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  1. [quote user="Newcastle Brown"]I know that they say no alcohol but does anyone follow this?[/quote] Yes, everybody does its the law.
  2. [quote user="Newcastle Brown"]Do they check the match tickets?[/quote] No, they only check your coach ticket on the way out. However it sounds like you are trying to get a coach ticket without a match ticket, they won''t sell you a coach ticket unless you have a valid match ticket (in the away end).
  3. [quote user="Legend Iwan"] I hope you have a tin hat at the ready. In answer to your question unless you are a season ticket holder or super memeber it is pretty much impossible to get a home ticket. On the actual day of the match there will be a few tickets at the buy-back counter within the ground, however, for such a small chance you are unlikely to be willing to travel so far. [/quote] I could well be wrong but I think they have started selling buy back tickets as soon as they are returned via the ticket office and so there aren''t any availible at the buy back window. I thought I heard this over the summer but I could have just made it up? Anyway I''d hate for you the OP to come all this way and not get a ticket.
  4. [quote user="Ben "] [quote user="Barnett is King"]I hate it when they have no groups below adults bar under 16s. I''m a 17 year old and can''t afford £44 a ticket. An under 18 ticket would be nice, or at least an under 21 or student one. [:(] [/quote] Yeah init. [/quote] You guys need to get a job
  5. [quote user="CDMullins"]Every single item/ticket for the last 12 years have been sent to the same address. Even when I moved out I left my address as my parents.   NCFC must have a record of either myself or dad, ordering 2 tickets for 10 games and having them delivered to the same address.   I hope common sense prevails in the end. [/quote]But if they see your stubs on the system and don''t ask you to send them in, you could then give them to a mate who hasn''t been to 10. I''m not saying you would do this but it could happen if they did it that way.
  6. [quote user="canarycol"][quote user="Bowgy"]Went to yesterdays game and what a game it was!Shut them bloody fans up..small town in wales [;)] On way home i thought  it was really good that the norwich team bus stopped at the services with all the norwich fans..spoke to most of them except chris martin who ignored everyone?Brill day out!OTBC![/quote] errr  sorry  to  tell you mate  but its  not  in  wales its  in the west country [/quote]errr sorry to tell you mate but thats the whole point of the chant
  7. [quote user="Brendo "]Morty, you are a lovely man seriously! [:)] However sometimes you can be a cuntttt, no offence, ubt lile when you get all arsey and think you''re o top of the world. however i sill love you! [:)]where you off to big man? [/quote]Wow, you had one can of cider and your pissed, you''re such a rude boy.
  8. You know perfectly bloody well you have to be UNDER 16, I only told you other day. Anyway just get an under 21 ticket which you really are, it''s only like an extra £5. And yes, as you already knew as I''ve told you, you do need an account to buy tickets.
  9. I did and I saw a few others, my bro was kinda embarrassed to be with me.
  10. I am but my brother who you may have heard of (Bendo) is too scared!
  11. I know we have had some bad refs, but a lot of them are regular premier league officals. Especially for the bigger games like Colchester away Leeds and MK Dons at home, etc. I reckon the 2 worst refs i''ve seen this season is MK Dons (H) and Tranmere (A), these were both regular premier league officials, so my point is that we can''t really blame the league for the bad refs.
  12. [quote user="Brendo "][quote user="Roy"]How many away games do you need, I went to about 17 last year and didn''t get an invite.[/quote]15 you pleb. How many this season chubby bear?[/quote]Wanna bet, i''ve got the stubs sitting next to me.This season is only 8 you spotty little oik.
  13. [quote user="Canaries Utd"]who won???[/quote]2-1 to the bin men
  14. How many away games do you need, I went to about 17 last year and didn''t get an invite.
  15. I would never dream of throwing out a stub, personally I collect all of mine.
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