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  1. Have just set up a league for you all to join if you fancy the challenge.  League Pin - 8287330 https://www.dreamteamfc.com/   Just a note - the website does now ask for card details and automatically subscribes you to Sun Goals. But you don''t pay a penny if you want to cancel it like I have (very easy to do!)
  2. Hi all, for any fans of the NFL (American Football), would there be anyone interested in joining a fantasy league should I set one up?
  3. Hi all, just a different take on all the fantasy football leagues that have been set up - have created a league on Sky Super 6 website, so feel free to join League code is - 6H0MHL
  4. Have set up a league for those who want join - just a bit of competitive fun! League Pin - 8097000 League Password - norwich1   https://www.dreamteamfc.com/
  5. Having been there watching it, the whole game turned into a farce. The fact the Brum keeper put the ball out of play for the ''injury'' (he was not injured!) was so blatantly a time-wasting ploy, Birmingham really had no right to be given the ball back ''sportingly''. Had the Birmingham keeper put the ball out for a yeovil player or there had been a genuine injury, then birmingham had absolutely every right to be furious. This was not the case.   Gary Johnson (yeovil manager) worsened the whole situation by allowing Birmingham to score 15mins after the original incident. He should have either given them the goal straight away (much like in 2004 against Plymouth in a very similar incident, thought he goal on this occasion was unintentional) or stick to his guns and not give them the goal (which he was perfectly in his right to do so). Basically Birmingham really had thereselves to blame but Yeovil really did not deal with the incident well.   On a side note, twice I have seen Tom Adeyemi this season and he has some serious talent. However, the way he conducted himself in both games at Yeovil this season is really quite dreadful. Considerable lack of respect towards the referee on both occasions and very lucky to still be on the field at the end of the game on Tuesday.
  6. Set up a league last season which got over 100 people so thought I''d do the same again this year.   https://www.dreamteamfc.com/team/select/free/   League Pin - 8081747 League Password - norwich1   Feel free to join.
  7. 1. Man Utd 2. Chelsea 3. Arsenal 4. Man City 5. Tottenham 6. Liverpool 7. Everon 8. West Ham 9. Norwich (provided we find a top quality striker to come in should RVW get injured - which I''m sure we will) 10. Southampton 11. Newcastle 12. Swansea 13. Fulham 14. Aston Villa 15. Cardiff 16. West Brom 17. Hull 18. Sunderland 19. Stoke 20. Crystal Palace    
  8. I live in Somerest so am rarely able to get to many games, but am considering coming up to watch the luton match. What are the chances of me getting tickets when they go on general sale?
  9. I live in Yeovil and get to a few games (mainly away games to have a good day out). Was on the coach to MK Dons when he''d signed and thought it was a very strange move at the time. Its quite clear that Korey is a cut above the rest of a rather average team and its no wonder most fans down here are somewhat concerned what the next month holds without him. Played CM most of the spell and sometimes plays a bit more advanced. Far too good for league 1 but not sure he''s quite ready for the premier league just yet. Another loan spell in the championship after christmas would do him a world of good.  
  10. I hear Keane''s wanted to play for us since he was a boy [;)]
  11. [quote user="ZippersLeftFoot"]did Ardiles once have squad no 1 in a world cup finales?   or was that 2 too?[/quote]   Indeed he did. I believe there was a stage where the Argentinian squad assigned numbers alphabetically - meaning Ardiles wore number 1. System changed soon after to allow Maradona to have the number 10 shirt.   On a side note - a Moroccan player once wore 00 whilst at Aberdeen.
  12. Open the door for a certain Mr Holt? Or more likely Crouch/Bent?
  13. Starts for Hannover 96 tonight. Think we shall rule that one out now.
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