it,s for our own good ! The Tories are using this deficit as an excuse to savage the public sector,we are not Canada,and trying to copy their austerity model will end in tears.Is public spending too high ? yes it is. but now is not the time.Growth and even a little bit of inflation is the pragmatic way to reduce the deficit.As long as Britain is growing it,s GDP the credit ratings agencies will be happy.We are not Spain,Greece or Ireland,our debt is secured in a much different way meaning much less immediate pressure to meet payments. Imagine Man United being taken over by the Tories,they would probably scrap the youth policy and reserve team and sell Rooney to attempt to nibble away at the clubs debts.
  7. How about a really great signing of yester year.MARTIN PETERS !
  8. If Carlsberg did football matches..........
  9. How could you possibly watch this if you were Wednesday fan ?`
  10. Why bother,If I,m not mistaken there were lots of forgettable players around then.
  11. No chance,this is not a dead end of season fixture.Don,t forget Gillingham are still not safe and to field an under strength side could have repercussions.
  12. Grant Holt should have been sent to Iceland to sort it out.
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